OK Computer: a new activation word for Google Assistant

"Hey Google"... "OK Google"... You may be tired of saying the name of this company over and over again, right? Indeed, unlike Amazon which allows you to change the name of your voice assistant to Amazon, Echo or Computer, pronouncing Google is a must for users of the Mountain View assistant. But that might change if one is to believe new video from Jan Boromeusz, a regular leaks Google Assistant which today reveals the possibility to say "OK Computer" instead of the usual "Wake word", or activation word in French.

After giving us a preview of the new Google Nest Hub interface and the ability to trigger the assistant simply by approaching a Nest Hub Max, two pieces of information that quickly proved to be correct, will we be lucky enough to be able to change the Google Assistant activation word soon? It is likely that, as you can see in the video below, the assistant seems to transcribe "OK Computer" en "OK Google" for the moment. A simple bug?

Edited 30/11/2020 at 13:39: after some tests, we realize that it is obviously quite simply a misunderstanding of Google Assistant and unfortunately not the premises of a new functionality.

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