[SALES] Innr: ZigBee connected bulbs up to -29%

A few months ago, we introduced you Innr, a Dutch brand created in 2012 by former employees of Philips Lighting and Ikea, which manufactures ZigBee connected lights. High quality products but a little expensive, it must be admitted, that you can now acquire at a good price during the sales on Amazon.Fr !

Innr White E14 at 12.99 € or -28%

We had just presented the brand to you through the Innr White E14 bulb test, here they are finally on sale! And not just a little since they are on offer today at € 12.99, a very affordable price for Philips Hue compatible ZigBee, i.e. 28% discount! The lucky owners of speakers Amazon Echo with a “connected home” hub will also be able to control them directly in their new application Alexa without additional device.

Innr White E27 at 11 € / piece (pack of 3)

These White bulbs provide a beautiful warm white LED light (2700K) with optimal color rendering. An excellent alternative to Hue White at a great price for ZigBee!

Innr B22 RGBW at 23.99 € or -20%

Adjust the intensity and choose the color of the light from 16 million colors. With a power of 9.5W, equivalent to 60W incandescent, the Innr B22 bulbs offer 806 lumens of power, or as much as the Philips Hue White & Color. Be careful, these are bayonet models!

Innr Vintage at 14.99 € or -25%

Providing a beautiful flame type LED light at 2200K (warm light), their vintage design is fully in the current neo-retro trend!

Innr GU10 White at 51.99 € or -13%

ZigBee connected socket at 39.99 € so -11%

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