Kesbin test: rechargeable indoor / outdoor mood lamp

A bedside lamp ? Again ? We can hear you from here. Well yes… and no dear reader. We have actually introduced you lately the HUGOAI bedside lamp which allows us to have a soft and warm atmosphere in our interior. This time, we have chosen to introduce you to the Tuya mood lamp / Smart Life sold under the brand Kesbin.

This almost small-dimension sphere: 14.5cm x 14.5cm for 13.0 cm high brings a plus compared to the connected night light ZEMISMART which it looks like in some ways. Indeed, just as compatible with Alexa via the app Smart Life on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, it is also mobile thanks to its rechargeable battery and can accompany you to the garden for long evenings in the open air. But there is one more… Shhh! We will see this later, once unpacking and installation is done ...

Kesbin mood lamp for indoor and outdoor


Delivered in a small cubic cardboard not very thick but resistant, the photo of our lamp is printed on two sides on a white background and in a very sober way. Only statements indicating the nature of the content: « Smart ambient light " meaning "Intelligent mood light" and a little slogan: "Make life colorful", in other words  "Color life" accompany the photo. Beautiful program that we can't wait to see for ourselves.

The cardboard on the third side is slightly crumpled but not torn. We can only recognize it, but it is a product purchased via the section Amazon Warehouse  with mention of used - like new and original packaging sold at the advantageous price of 20.34 € - instead of 29.66th to new. Some rudimentary technical information, such as its size, is printed on it as well as the CE and RoHS abbreviations indicating that it has obtained the European certificate of conformity for electrical equipment. Finally, on the last side are always printed in English, the functions of the night light. In the first line, the mention "Support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant " reassures us about its compatibility with our voice assistant Alexa. The functions are also indicated: tactile, remote control via app, built-in rechargeable battery et  waterproof. Benefiting from a hint IP67 it is totally protected from dust (6) and immersion effects up to 1M (7). No mention of the brand on any side of the packaging.

The owner's turn being over, let's move on to our night light.

Inside the box, we find the mood lamp bagged in plastic and secured by a thin cardboard band with a usb power cable but note that it is delivered without adapter plug. It will of course be possible to power it with any USB medium of your choice: PC, external battery, USB hub or with an adapter plug (that of its smartphone for example). Finally we have the traditional installation manual which, unfortunately, is only in Shakespeare's language ...

Note that this mood lamp is delivered without an AC adapter ...

The overall quality is not exceptional but relatively good. The Alexians

Once out of its bag, we can hold the sphere in our hands. To the touch, the material is pleasant. Composed for the base of a smooth plastic, the spherical part with a matte appearance is made of food-grade polyethylene without Bisphenol (BPA) which makes it safe in the presence of young children if they ever put it in their mouths. Three small silicone pads transparent around the perimeter will ensure its stability. The only barely visible button molded into the material acts as ON / OFF. Just below we have a rubber cap (tape not supplied, it's just to show you the hole) behind which the power port where only a one meter long cord with a 5V / 1A plug is provided. The overall quality is not exceptional but relatively good.

The tour of our ball being done, let's see now its technical characteristics.


Item Weight
458 g
13cm x 14.5cm x 14.5cm
Battery (s) / Battery (s) required
Bulb type
Adapter output
5V / 1A
Operating temperature
0th - 40th

KESBIN compatible mood lamp Tuya / Smart Life

Installation and use

Like many connected objects, this lamp works with the Swiss army knife of applications, that is to say with Smart Life of Tuya. Already having the application installed; we will only have to add the lamp. In the event that this is your first device working with this application, we refer you to our installation tutorial Smart Life. We have chosen, as for the installation of the HUGOAI bedside lamp, the pictogram "Strip lights" in order to proceed with pairing. Once the installation is complete, our mood lamp appears under the title: Smart Lamp. Name that it is of course possible to change for better recognition.

Let's take a look at the different menus available. Under the name of the lamp, we find four tabs corresponding for the first two to refined light settings: white (temperature and intensity) or colors (intensity and panel). Note that for white, via the application to go from hot to cold it is not necessary to go around the circle: continuing as if the circle were closed will move the cursor from one side to the other.

On the color side, our lamp a "touch" function, thus by slightly shocking the base on a surface we can change the displayed color passing on a loop in white, red, green and orange.

"By shocking the base very lightly on a surface we can change the color ..." The Alexians

The third tab takes us back to the possibility of choosing and editing Scenes, as we have described to you in the HUGOAI lamp test. We finally come to the fourth tab: Music. This one will allow us to flash the colors to the sound of our favorite piece of music in our AMU playlist as far as we are concerned. To use this function, il must remain positioned on this tab and do not change it because it interrupts the process. On the other hand, it is possible to put the application in the background without problem.

And the compatibility Alexa ?

Well, the time that Smart Life finishes pairing, Alexa detected our news mood lamp… The proof !

In the application Alexa, we find it well under the boom Smart Lamp. We can also act via the application for the choice of colors and it will be possible to do routines as with all lights.

Before use, Kesbin mood lamp needs to be charged for two hours for optimal use on the go. The plastic casing does not heat up even when remaining in service on the battery. 3 to 10 hours of use possible according to the chosen functions. The light output is soft, of course, but not very powerful it must be admitted. Despite everything, it will know how to be an auxiliary lighting for a dedicated place, and in the garden, it will be able to mark a passage to regain its interior. Unless you prefer to use the Music feature that it will be possible to activate even without a Wi-Fi network. smartphone to the mini (just enough to be sure that the lamp reacts), we have seen its responsiveness. Indeed, thanks to its sound sensor, a simple applause will make it react. It is also possible to launch your favorite music on your PC and the lamp will then flash with all its colors.

In conclusion, this compatible multifunction mood lamp Smart Life, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, allows you to have a pleasant light supply near you. The flow is not great compared to the HUGOAI lamp which allowed reading without problem, but still sufficient for decoration. Its main asset will be to be able to animate an evening with friends when the deconfinement will be there to the sound of music. Finally, the price of 29 € on is not excessive and even more interesting in Warehouse is reasonable.

KESBIN Ambian lamp outdoor / indoor Tuya / Smart Life compatible Alexa

NS. 29 €









Price quality



  • Brightness too low in auxiliary lamp
  • Interesting price in warehouse
  • Works under Smart Life / Tuya
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Music function

The lessers

  • Brightness too low in auxiliary lamp
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