OnStar emergency call service coming soon to Alexa

Amazon and General Motors have just announced a skill Alexa to use the emergency call service OnStar Guardian from the speakers Amazon Echo. A new skill that will allow users of the voice assistant to contact the service advisers directly, who will in turn be responsible for dispatching the appropriate assistance.

Amazon sell off its Echo speakers and Fire TV devices

« Alexa, call for help "

The idea of ​​using Alexa for the safety of goods and people is not new. After Alexa Guard - which has already enabled rescue a puppy in flames from a fire, ed - Amazon wishes to go further in domestic security and is joining forces with General Motors to offer a skill OnStar Guardian on Alexa.

Késako? OnStar is a emergency call service that allows you to call for help at the push of a button in a car. GM currently provides it to 16 million customers in the United States and Canada, but also on mobile to more than 270 people who have subscribed to OnStar Guardian. A formula that will soon be enhanced with the very interesting possibility of making emergency calls without smartphone, simply saying " Alexa, call for help" page (in French).

“[…] Emergency calls to 911 are not supported by Alexa. "

The feature should probably be of interest to many Americans, especially the elderly, although no one is safe from a fall or a domestic accident. Indeed, and it is a bit of a shame, if it is indeed possible to make phone calls from a speaker Amazon Echo across the Atlantic, emergency calls to 911 are not supported by Alexa.

Why? Simply for avoid unwanted calls, errors or abuse. Note, however, that it is possible to configure an emergency contact with the service. Alexa Guard Plus thatAmazon offers at $ 4.99 per month. An option eagerly awaited in France which allows the voice assistant to transform into a watchdog and work in concert with the Ring alarm system.

General Motors did not specify the price of the service that should be included in its OnStar Guardian offering at 15 dollars per month. The automaker plans to gradually deploy the skill starting at October, with a test phase for a reduced number of customers, before offering it to everyone in 2022. Obviously, this will only concern the United States, but there is no doubt that we will one day be able to take advantage of this type of service in Europe…

Amazon sell off its Echo speakers and Fire TV devices
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