Spotify HiFi: the streaming service is going “lossless”!

It was time ! After Deezer or again Amazon Music, the most used streaming service in the world is finally embarking on the high resolution audio with a simply named subscription Spotify Hi-Fi. Whether it's HD, UHD or Hi-Fi, the principle remains the same: to offer lossless music, without compression, to the delight of our ears ...

Spotify HiFi: lossless in CD quality

What price for the Spotify HiFi subscription?During its Stream On event, the Swedish streaming service has just confirmed the launch, this year, of an offer called Spotify Hi-Fi. Until now still confined to 320 kbps like many other platforms, the firm now promises us a "CD quality with lossless audio format"that is, lossless and uncompressed audio.

Available on the various brand applications, but also on compatible devices Spotify Connect such as speakers Amazon Echo ou Nest audio, the new formula Spotify Hi-Fi intends to respond to Tidal, Amazon HD Music or Qobuz… Without equaling them since only CD quality, either 16-bit at 44.1 kHz, has been mentioned. A first step?

Of course, this surplus of quality will not come without compensation, but Spotify has not yet specified the content of its offer. As a reminder, Qobuz and Tidal bill for their services at 19,99 euros per month, Amazon Music HD remaining the best choice at 14.99 euros per month (3 months free without commitment). Unless there is a surprise, it is therefore a safe bet that the Spotify HiFi subscription should be in these waters.

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