Connected swimming pool: 7 connected objects to control water quality

Comparison of 5 connected probes for swimming pools and spas!

For those lucky enough to have one, the connected garden is the logical extension of the connected home. And, in many of them, there is now a swimming pool or a spa, or even both ... connected pool, and more precisely to the control of the temperature and / or the quality of the water.

Monitoring the pH and more generally the various parameters of your swimming pool is indeed mandatory to prevent the water from turning into a more or less stirring pond, with or without a duck ... We have therefore selected seven connected objects for swimming pools and spas.

Monitor the quality of the water in your swimming pool

This is the watchword of home automation: comfort! And the swimming pool is no exception, many connected solutions available on the market now allowing us to relieve ourselves of the inevitable chores of measuring tape and to rely on our connected objects to spend more time on our buoys ... Or deckchairs, it's up to you.

Iopool EcO: an efficient swimming pool sensor

La EcO connected pool sensor from the Belgian start-up iopool is the most compact on the market. It is also placed directly in the swimming area or in the skimmer, and measure water quality several times a day via its connection Long range bluetooth (10 to 20 meters). A Wi-Fi module also allows it to be connected to the Internet in order to be able to consult

The EcO probe is equipped with three different sensors to measure the most important parameters (temperature, pH, Redox, etc.). You will find the measured data on its application with personalized advice, but also inventory monitoring that you can easily manage and renew directly from the iopool application also marketing water treatment products. Notable advantage, the exact composition of each product being known, the dosages recommended by the application are more precise and more reliable, sparing you calculations which are sometimes a little risky.

Offered at 199 € on Amazon. Fr, the probe for swimming pool and spa iopool EcO is a complete, versatile and easy-to-use solution.

EcO Iopool test: connected pool and spa water analyzer

Ondilo ICO: a connected analyzer

ICO analyzes the water in your swimming pool and / or your spa. Quick installation, Wi-Fi connection, compatible with water treated with salt, bromine or chlorine, this connected island Made in France is a complete and convincing product as you can see by consulting our ICO Ondilo Spa review.

Measuring pH, Redox / ORP, conductivity and water temperature, it also provides you with estimates of salt levels and water hardness. In short, it does everything!

For 399 € on Amazon. Fr, Ondilo's ICO connected island avoids the tedious use of strips by simply placing yourself in the bathing area, in its skimmer, or like us under the cover of the spa. A very good choice.

ICO Ondilo test: connected probe for swimming pool and spa, assistants connected to the bail

Flipr Max: simply the best?

If this is the product that comes up most often in conversations, surely there is a reason, right? It must be said that the Flipr Max probe is surely the best connected swimming pool probe of our selection!

As you can see in our Flipr Max test, it is first of all a versatile product since it is suitable for water treated with water treated at chlorine, bromine or salt. Providing connectivity to SigFox network (97% of the French population covered, it offers a fine water analysis and professional advice.

The application Flipr Pro is in our opinion the best connected assistant for swimming pools and SPA. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Flipr also offers an open API that allows it to be integrated into home automation boxes such as Jeedom or Home Assistant.

Offered to 399 € on Amazon. Fr, Flipr is not cheap but it is our favorite solution so far and we highly recommend it!
Flipr: a connected probe for French Tech swimming pools and spas

Blue Connect Plus

Le Blue Connect Plus from Blueriiot is able to measure pH, Redox / ORP, temperature and conductivity and provides a bunch of invaluable indications to correct your possible water quality problems by indicating the actions to be carried out and the doses of products to be added directly on its mobile application.

With its coptimized for swimming pools treated with salt chlorination, Blue Connect Plus performs 20 measurements per day and communicates via the Sigfox network (check if your living area is well covered).

Un very complete product offered to 399 € on Amazon. Fr. A less expensive version, Blueconnect Go, is also available at around 230 €.

Connected thermometers for swimming pools and spas

Admittedly, the above devices are not particularly cheap and you did not fail to notice it. We therefore offer you three bonus solutions which, of course, do not offer as many features as those presented above, but which might interest you anyway!

CASA.IA: a ZigBee temperature sensor

The remote and connected probe CASA.IA CTHS-317-ET allows you to accurately measure the temperature of a space, a material or a liquid… And therefore a swimming pool or a spa! a wise and economical choice for users of a box automation DIY simply trying to monitor the temperature of their pool ...

Connected thanks to ZigBee protocol, this device is compatible with many home automation gateways such as Zigate, Conbee II, USB-ZIGBEE_EFR32, but also with hubs Amazon Echo.

A simple and effective solution, but above all ultra affordable since it will cost you only 26.90 € excluding promotions at Domadoo.

CASA.ia: an unlimited ZigBee remote temperature thermometer / probe

Telldus: a 433 MHz temperature probe

La Telldus temperature sensor for swimming pool / spa uses the band of 433 MHz to communicate with TellSticks, but also with other 433 MHz gateways such as RFXCOM, which obviously makes it compatible with Eedomus, Jeedom or even Home Assistant.

A rubber protection sturdy is included, which allows it to withstand shocks against the edge of the pool. Food level, you just need to add it 4 AAA batteries, not included, and voila.

The Telldus TS313291 probe is available at € 44.90 at Domadoo. An affordable and interesting solution for home automation box users.

Inkbird IBS-P01B: a Bluetooth pool thermometer

Use bluetooth pool thermometer Inkbird IBS-P01B to remotely monitor the water temperature and enjoy ideal bathing water.

Thanks to its LCD screen, this floating thermometer allows you to easily see what temperature your pond is or to consult its readings on theEngbird app. Benefiting from an IPX7 index, it is powered very simply using two AA batteries and offers an accuracy of 0.1 ° C.

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