OK Google, what is this song?

Here is a news Google Assistant command which should be all the rage: “OK Google, what is this song? " The Mountain View giant has just unveiled on his blog the arrival of a new feature allowing his assistant to recognize a song hummed by the user for 10 to 15 seconds. The artificial intelligence then offers a selection of probable results allowing you to find this song whose name escapes you!

Building on a model ofmachine learning, the algorithm has a library of fingerprints of songs that it is able to compare to a song or a simple hum, even if it is neither long nor quite correct. It then makes a small selection of likely outcomes before offering them to the user. Google specifies that it is possible to "Select the best result and discover information about the song and the artist ».

La "Hum To Search" feature is available in 20 languages, including French, on Google Search like Google Assistant. A big blow for Shazam? Probably !

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