Xiaomi Mi Band 5: official release date announced!

We announced it to you a few weeks ago: the Chinese giant seemed about to release a new version of its popular connected bracelet named logically Mi Band 5. Next to a leak, we even learned that he had to integrate Amazon Alexa. A news that has not failed to arouse your interest and that we are today able to confirm to you: the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will officially release on June 11, 2020. Ten days before its release, here is the latest information about it.

Update 10/09/2020: Alexa does not seem, finally, more of the game. Is the confusion coming from the imminent release of Amazfit Band 5 with Alexa? This is likely, especially since the Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit Band are both made by Huami.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: released on June 11 and Alexa confirmed !

This time, the information comes directly to us from Xiaomi ! The company has just announced on Weibo, the most popular social network in China, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 official release in China and its availability no later than June 18… General de Gaulle would probably have appreciated it so much that he would certainly have dropped his good old LIP!

Known as “618”, the date is a bit like our French Days in China, but better since it is more like a national Prime Day! And it is this important date for e-commerce that Xiaomi chose to market its Mi Band 5 only 200 yuan, or 25 euros only ...

Internationally, the connected watch should be negotiated a bit more expensive, around 30 to 40 € depending on the importers. But what features can we expect? This is what we will see ...

The characteristics of the Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 official release date
Xiaomi Mi Band 5: official visual of the watch connected to Alexa

The always very informed Italian site is almost formal, here are the characteristics of the brand new Mi Band 5 released in Europe:

  • Displays and Signage : in 1,2-inch format, it seems that the design of the new Mi Band is the same as that of the Mi Band 4 and still does not offer a "full screen" ...
  • NFC for contactless payments : here too, everything suggests that only the version without NFC will be available in Europe, but in the absence of official data, we are still waiting ...
  • Voice Assistant : the possibility of using Amazon Alexa for the main functions is confirmed, as evidenced by the official screenshots showing the logo Alexa !
  • Sp02 : it will be possible to control the oxygen saturation in the blood, a feature never before integrated on Xiaomi products until now!
  • Female cycles : it will also be possible to control the menstrual cycle and that of ovulation. Women will appreciate!
  • fashion PAI and  horloges : thanks to the Mi Fit application, it will be possible to add several clocks on different meridians, ideal for travelers or all those who work - like us - with the whole world!
  • Mode "Do not disturb" : already present on the Mi Band, it should now be customizable ...
  • Camera : it will be possible to control the shutter of certain smartphone on Android!

In conclusion, what can we say except that Xiaomi once again confirms its ability to innovate at a speed capable of making all its Western competitors blush. The Chinese firm, by offering a product compatible with the most widely used voice assistant in the world, shows its openness and its desire to fit into the top of global High-Tech and to satisfy as many customers as possible! In writing, we have only one hurry: to publish a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 full test as quickly as possible !
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