Ligue 1: Amazon unveils its Prime Video calendar

After a Roland Garros 2021 successful, the teams ofAmazon Prime Video in France will have little time to breathe before moving on, here too for the very first time, with the Ligue 1 Uber Eats. A foray into football at 259 million euros per year that the e-commerce manager intends to succeed this year and that he was quick to announce the following program.

Prime Video announces its Ligue 1 match schedule

Amazon just announced his Top 10 Ligue 1 matches the broadcast of which will start on the sixth day, Sunday September 19 2021, with the eagerly awaited PSG - OL.

Si 80% of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches will be offered on the Prime Video platform, Amazon has come up with a selection of the top ten that we hope might just be offered to Prime customers.

Top 10 Ligue 1 matches on Prime Video:

19/09/2021 - D6: Paris Saint-Germain - Olympique Lyonnais
03/10/2021 - D9: AS Saint-Étienne - Olympique Lyonnais,
24/10/2021 - D11: Marseille Olympics - Paris Saint-Germain
21/11/2021 - D14: Olympique Lyonnais - Olympique de Marseille
12/12/2021 - D18: Paris Saint-Germain - AS Monaco
09/01/2021 - D20: Olympique Lyonnais - Paris Saint-Germain
06/02/2021 - D23: LOSC Lille - Paris Saint-Germain
20/03/2022 - D29: Marseille Olympics - OGC Nice
17/04/2022 - D32: Paris Saint-Germain - Olympique Marseille
01/05/2022 - D35: Olympique de Marseille - Olympique Lyonnais

How much will Ligue 1 cost on Prime Video?

To tell the truth, we don't have the slightest idea. Amazon has not yet revealed its intentions in this area and is satisfied to answer that " more details will be communicated in the coming weeks, before the start of the new season in August" page (in French).

Based on what is happening in Italy or the UK, the matches could be broadcast for free. Or almost… Indeed, it will obviously be necessary to pass at least by theSubscription Amazon Premium, which includes video on demand service, but not only.

Several options are available to Amazon :

  1. Increase your Prime subscription: this option should not be preferred by Amazon because it would quite simply risk causing it to lose customers, which is obviously not in its interest, and even less the aim of the operation which obviously aims rather at an acquisition ...
  2. Offer the top 10 Ligue 1 matches for free: this is a possible option in view of the announcement made on them. For 49 € / year or 5.99 € / month, then you would have the classics Prime benefits, but also the biggest matches in Ligue 1, and even in Ligue 2.
  3. Offer a Ligue 1 and / or Ligue 2 subscription: this is the most plausible option. As Vincent Chaudel, sports economist, explained to, “Mediapro cost more than 20 euros per month whileAmazon might ask only 2 or 3 euros extra. It's a huge difference ”. The system would then be to offer channels dedicated to the image of Prime Video Channels which already allow you to subscribe to OCS, MGM, StarzPlays or even Mezzo.
  4. Offer a team subscription: an interesting option that would allow supporters to follow their favorite team (s). A time proposed by some broadcasters, this type of subscription could resurface with Amazon who can easily implement such offers on their streaming platform.
  5. Fee-for-service : in the latter case, it would be possible to acquire a live match, for a ridiculous price, in addition to the Prime subscription of course.

How to watch Ligue 1 on Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video broadcasts the streams in 4K and brings well-known features such as "time shift", or live control, which offers the possibility to resume a match at the beginning, to pause a match or to review a missed action, but also its famous X ray which provides access to match statistics, of the entire championship, to player and coach biographies, but also to the history of past matches. Practice !
On the hardware level, you can access Prime Video from a variety of devices, such as Fire TV Stick streaming sticks or with the box Fire TV Cube that we advise you, but also from a large number of set-top boxes and media players (Google Chromecast, Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Free, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV), the smart TV, Blu-Ray players, iOS or Android tablets and mobile phones, and even some compatible game consoles (PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One).
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