Sonos raises prices due to component shortage

The current shortage of components affects all sectors, but in particular high-tech manufacturers such as Sonos which has just announced a price increase of some of his connected speakers. Increases that go up to $ 100 of the current price and which will be applicable from tomorrow ...

Sonos: more expensive speakers because of the shortage

Sonos has decided to increase the price of its speakers due to competition. The American company has indeed declared that it “ always assessed market dynamics including demand, supply chain, component costs and competitive landscape". According to The Verge, which reveals the information, the increase would be linked to the current shortage of chips which particularly affects the automotive and tech sectors.

Going 10 dollars more for the enclosure Sonos roam $ 100 for the Sonos Arc soundbar, these increases are expected to last for at least a year, or even be perpetuated if the sound specialist does not see its sales volume decline. Rest assured, they do not affect the entire range, the Sonos Move portable speaker being for example spared. A shortage that is easy to see on where the brand's products have been scarce in recent months, most of the references being out of stock.

While waiting for a return to normal, here are the new prices of Sonos (in dollars):

Reference Original price New price Increase
Sonos One $ 199.00 $ 219.00 + 20.00 $
Sonos One SL $ 179.00 $ 199.00 + 20.00 $
Sonos 5 $ 499.00 $ 549.00 + 50.00 $
Sonos roam $ 169.00 $ 179.00 + 10.00 $
Sonos arc $ 799.00 $ 899.00 + 100.00 $
Sonos Sub $ 699.00 $ 749.00 + 50.00 $
Sonos amp $ 649.00 $ 699.00 + 50.00 $
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