[PROMO] Konyks Priska Duo: the double outlet at a low price

Konyks Priska Duo: review and full testToday we offer you a more than interesting offer on the double socket Konyks Priska DUO tested here.

More information, it allows to split a wall outlet and of course to connect it. a space saving without taking too much since it is more both discreet and compact.

Embedded in a consumption monitoring system, it can of course be controlled via its application and can be controlled by voice with voice assistants Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant. It will therefore be a breeze to turn on or off a lamp, its television so as not to leave it on standby, on demand or with routines so that everything is done automatically without you having to think about it.

Konyks products, a French company, are a guarantee of rigor and their installation is very simple.

Usually offered at € 53.80, the pack of 2 multi-sockets Priska Duo is this weekend at 39.90 € or 26% reduction.

PRISKA DUO EU - Pack of 2 connected double sockets

Price as of: August 12, 2022 15 h 48 min
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