Nuki Opener: our intercoms become smart

We presented to you, last week, the full test of the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. A product that fully seduced us with its ease of installation, its compatibility with most European installations and above all the comfort it brings on a daily basis. Because yes, among the most practical things in automation, automating doors is clearly one of them. But something was still missing that, in our opinion, could even appeal to even more people than what the best smart locks : the possibility of connecting our famous intercoms! And, once again, it is Nuki who offers us an attractive solution: the Nuki Opener.

Nuki Opener: simply connect your intercom

If the Nuki lock Smart Lock 2.0 allows you to go home without a key, there is often a first barrier to cross: the gate of the house or the front door of the building. This is particularly true in apartments where we usually face an intercom.

Whether it is with the key or with a digital code, or even usable with an NFC tag for the lucky ones, it must be presented with white paws… In our increasingly connected homes, this is quite frustrating. In addition, in these times when the new coronavirus is everywhere, typing a code on a keyboard where everyone has been able to put their infected fingers is not the most reassuring ...

Fortunately, Nuki has found a solution that is simple to install and frankly innovative: the Nuki Opener.

A simple installation

To install the Nuki Opener, the apartment must be equipped with Nuki Bridge that we presented to you recently, which makes it possible to connect it to the Internet.

Designed to be carried out by an individual, the installation is done even faster than that of the lock sincejust plug the Opener into your intercom "Classic". Since the intercoms operate at low voltage, you do not even risk electrocuting yourself, and if you have no way to supply it with micro-USB, know that it also works on batteries!

To check if your intercom is compatible with the Nuki Opener, check on the Nuki website.

Remote access and automatic opening

« Alexa, open the door " The Alexians

Thanks to Nuki Opener, you will be able open the door to your building, your gate or gate, or even your garage door using the Nuki app or another brand device. And, of course, you can ask Alexa !

You can also pair the opening of the front door with pressing the doorbell of the intercom for a fixed period, if you are organizing a party for example, thanks to the "Continuous mode". It's even easy to suppress the ringer when you press the intercom button, to avoid being disturbed every time. A ideal solution for access to an office or at a doctor's office, for example.

Another example that will appeal to e-commerce enthusiasts, you just need one click to open to delivery man byAmazon come to drop you off your new Echo Show 8 ! Convenient, isn't it? Corn Nuki Opener will be just as handy when your friends arrive unexpectedly for the end-of-containment barbecue or to open for a craftsman when you recover from the crisis on an island halfway around the world.

Nuki Opener is available for € 99 on, as well as from various resellers. The Nuki Opener Combo packs (Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Nuki Bridge and Nuki Opener) and Nuki Opener Set (Nuki Opener and Nuki Bridge) are offered at the respective prices of € 349 and € 198 in the Nuki online store.

Nuki Opener | Controlling the intercom door opener from the smartphone | Nuki Bridge required

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May 19, 2022 23:50 a.m.


  • Automatic door opening - With the Nuki Opener, the keys to the building are over. This electric door opener allows you to easily control your intercom with the smartphone and opens the door for you when you come home
  • Smart access - With the Nuki Opener associated with the Nuki Smart Lock, no need for a physical key for the door of the building or your apartment: Nuki automatically opens the door for you when you come in and locks it when you leave
  • Nuki Bridge required - Note that you need to have a Nuki Bridge to be able to use the Opener properly. This combination allows you to remotely operate the door of your building
  • Simple, Do-It-Yourself Installation - Like all Nuki products, the Opener can be installed without professional help. In the Nuki App you will find a detailed guide describing the installation of the system step by step.
  • Even more comfort - Someone is ringing the doorbell of the building and you don't want to get up to open it? No problem: with the Nuki Opener, you can easily open the door of your building with your smartphone
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