Nest Cam: new cameras from Google!

Google leaked four new Nest security products last week: CCTV cameras and connected doorbell on battery. Already more or less revealed at the beginning of the year, these new products come with a major update since the Nest application will disappear in favor of Google Home. Since confirmed on The Keyword, the official blog of the web giant, the Nest news 2021 should appeal to more than one Mountain View Assistant user.

Nest Cam: three new cameras for indoor and outdoor use

LikeAmazon and its Ring range, Google continues to develop its security solution. Bought in 2014, the brand already offered its essential Nest Learning thermostat, but also Nest Cams of which here are the new opus.

Three in number, new 2021 Nest cameras are intended for indoors or outdoors, with or without battery, with the common point of a rather pleasant and round design which is reminiscent of the Nest Cam Outdoor.

La Google Nest Cam Indoor is still wired, but it is much more pleasant and now available in four colors (white, beige, green and gray) to best match your interior. Embedding a microphone and a speaker, it offers a resolution HD 1080p with HDR and a field of 130 ° vision.

Entry-level model, the Nest Cam Indoor is priced at $ 99,99 in the United States, but we do not yet know its price or its availability date in France ...

Central novelty of the range, the Google Nest Cam Battery is designed for indoor and outdoor use with weather resistance with a IP54 which allows it to be placed outside. Taking the design of the Indoor version, it is a little larger but only measures 8.3 centimeters long and wide for 398 grams.

Its resolution HD 1080p with HDR and its night vision allow it to detect movements, but also to differentiate people, animals and vehicles. If it incorporates a battery offering battery life up to 3 months, it could just as well be fed by cable or using a optional solar panel.

Finally, and this is probably the most innovative feature, it has a internal memory allowing him to record up to 1 hour of video without Wi-Fi in case of failure of your connection. By the way, Google said that its magnetic mounting base is resistant to strong winds and that a anti-theft support can be installed. Two very interesting security arguments for this camera which will soon be available in pre-order at the price of 199.99 € in France.

Available in a version with projectors, the Nest Cam Floodlight is obviously reminiscent of the Ring Floodlight Cam. Equipped with two powerful 2400 lumen projectors, it is on the other hand only wired and has a little more protection against bad weather with a IP65. It will be available later this year at a rate of € 299,99 in France.

Nest doorbell

Google hits hard with its new Nest Doorbell ! Although we do not yet know everything about its technical characteristics, we must recognize that its design has its effect. If it reminds us of the Nest Hello, this new iteration of the connected doorbell is even more successful and can be used on battery or 12 / 24V power.

La Nest doorbell can record videos HD 1080p with HDR up to 30 frames per second and offers an angle of 145 degrees with night vision. Able to see visitors from head to toe, it is also able to detect packages if they are placed within 20 cm of the door.

Available in turn in four colors (white, beige, green or gray) to better match your entrance, the Nest Doorbell 2021 will soon be offered in pre-order at 199.99 €.

Integration with Google Home

Exit the eponymous application, it is now Google Home which will support your Nest cameras, but also your doorbell or thermostat. A change not really surprising since Google had already added features for Nest Hello last July. A choice that gives rise to fear of an ecosystem that is more closed than ever, but which will nevertheless bring more simplicity to users.

The last surprise, and not the least, concerns the possibility of recording up to three hours of videos events for free, with the Nest Aware subscription remaining if you want longer storage.

New Nest Cams and Nest Doorbell will be offered from August 24. If the prices are high enough, they allow for the best possible integration into the Google Home ecosystem and are a logical choice for Assistant users, as Ring is for those ofAlexa.

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