Konyks presents a new connected plug

Konyks is back in the home automation news with a brand new product: the Priska EU. A universal and connected outlet that corresponds, in all respects, to the recommendations that we made to you yesterday in our article allowing you to choose a connected outlet. Let's see why!

Priska EU: a simple and practical plug

As always with Konyks, the connection of the Priska EU is done in seconds via the home app using your network 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Powered by Tuya cloud technology, this very intuitive application allows you to create a number of automations such as, for example, turning the socket on or off at a given time, but also to design much more complex scenarios with other connected objects such as the Konyks Senso opening detector. Compatible with Amazon Alexa or the Google Home Assistant, you can also control it by voice and easily create routines. A catch as we like them!

A cheap connected plug in European format

Why Priska EU? Quite simply because this socket is E / F type and therefore in European format. Perfectly compatible with French plugs type E, but also with the F plugs that we find especially in Germany or Spain, the Priska EU is positioned at the entry level since it is sold in a pack of two at only € 29.90.

But, if Konyks wished to propose an affordable Wi-Fi smart outlet, the French company nevertheless makes no concessions on safety and its product obviously meets all the European and French standards in force with a Schuko standard in 16A product for maximum admissible power of 3520 Watts. 2-year warranty, like all other brand products, it benefits from support in French and is already available for sale on the various marketplaces.

Our opinion on the new connected plug Priska EU from Konyks

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