YouTube TV announces a new 4K offer!

YouTube just announced a new offer YouTube TV 4K Plus on subscription allowing to benefit from a 4K resolution and a few other options, including the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

A YouTube TV 4K Plus offer at $ 19.99 / month

As is usually the case, it is on its official blog that Google's streaming service unveiled its new YouTube TV 4K Plus offer, an option with which “You'll have access to major sports events this summer in 4K, live content from networks like NBC and ESPN, sports like college football and basketball later this year and on-demand content from FX, Discovery. Networks, Tastemade and others. ”

As you will have understood, this offer is therefore intended, for the moment in any case, only for American users of the platform and will offer, in addition to 4K, a number of unlimited simultaneous streams - against three for the classic YouTube TV offer, ed - but also the possibility of download all content also unlimited in order to watch them online, whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer or even a streaming box. Content very focused on sport with, in particular, live broadcasts from major events such as the Davis Cup.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube offers a month's free trial, then it'll cost $ 9,99 / month the first year, but no less than $ 19.99 / month thereafter. A relatively expensive offer therefore, but which could find its audience among sports fans, and is reminiscent of the strategy currently implemented by Amazon which broadcasts the NFL in the United States and very soon the French championship of Ligue 1 on Prime Video.

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