Shelly Duo test: a Wi-Fi bulb that ignores the Cloud!

Our opinion on the cloudless bulb Shelly Duo

Shelly Duo bulb E 27

SHELLY - LED bulb Wi-Fi E27 9W white variable Shelly Duo

Price as of: August 14, 2022 19 h 46 min

We recently introduced you to the Shelly brand with the temperature / humidity sensor Shelly H&T or the connected socket which offer parameters rarely equaled in the world of WiFi home automation. Today we are going to look at theWiFi bulb Shelly Duo. Sold at 12.99 € excluding promotion, it is compatible with voice assistants Amazon Alexa et Google Assistant and with most home automation boxes ...

Shelly is a company belonging to the Bulgarian group Allterco of which one of the two head offices is based in Sofia, the other in the States in Las Vegas. The Shelly brand is present in more than 100 countries.


Shelly Duo: the WiFi bulb with or without cloud


It is in a white box with a blue border that the maeque presents its Shelly Duo WiFi bulb. The technical information and characteristics are given on the back and on the sides, in particular the fact that it is dimmable and offers a fairly wide temperature range from warm to cold white 2700 K - 6500 K.


THEShelly Duo bulb white is delivered with a QR code flyer referring to a PDF of the installation manual in English, but also for a color version. But you also have it attached ... Still in English.

The bulb is of type A60, that is to say that it is 6 cm in its widest part for 12.2 cm in total length including 4 cm (only) for the globe part. Only one side of the body of the LED bulb has inlays mentioning among other things the power 9W and his 800 lumens luminous flux.

The opalescent globe is 1/3 of the length, which is the rule on this type of bulb. This complies with standards 2014/53 / EU (provision of radio equipment), 2014/35 / EU (provision of electrical equipment), EMC 2004/108 / WE (protection of electrical and electronic equipment), RoHS2 2011/65 / EU (regulation of hazardous substances). In short, it meets the standards, but it's always good to list them.


  • Brand : Shelley
  • Reference : Duet
  • Type : E 27
  • Luminous flow : 800lm
  • Engime : 9 W
  • White temperature : 2700K-6500K
  • Operating temperature : -10 ° - 40 °
  • Beam angle : 180 °
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n
  • Frequency : 2400 - 2500MHz
  • Distance of use :
    • Exterior: 30 m
    • Interior: 15 m
  • Voice assistant compatible : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Firmware update : yes by OTA
  • Durée de vie : 30 hours
  • Voltage : AC 220 - 240 V


Installation and use of the Shelly Duo bulb

Let's say it right away, the installation via the Shelly application was just as painful as in our previous tests. A real plague! Chance can lead you to a pleasant surprise with an installation on the first try, but fingers crossed that you do not need to reset it ... We have known the case with a smartphone with which we never managed to reinstall it and we had to go through a tablet with which, miraculously, the application was kind enough to perform the operation. Such bugs are a little incomprehensible, but once the pairing is done, you will be able to take full advantage of the multiple features of the application.

For the initial handling of the application, we refer you to the Shelly HT hygrometer and thermometer test.

Once theShelly Duo bulb recognized by the application and installed in a created room, it appears on the home page. The first readings are provided and indicate the power as well as the light intensity during the activity. By clicking on the bulb, you enter the details of the possible settings such as the brightness or the temperature adjustable to the nearest Kelvin thanks to the numerical indication!

Un ON / OFF button is available from the home page, but also from the bulb settings page. Depending on the intensity of the light, the corresponding power is displayed on the home page.

In the settings page you are also informed if a firmware update is available.

In the intermediate zone, you have access to the whole part usage and consumption statement over 24 hours, a week, a month, a year and you can also customize the period to display

By clicking on "Download Statistics" it is possible to download the results to a spreadsheet, for example. Something to delight the most picky about monitoring consumption.

In the lower part, different modules allow programming:

  • Timer : it will reverse the current function after X seconds / minutes. If the bulb is off, it will turn it on and vice versa. A countdown takes place on the button. On the other hand, the programming of the two actions affects the second which does not take place. Thus, the bulb that has lit will not go out after X seconds. Only one of the two actions is possible. Too bad, the sequence could have been a good thing. When a timer is programmed a blue dot is displayed in the upper right corner.
  • weekly schedule : this is the "classic" programming with choice of time, days, temperature and brightness of the bulb and duration of activation.
  • Application Setting : you can exclude a room or the house in the consumption calculation
  • Night Mode : You determine the intensity to be displayed between such and such a time.
  • Internet / Security : resumes your connection information.
  • I / O URL Actions : useful for automations via API's
  • Share : if you want to invite a third party to manage your bulb
  • Settings : here you can determine the power that will be switched on automatically by default according to the last mode, the bulb reboot or the firmware update again. By clicking on the pencil " configure the device " you will be able change name, assigned room or photo.

A log of the activity of the Shelly Duo is also available by clicking on the messaging logo at the top. A red dot indicates that there is information available.

The application is very complete. It provides a lot of information about energy consumption and the features offered are interesting.

Locally with a home automation box

Do you know why the Shelly brand is so popular with home automation fans? DIY? Because it eliminates the need for the cloud! Therefore, no more worries in the event of a network failure, your box will be able to control it directly, it is your box which takes over ...

The Shelly Duo bulb can therefore be integrated locally into many home automation boxes such as Eedomus, Domoticz, jeedom, Homey or even  Home Assistant. An excellent point.

We have successfully installed it on a Homey Pro box. The procedure is quick and simple, as always in this very plug & play...


With Amazon Alexa

The Shelly Duo bulb is compatible with Alexa. To bring it up in the application, you must activate the skill Shelly Cloud and link the account Amazon to that of the application. This being done, you will see the bulb appear in the list of devices.

From the app or voice command Alexa, it is possible to turn the bulb on / off, adjust the brightness or choose one of the five shades of white available. These are well marked.

Routine creation is also possible.

With Google Assistant

The Shelly Duo bulb is also Google Assistant compatible. Here you must also activate the Shelly add-on by clicking on the "+" and "Configure a device" and "Works with Google". There, search Shelly Smart Home (Why the name is different between Alexa and Google Assistant (?)) and link the two accounts.

Google Home offers six shades of white against five for Alexa, but no difference is visible between the last two. So a draw, tied on that side.

Vocally, the terms recognized and that we were able to identify are as follows:

  • White hot
  • White
  • Daylight white
  • White cold
  • Incandescent

Shelly Duo: our opinion on the WiFi bulb

In use, the WiFi bulb Shelly Duo is responsive whether with the app or the voice assistants. The white panel is wide - via the application - and the possibility of fine-tuning the temperature with the Kelvin indication is welcome.

But its biggest strength is undoubtedly the possibility of using this WiFi bulb locally using a home automation box. A very good thing that will delight all fans of automation DIY which will therefore be able to do without the cloud offered by Shelly.

In vocal, the choice of colors is obviously more restricted, as always, but it remains largely sufficient for a classic and daily use while still offering a variation of shade.

Exportable consumption monitoring in spreadsheet format is a good thing for anyone wishing to further study their consumption.

Here is a color rendering according to the five whites offered by the application Alexa :

In conclusion, l'' Shelly Duo E27 WiFi bulb offers, in addition to good lighting, efficient and interesting consumption monitoring, but above all the possibility of being used locally with home automation. Too bad its installation with the Shelly application is so painful, especially since once this difficulty is over, the management via the application is sophisticated. In addition, a Wi-Fi bulb that allows consumption monitoring is still quite rare, so if you are not afraid of the "Nervous break down", the Shelly Duo 9W 800 lm bulb is to be taken into consideration especially since it is offered only 12.99 € at
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.