Shelly expands its WiFi home automation range

Like many companies for the past 18 months, it was through an online event that the Bulgarian company Alterco Robotics presented its new products this year. Now divided into two ranges, Shelly home automation still relies on Wi-Fi and provides the market with solutions to be mounted directly on electrical panels, but also connected switches.

Shelly Plus: a new generation

Range Shelly More now includes the famous micro-modules so popular with home automation box users. Hitherto containing ESP8266 microcontrollers, they are now ESP32 that drive all of the brand's devices.

With more flash memory, Bluetooth to simplify pairing and a integrated temperature sensor, Shelly Plus PM modules also incorporate protection against overloads and overvoltages. Thus, the devices are now able to switch off on their own in the event of a surge, overload or too high temperature ... And warn you with the help of notifications!

As Domadoo emphasizes, where you can obviously find all this Shelly Plus range, the module enclosures have been unified and even feature a printed wiring diagram for easier and faster installation.

Wi-Fi switches designed for modules

You know this if you have already placed modules behind your classic switches, space is often lacking and their installation can quickly become a real challenge. In order to facilitate their integration, the Bulgarian brand therefore offers switches Shelly Wall Switches incorporating a support.

Available in three versions with one, two or four buttons, they are available in two colors, white and black, and compatible with the cover plates of the Legrand Niloé range.

Shelly Pro: a range designed for DIN rails

Finally, and it's a bit of the surprise of the year, Alterco Robotics has chosen to create a range Shelly pro by offering devices intended to be mounted on DIN rails for electrical panels.

Taking all the features of the Shelly Plus range, they obviously offer a WiFi connectivity but also Ethernet in order to be directly wired to your home network. An important point as the disturbances can be significant at the level of the electrical wiring or the weak signal inside an electrical cabinet.

Benefiting from a flame retardant design, the range is available in five devices: Shelly Pro 1 (dry contact output 16A), Shelly Pro 1PM (16A output with consumption measurement), Shelly Pro 2 (2 dry contact 16A outputs), Shelly Pro 2PM (2 16A outputs with consumption measurement) and Shelly Pro 4PM (4 16A outputs with consumption measurement). You will soon be able to get the Shelly Pro range at Domadoo, which is starting to reference them ...

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