[PROMO] Proscenic T21: € 10 coupon on the connected fryer

A few days ago, we presented the latest creation from Proscenic in the field of connected objects with the Proscenic T21 air fryer test. Not only is it oil-free and therefore ideal for diet cooking, but it is also connected.

Discount coupon for the Proscenic T21 deep fryer

Thanks to its application, it is possible to operate the connected air fryer Proscenic T21 very simply with its smartphone. In addition to being able to the program, the brand has included a booklet of 150 recipes allowing a very small programming of your dish. One click on the one of your choice and the right program is selected!

Whether you want fries, healthy cooked vegetables, fish or even chicken, the large capacity container (5.5l) will allow it! The whole scentless, with disconcerting simplicity, it must be admitted. At Les Alexiens, we adopted it and we are not the only ones, as the members of our community !

Usually offered at € 129, today we are offering you enjoy a 10 € discount coupon valid until March 19, 2021 with the promo code below. You just need to click on the button to copy it!
Proscenic T21: the air fryer connects!
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