Marshall Uxbridge Voice: a speaker connected to Alexa

It is a brand dear to musicians, especially those who love rock: Marshall ! Founded in London by Jim Marshall in 1962, the sound of the brand was popularized by great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, the group The Who, Led Zeppelin, Metallica or even AC / DC.

Manufacturer of tube amplifiers and other effect pedals, the brand has also been developing a range of Hi-Fi headphones and D'connected speakers. And, the good news of the day is that the little news is on board Alexa !

Uxbridge Voice: Alexa by Marshall

Compact (128 x 168 x 123 mm and only 1,39 kg) but powerful, the new connected speaker Marshall Uxbrige Voice will undoubtedly put stars in the eyes of music lovers. The English brand indeed promises us to "Combine the legendary sound of Marshall with the help ofAlexa » for "A crisp and precise audio experience".

Designed to provide a punchy sound in a small format, the connected speaker incorporates cutting-edge components combining contemporary technology, iconic design and signature Marshall sound. You might as well say it right away: it makes you want!

A quality speaker with voice control Alexa and equalization with small onions

Thanks to the home application, you can listen to your favorite music, the speaker Uxbridge Voice being Chromecast compatible but also Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 5.0. Alexa being integrated, you can also use the applications Alexa ou Amazon Music Unlimited in order to create a multiroom system with Amazon Echo and immerse your home in the Marshall atmosphere.

Equipped with four LEDs in the colors ofAlexa, this mono speaker incorporates a 30 W amplifier class D developing sound pressure up to 96 dB SPL at one meter with a frequency response of 54 to 20 Hz. A sound that you will be able to regulate with the small onions thanks to its equalizer positioned on its upper face. Not bad is not it?

So that your Alexa never miss your orders, the speaker also incorporates a microphone system Dual-channel with acoustic noise reduction for far-field voice interaction.

Available from April 8, 2020, the Marshall Uxbridge Voice connected speaker will be offered at a price of 199.99 euros.


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