Segway Navimow, the peripheral wireless robot mower!

No, this is not a new Segway, the Segway Navimow is a mower! Or, more precisely, a robot mower intended to make life easier for lawn owners. More practical than the majority of its competitors, it has the particularity of not requiring a boundary wire thanks to the use of a GPS and a slew of sensors.

Segway Navimow: finally a robot mower with efficient navigation?

A big obstacle to adoption for many people, the wire or boundary wire necessary for the operation of the majority of robot mowers on the market has many drawbacks. Between tedious installation, risk of alteration and relatively high cost, it cools many owners, but especially tenants of houses with gardens.

Based on this observation, Segaway intends to provide a simpler solution with a new series of products called Navimow, mowers capable of orienting themselves in space using their GPS.

But is it specific? The answer is yes, of course, thanks to the EFLS technology which allows precise navigation to the nearest centimeter by merging the information obtained both by the satellite positioning system and that of its own sensors!

Sensors five different types that we find in its counterparts vacuum cleaners (optical sensors, infrared, accelerometers, contact etc ...) which allow to refine the mapping with a precision that the brand sells as unmatched, especially as you can do it manually by operating the device like a radio-controlled car and modify it at any time.

Able to climb slopes up to 45%, the Segway Navimow also offers a adjustable mowing from 3 to 6 cm on a 210 mm width and presents several interesting protection systems as a automatic shutdown when animals approach him, a GPS location in the event of theft, or a IPX6 certification against bad weather.

In short, the Segway Navimow has everything to please, especially since it also works in silence, the brand promising 54 dB in use. Still, the prices are not the most accessible for the moment, the American brand offering 4 models ranging from € 1199 to € 2499 depending on battery life and whether or not there is an integrated 4G chip.

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