New Chromecast: 6 months of Netflix included for 109.99 €

Update 30/09/2020 at 21:51 pm: as expected, Google does offer a Netflix offer, but this will require spending € 40 more than what the rumors indicated. The Chromecast bundle with Google TV and Netflix is ​​offered at 109.99 €. Find our review on Google Nest Audio here.

A few hours from the Google's “Launch Night In” who will start tonight at 20 p.m. in France, yet another leak precedes the official announcement of the new Chromecast with Google TV. After placing the device on the shelves of Walmart and Home Depot that we reported yesterday 01net, it is the Canadian Google Store itself which would have made a blunder… Orchestrated? It is quite possible, but the "special offer" - which has since been withdrawn - clearly has something to shake the web again with its mention "6 months of Netflix" offered finally not at all offered ...

Chromecast with Google TV: Netflix for 6 months

Priced at $ 69 Canadian, the offer spotted on the local Google Store by a Reddit user would indeed be more than attractive since it would include 6 months free Netflix subscription for the purchase of new Google Chromecast with Google TV. Better yet, this exceptional promotion would be open to both new streaming service customers and existing customers. Knowing that the "Standard" subscription is marketed at $ 9.99 CAN, this would therefore amount to paying the Chromecast with Google TV only 10 dollars!

Unfortunately, you will only be granted a small free month. The art of teasing?

As the specialized site specifies, which reveals the information, although Google has since deleted the product sheet with the visual Chromecast with Netflix, this offer would probably be an incentive to buy the device directly on the site of the Mountain View giant. Indeed, the lucky few who were able to acquire the new streaming key on the shelves of Walmart did not report such an offer.

Anyway, this offer seems all the more credible to us as the presence of a dedicated button on the remote control of the new Chromecast will necessarily have been negotiated by the two companies. Answer tonight!


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