Razer Synapse lands on Amazon Alexa

Here is a piece of information that should delight gamers who useAlexa : Razer Synapse is available in the skill store France ! The specialist in peripherals for gaming fans, Razer, has just published a new module for its Synapse 3 configuration tool.

Thanks to this module and the Razer Synapse skill, you can now ask Alexa make changes for you without having to open the Synapse 3 software.

Déjà Philips Hue compatible, this skill offers the possibility of control all Chroma compatible devices, synchronize lighting, launch programs, perform specific tasks on all associated devices, whether Chroma products, Philips Hue compatible LED strip or third-party RGB devices.

Connect Razer Synapse 3 to Amazon Alexa

To associate Alexa and your devices Amazon Echo, nothing's easier :

The module supports all devices compatible with Razer Synapse 3, including devices Chroma Connect third.

In particular, you will be able to control these Razer products:

Summon Alexa from your devices

But that's not all ! Razer goes even further by making its range of headsets and microphones for gamers compatible with our voice assistant.

Le module Alexa synapse 3 indeed offers access to almost all functionalities Alexa, such as news and weather reports, commands Smart Home, skills Alexa, And much more. If you are equipped with microphones or headphones of the brand, they will become real devices with Alexa integrated!

A great opportunity which, we are sure, will allow many gamers to discover the voice assistant ofAmazon without even having to invest in Echo devices ... And which may well make them addicted like us to voice commands Alexa !

Some compatible Razer products Alexa :

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