Philips Hue: a solution to connect all your switches!

All home automation fans know that Philips offers the best connected lighting solution on the market. The performance of Philips Hue hub thanks to the ZigBee protocol, the richness of the ecosystem offered and the ease of use of its application leave the competition far behind, as we keep saying. But, all this at a certain cost ... Also, many of you ask us which Philips Hue compatible switch to choose, or how to connect the ones you already have at least. And we are talking about micro-modules, but in this matter it's a bit of a jungle, it must be admitted ... Fortunately, the Dutch giant has obviously heard its customers and chose to offer a Philips Hue micro module able to connect any switch!

Philips Hue offers a module to connect your good old switches

We have been expressing the wish for years, here it is finally: the Philips Hue micro module ! Capable of plugging in any classic switch - you know the old stuff from yesteryear? - very simply, this small object should delight many customers of the brand.

Philips has just announced its release on social networks, unfortunately without more information… Which is not without raising some questions:

  • Will the Philips Hue module require the famous neutral wire? The answer is no ! The dreaded blue wire will not be necessary and the switch will be completely autonomous for an announced period of up to 5 years!
  • Will he offer a back-and-forth solution? The previous question lets us think so, and that is undoubtedly the best news of the day!
  • Will it allow control dimmable bulbs? We don't know, but it's unlikely.

In short, we have little more information to give you for the moment, except that the Philips Hue micro module will be available in spring 2021 at a unit price of € 39,99 and pack of two at € 69,99. A price always a little high, it must be admitted, but the quality should be there!


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