Netatmo presents its intelligent video alarm system

Netatmo Security: alarm, detectors and cameraSecurity is important to Alexians, and they are not the only ones, with burglaries being the number one source of concern for the French when they are away from their homes.1. We can only understand it when we know that 249 intrusions were recorded in France in 000, or a burglary every two minutes. And yet, only one in four households is now equipped with a security system. ² A low level of equipment which can be explained by the difficulty of implementing such a system and by its too often prohibitive cost.

It is to these concerns that the French company has sought to respond by offering a brand new intelligent video alarm system. Already proposing multiple compatible cameras Alexa, Netatmo now goes further by adding a connected siren to its range, as well as opening sensors, thus offering a complete security system for individuals. Already presented at CES in January, Netatmo took advantage of the IFA to announce its official release. Let's see in detail how this solution is designed.

Netatmo Security: a complete intelligent video alarm system

Netatmo Welcome: a smart indoor camera

The security pack offered by Netatmo consists first of all of their well-known Welcome camera. A camera with a tubular design in gold-colored aluminum that is reminiscent of the weather station which made the reputation of the brand.

This so-called intelligent camera is able to distinguish between a stranger, a loved one or an insignificant movement thanks to a recognition technology doped with artificial intelligence. So when the camera detects an unfamiliar face, it immediately alerts you via the Netatmo Security app. In addition to real-time alerts, you can also use it on your echo devices equipped with screens since it is now compatible Alexa.

Another point to emphasize, this camera is capable of detect ambient noise and in particular alarms, whether it is a smoke detection or an anti-intrusion alarm, and thereforerecord video on its micro-SD storage.

Available alone at 188 € on Amazon. Fr, the Netatmo Welcome camera is part of the security pack offered by the brand. Its owners will therefore not have to buy a new one, which is good news for the wallet. The camera is sold € 199.99 on the site

Netatmo Smart Indoor Surveillance Camera, WIFI, Motion Detection, Night Vision, No Subscription, NSC01-EU (Welcome)

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May 16, 2022 10:52 a.m.


  • PRECISE AND CUSTOMIZABLE ALERTS: strangers, relatives, animals ... Personalize notifications and receive only those that interest you. LAN (RJ45): 10/100
  • SAFEGUARD THE LIFE OF YOUR LOVED PEOPLE: Record known faces to turn off notifications and video recording for them
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES: access to all features, free updates and storage
  • YOUR DATA, 100% SECURE: your data is stored and secured locally on the included microSD card
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: access live or streaming HD images from your Camera 7 days a week, 7 hours a day, even at night thanks to night vision


Intelligent opening sensors for doors and windows

Netatmo also offers opening sensors. They also qualify as intelligent, these opening detectors for doors and windows go further than the classics of the genre by being able to detect movements and vibrations.

At the application level, in addition to notifications and status feedback, these detectors will also allow you to be alerted if a window or door has been open for too long, leaving you to define the duration.

Available on Amazon. Fr, Netatmo opening detectors are sold in pack of 3 at the price of 99.99 €.

Netatmo Intelligent Door and Window Opening Sensors, Wireless, Monoblocks, Pack of 3, Vibration Detection, DTG-FR

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  • Accessories for the Netatmo smart indoor camera, sold separately.
  • Alert before any intrusion: a notification is sent when your detectors detect vibrations or the opening of a door or window.
  • Be notified when your windows are open: thanks to the application, check at a glance if the doors and windows of your home are closed.
  • Easy installation: One-piece detectors can be attached to any type of window or door.
  • Create a smart alarm system by adding the smart door and window opening sensors and the Netatmo smart indoor siren to the smart indoor camera. You can customize THIS system to make your home even more secure.


Netatmo: a smart indoor siren

Netatmo security system: the siren

Because a security system is usually accompanied by an audible alarm, Netatmo also designed a mermaid, also intelligent. Working in concert with the Welcome camera and intelligent opening detectors, the siren has a powerful 110 dB alarm capable of triggering when an intruder has been spotted by one of the devices. Triggering notification and filmed recording of the event, the alarm immediately sends information to the Netatmo Security application.

The Netatmo siren will be available from September 26 at a price of 79.99 € on the sites et Amazon. Fr.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren, wireless, Wi-Fi, 110 dB, automatic on / off, no subscription, works on batteries or mains with a cable, NIS01-FR

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May 16, 2022 10:52 a.m.


  • Accessory for the Netatmo smart indoor camera, sold separately
  • Comprehensive protection: With an output of 110 decibels, the alarm of your Netatmo smart indoor siren sounds as soon as the smart indoor camera detects an intruder.
  • Automatic activation / deactivation: the intelligent alarm system activates and deactivates automatically when you leave or return to your home.
  • Easy installation: just download the netatmo security app and place your indoor siren wherever you want, near the indoor camera.
  • Play prerecorded noises in your absence to make it seem like you are at home.


Netatmo alarm: an easy to install and subscription-free system

Easy and quick installation

Easy to install, the Netatmo intelligent video alarm system arises and sets in a few minutes. Just download and installNetatmo Security application available for Android ou iOS then place the camera, siren and various detectors wherever you want.

Place the camera and siren in your entryway and simply paste up to 12 detectors on your sashes and voila!

A fully customizable system

Through the application Netatmo Security, you can fully customize settings of your Netatmo alarm system. With a few clicks, you can program an alarm that will be triggered according to different criteria: when the Welcome camera detects an unknown face or movement, if the opening detectors are triggered, or if the system detects abnormal sounds. For simplicity, the system activates itself when you leave your home and deactivates when it detects a familiar face. An intelligent system that avoids unwanted notifications and alarms.

An alarm without subscription

Often expensive, alarms are usually accompanied by subscriptions. Not at Netatmo which does not require no additional costs to use his system. Here, no free cloud as for Blink cameras, but one local recording on a micro-SD card. Although equipped with a Wi-Fi chip, the camera can optionally be connected to the network via an RJ-45 Ethernet cable and offers the ability to automatically save videos to the cloud of your choice, such as a Dropbox account or a personal FTP server.

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