Molotov TV finally available on Google Assistant

The first major problem we noticed has already been solved: Molotov is now available on Google Assistant. Great news that will not fail to delight French-speaking users of the brand who, until then, were content with and MyCanal.

Molotov: free TV on Google Assistant

Co-founded by Jean-David Blanc (Allociné), Pierre Lescure (ex-Canal +) and Jean-Marc Denoual (ex-TF1), is a French startup well known to the French. Officially launched in July 2016 with the mission of reinvent the way of consuming television, the company has recently experienced some difficulties, until Xavier Niel came to its aid by bringing it 30 million euros!

How to use Molotov on Google Assistant

To watch French channels for free on your Google Nest Hub, nothing could be simpler: all you need to do is create a account. This done, all you have to do is link the app from your Google Home app.

  1. From the home screen, click on the "+" on the top corner left,
  2. See you in " Video ",
  3. Associate your account to Google Assistant by entering your login details,
  4. Say "Ok, Google, put Arte on Molotov" (we are not the type to watch trash TV ...)

Google Nest Hub: watch TNT channels for free

In addition to the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, you can control the app through the news Google Assistant voice commands :

  • "Ok Google, put [channel] on Molotov"
  • "Play France Info on the office television"
  • "Increase / decrease the volume"
  • "Pause"
  • “Stop! "
  • And much more…

Not as efficient and well thought out as Molotov on Fire TV Stick, Google Assistant being much less efficient thanAlexa When it comes to video voice control, however, it must be recognized that this is a great start and an interesting option on the Nest Hubs thatAmazon would do well to ape - once is not custom - on his Echo Show. We also regret the absence of the TF1 group's channels, such as replays, but this should undoubtedly settle down after some negotiations ...
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