Govee RGBIC test: split your lighting!

Our opinion on the Govee LED RGBIC H6144 strip

Govee RGBIC LED strip

Govee RGBIC LED Strip 10m, Multi-Color Bluetooth LED Strip, APP Controlled and Smart Segment Control Color Selection, Sync with Music Beating for Home Bedroom Party Bar Kitchen

Price as of: August 15, 2022 3 h 50 min

LED ribbons can bring a touch of color to a room or can be installed outdoors, under an arbor for example, to be additional lighting. But, until now, they were unicoloured, diffusing only one color along their length. It was without counting on a new technology that we will discover today on this tape govee RGBIC.

But what is behind this new acronym? In addition to the traditional RGB for Red, Green, Blue, the Govee tape incorporates the Independent Control technology. Kezako? It is a process which allows you to segment colors on the ribbon. But let's see this in detail ...

Govee RGBIC H6144 tape: a multicolored LED tape that even knows how to flash!


The Chinese brand remains faithful to its color codes and gives us its Govee RGBIC LED in a box bordered in mauve and with a dark background highlighting the ribbon illuminated in multiple colors. Voice assistants Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant are clearly identified alongside the possible range of colors - 16 million - and whites ranging from warm white to cold white without a specified temperature.

On the side and back the characteristics and different functions of RGBIC LED tape.

By opening the box from the front, a nice message of thanks is revealed. Inside, everything is in place, accompanied by a multilingual user manual and a small card mentioning the various means of contact if necessary. Attention to customers always welcome.

On the upper shelf, the two ribbons of 5 meters each are connected by the control box, placed under the tray, acting as a remote control. The length of the cable from the remote control to the fork connecting each ribbon is 50 cm. The connection of each "branch" is for its part 15 cm. On the other side, the exit going to the mains unit is also 15 cm.

The ribbon is not covered with a silicone sheath, the LEDs are visible so its use should be reserved for a indoor use. They are type 5050, understand 5 mm x 5 mm, spaced 3 cm apart that every 3 LEDs a chip is inserted. So you have 30 LEDs per meter.

The whole is based on a width of one centimeter ...

Please note that this type of ribbon with IC technology cannot be cut.

The remote has three buttons:

  • Up, On / Off.
  • In the middle, the Color change, among the 9 available
  • At the bottom, the music mode :
    • A short press to activate it
    • A long press to change the light intensity among the 6 available.

On the side, an ambient sound sensor.

By lifting the cardboard tray we find:

  • THE12V - 4A power adapter with DC plug. The length of the cable is 1.20 meters. On the top, an LED operating indicator.
  • 2 bags of 5 fixing hooks with 3M adhesive on the back for a tool-free installation or with the kit of 2 x 5 screws (but no wall plugs supplied). They are there to make clean curls in the corners and to keep the tape in position.
  • 2 alcohol swabs to degrease the support.

Next to the tray, a long box contains the power supply unit with a cord measuring 1.40 meters.

Technical specifications

  • Brand : Govee
  • Model : H6144
  • Length : 2 x 5 meters
  • Weight : 460 grams
  • Number of LEDs : X 2 150
  • Colors : RGBIC several at the same time on the same tape
  • White temperature : N.C
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Engime : 48 Watts
  • Luminous flow : NC
  • Log in : Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n

Installation and use of the Govee RGBIC H6144 ribbon

As we have seen previously, Govee has developed its in-house application Govee Home for the management of its products. This can be downloaded from the store Android ou iOS.

If you do not already have the application installed, we refer you to the test of the Govee tape H6159 for the grip.


Once the ribbon Govee RGBIC plugged in, the “power” button on the remote must be on if it is not already - the flash ribbon. Activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone, return to the home page of the application.

Press the "+" top right. In the LED Strip Light menu, move the elevator down to Govee RGBIC H6144, the complete reference of the ribbon. Click on it. The search via bluetooth is carried out. Instantly it is displayed. Click on the arrow on the right, the connection starts, then on Ok. The next step is to enter your Wi-Fi password which has been automatically detected. In 2 or 3 seconds, the ribbon is paired and a firmware update is offered. Perform it. Currently the latest version is 1.07.00 it adds more music mode.

Here by returning to the home page, it is present.

The application remains similar to what we presented to you with the lamp Govee Aura or H6159 tape. We are therefore going to present the specificities related to this ribbon to you.

The Govee RGBIC tape has 15 manageable segments in total!

Music mode

There is no choice here, no source of “inspiration” for the ribbon. It changes only to the rhythm of the sounds that the sensor on the remote control perceives. You have 4 tempo of proposals.

  • Energetic : the colors will flash to the rhythm of the ambient sounds and according to the intensity set. The longer and deeper the sound, the more it will prolong the lighting.
  • Rythm :
    • Dynamic: a morse effect, the tape seeks to speak to you.
    • Quiet: it looks like flames flickering especially if the color orange is selected.
  • Spectre : Same as energetic but with the possibility of selecting " automatic color ". The ribbon manages the change of colors on its own
  • Bearing : The colour parade from each external end to the internal. This is the effect we find most in public places. The effect takes on even greater magnitude with "automatic color". The bursts change colors otherwise they will all be one after the other of the same tone, more monotonous.

The color mode

Hang on! If you like the music mode and the rolling effect, you will love the fashion color and sectorization of the large ribbon. Indeed, here it is you who will compose the colors of each segment of LED.

How does it work ?

Le Govee RGBIC tape has 15 fully manageable segments ! 13 have 9 LEDs while the two ends have 15 each. Yes that's 147 LEDs!

The reading on the representation below is done as follows: the first segment is the “inside” one, ie which is juxtaposed to the other tape. The last is therefore the end of each of the ribbons. The composition thus made will be reproduced on the two ribbons. It's up to you to choose the colors that suit you and that best match.

Click the check mark corresponding to the section of the ribbon you want to color. Choose a shade among those of "base" proposed with the ruler or the pastilles but also by going in "Palette of color" or even, below, those which you will have designated as preferred. If you do not manage to find your shade, it is because you are really difficult ... If you want to give an additional effect activate " degraded ", you will have the central LEDs of the desired color and the others which will “blend” to harmonize with the next segment. Guaranteed and very successful visual effect.

To configure a segment, remember to uncheck the previously configured segment, the check mark remaining active.

You can find the details of the "Palette" and how to save "My colors" in our test of the H6159 tape.

Although Govee does not indicate the temperature of the whites, you can count on a color chart that is very present, especially on warm tones. The cold white marking is less visible.

Wait, it's not over!

If you click on " Recommended color schemes »You will be able to select one:

  • Style : 7 in number, these are preset color configurations of the ribbons, a sort of scene. They can be modified with the slider, so you can modulate the effect and it even carries a reference. You can save them in "My Colors". Each scenario will appear below the colored dots.
  • Scene : 12 in number, it is the adjustment of the "cutting" of the colors, or the frequency.
  • Match method of : 7 in number, it is a subdivision of the scene to distribute the colors.

So you can have for example as "recommended color scheme" saved:

You notice that the possibilities are practically unlimited as the parameters are numerous.

You finally find the modes: Scene et DIY already present in the test of the RGB tape H6159.

With Amazon Alexa

Activate the skill Govee Home and link the account with that ofAmazon. The ribbon then goes up in your devices. By clicking on it, you can of course: turn on / off by activating the virtual button, adjust the light intensity or even change the color among the 5 whites (but only 4 really stand out) and the 15 colors offered.

But what more does Govee offer with its products and that we find here, it is the modes "Scene" et Music ”which are accessible even by voice command. 

You can say :

  • « Alexa light up [ribbon name] in | stage name] "
  • « Alexa light [no tape] in [name of the desired rhythm, like rolling for example] "

As for the music mode:

  • Energetic will give you a panel of colors,
  • Spectre, it is the red color which acts by stretching the entire length of the ribbon.
  • Bearing, it is also the red which scrolls quickly.
  • Rythm, here too only red is displayed and in rhythm ...

Apart from the Energetic mode which allows you to have a color swatch, only red is required.

We notice some difficulties for Alexa to recognize scenes with the same names followed by A, B or C…. For some, saying: Alexa, lights up in Aurora A (for example), our voice assistant asks: "which device? You only need to give it the name of the tape and it will perform the corresponding scene, but it does not work for all scenes of this type. A simple renaming of the scenes should remedy the problem because generally they are perfectly done. It is pure happiness. 

Frankly, this Govee RGBIC tape is a superb accomplishment. Our favorite goes to the stage: Meteor shower.


Finally, the ribbon can be integrated into the routines. As for the lamp Govee Aura H6052, the music mode is not really executable combined with a routine scene. On the other hand, if you integrated it with a color from the palette, it will take over and run in red, even if you define green!

So, either you opt for a scene without music mode if you absolutely want it, or if you want flashing (which will be executed in red anyway) define a color and uncheck scene.

With Google Assistant

If the Govee Home add-on is not yet activated on your Google account, now is the time to go find it by clicking on the "+" at the top left, then on “Configure a device” and finally on “Works with Google”. There, search for Govee Home and link the two accounts. The Govee ribbon appears in devices.

Management is more restricted than with Alexa. There is no stage or music mode available. You only have available (via the application or by voice) the commands to turn on / off, modify the light intensity and choose one of the many colors that the application allows. Google Home. Moreover, there seems to be better vocal recognition of these.

The ability to perform routines will be limited to “enabling” or “disabling” the ribbon.

In use, installation is still just as easy. Govee takes care of its products and accompanies them with an application second to none. The Wow effect! is there, and not overrated. The colors are beautiful, the scenarios so numerous and inventive that they can only seduce. With 10 meters in length, there is enough to bathe a room in light. We just regret the difficulty of having the music mode really active in routine with Alexa.

Here is a small visual rendering of the different effects of the Govee RGBIC ribbon:

Music Mode, swerve  rolling : the color scrolls from LED to LED at each end of the ribbon to meet in the middle at the junction of the two.

Color mode,

Blue segment with activation of"degraded" option and next segment in red.

When the blue Segment is in the first position, the next 6 LEDs will take on a degraded hue. When the segment is in the middle of the ribbon, the gradient is distributed on each side. Everything is planned, studied ...

By playing on the colors and the segments you can achieve this

For you Les Alexiens, Govee offers you its H6144 RGBIC tape with 20% discount when ordering on its official website by simply indicating the code GO20XM at the time of payment.
In conclusion, this Govee RGBIC tape is still a very nice surprise and discovery. The IC of this LED strip makes all the difference by allowing the segmentation of its lighting anddisplay different colors along its length. We just regret the difficulty of taking charge of the music mode in routine with Alexa, but the scenarios are so cool that we can easily do without them in routine. If you want to bring a lot of colors in tempo to brighten up a room, look no further, it is made for you… And you will undoubtedly amaze your friends!
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.