[PROMO] Tado °: big promotions on thermostats!

We presented to you earlier this week the Tado ° V3 + thermostat test for air conditioning, a very convincing product, just like its version for central heating that we are also currently testing… Good news, here they are now offered by Amazon with strong promotions which should, without a doubt, all the more convince you that it will take you less than a year to amortize the purchase! Indeed, in addition to the comfort that it brings on a daily basis, the connected thermostat is above all a smart purchase able to reduce the painful heating bill ...

-45% on Tado ° V3 + for central heating

Our opinion on the thermostat The Tado ° V3 + thermostat
The Tado ° V3 + thermostat - © Les Alexiens

Le Tado ° V3 + thermostat allows you to control your heating wherever you are thanks to its tado ° application for Android or iOS. Very pleasant and easy to use, it provides a clear overview of your climate history and energy savings made every month.

Thanks to its smart features, Tado ° V3 + obviously allows you to perform programming and automation based on a geolocated weather with, in particular, very interesting capacities of open windows detection. Obviously, it is fully compatible with Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant and HomeKit!

Compatible with 95% of central heating systems, Tado ° V3 + for central heating is currently offered at 109 € instead of € 199.99 on the fact Amazon.fr or a reduction of 45%. A great deal saving you € 90!

Switch to multi-room control to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Manage all rooms and parameters from the Tado ° app! These thermostatic heads fWorks with all standard radiators with thermostatic valves. Just replace the old head, no tools are needed, and you can then control each radiator individually ...

-35% on Tado ° V3 + for Air conditioning

Complete Tado ° test Smart AC Control V3 +: a thermostat for air conditioning and heat pumpLike the model for central heating, this one offers you all the functionalities of the Tado ° application but with your air conditioning or heat pump.

Tteenager ° Air conditioning V3 + is compatible with air-to-air air conditioners / heat pumps equipped with an infrared remote control with display and works with the Google Assistant, Alexa byAmazon as well as Apple's HomeKit.

To know everything about this model, find our reviews on Tado ° Air conditioning V3 + here.

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