Legrand unveils a wireless and battery-free ZigBee switch

Connected switches are definitely on the rise this week. After the model Aqara H1 EU without neutral that we unveiled to you on Friday, here is theLegrand wireless and battery-less switch. Connected in ZigBee, it also has rather interesting characteristics ...

A wireless and battery-free switch thanks to kinetic energy

Legrand presents a new wireless and battery-less switch Celiane with Netatmo
A battery-free and wireless switch - © Legrand

Developed in partnership with the CEA, the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, this innovation intends to limit "Environmental impact" by removing the "Maintenance generally required with the use of batteries". Indeed, if the batteries have a great flexibility of use, their environmental impact is more than debated because of a particularly polluting production. Legrand therefore found in the kinetic energy a response to this problem and developed a battery-free and wireless switch thanks to ZigBee.

Very low in energy, the ZigBee protocol can indeed be satisfied with the mechanical energy recovered when a button is pressed to ensure its autonomy and its connection to the network. An idea not really new and in particular used for years by EnOcean, but which was lacking in the Celiane with Netatmo home automation range from Legrand...

Legrand develops its Celiane with Netatmo range

The French electrician has been making a series of home automation novelties since his takeover of Netatmo, and it is logically in the Celiane with Netatmo range that we will find this connected switch. Quality products but, it must be admitted, quite expensive. This is all the more true as here, you will obviously have to install other compatible devices such as a micromodule or wired switch. However, this new model should be of particular interest to those wishing to easily create a back and forth connected, an equally interesting solution in the context of a renovation since it will simplify the electrical installation.

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