My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

If the documentation of theapplication Alexa is rather complete and well designed, it is sometimes tedious to navigate as the orders Alexa are numerous.

This is why we offer you this long summary page where you can find theset of known voice commands nowadays. You can also go to the help section of the site Amazon, very comprehensive, which can answer a large number of questions.

Finally, do not hesitate to direct you to our "connected home" tutorials in case of need or to our guide Alexa & Amazon Echo, better known in the Echosphere under the name of GDNA, the Digital Taming Guide ofAlexa.

We also invite you to ask all your questions on our Facebook pageOn the most user-friendly Facebook group dedicated to Alexa, or to share your discoveries with us on the Alexiens Twitter account.

Updated: 03/12/2021

The colors on your Echo device:

The colors of the circle on Echo and AlexaMany of you are wondering about the meaning of different colors of the luminous circle present on the devices of the Echo range. As you can imagine, each color has a specific meaning, let's take a look. The Alexiens team has prepared a page dedicated to the meaning of the colors of the light ring.


The main orders ofAlexa:

Here is the main orders ofAlexa to get the most out of your Amazon Echo.

  • Alexa, aid
  • Alexa, start my day.
  • Alexa, how do you say "hello" in Chinese?
  • Alexa, what's on my calendar?
  • Alexa, stop
  • Alexa, stronger
  • Alexa, less strong
  • Alexa, turn up the volume
  • Alexa, turn the volume down
  • Alexa, make the sound pop
  • Alexa, volume [1-10]
  • Alexa, mute
  • Alexa, mute
  • Alexa, non-mute
  • Alexa, turn on [device]
  • Alexa, bluetooth search
  • Alexa, connect to [device]
  • Alexa, enable [skill]
  • Alexa, disable [skill]
  • Alexa, launches [skill]
  • Alexa, open [skill]
  • Alexa, put [radio]
  • Alexa, Where is my order?
  • Alexa, play similar music (on Amazon Music)
  • Alexa, what are the opening hours of Décathlon?

Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube controls:

That's it, the voice control of Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K et Fire TV Cube is available in French (France and Quebec)! The keys and streaming boxes ofAmazon can therefore be controlled by voice by Alexa thanks to the following commands:

  • Launches Fire TV
  • Open Fire TV
  • Home
  • Go to the reception
  • Back to Home
  • Put [title]
  • Watch [title]
  • Launch [title] on [application]
  • Launch [genre] on [application]
  • Search [film / series]
  • Find [title / genre]
  • Search for [film / series] on [application]
  • Search for [title / genre] on [application]
  • Show me the movies with [actor]
  • Show me the [movies / series] on [application]
  • Show me [actor / actress] movies on [application]
  • Put on a movie with [actor / actress]
  • Put on a film by [director]
  • Litterature
  • Break
  • Stop
  • rebuke
  • Recovery
  • Return [time range]
  • Fast forward [time range]
  • Advance to [time range]
  • Next episode
  • Watch from the start
  • Start over from the beginning
  • Put back from the beginning
  • Go to [channel]
  • Go to [channel] in [application]
  • Go to [time range]
  • Watch [channel]
  • Mets [string]

Service orders Alexa on Freebox Delta:

You can now control your Freebox Delta with Alexa ! After 18 months of existence, voice commands are now much more numerous and you can in particular search for content by title / actor or genre, launch Prime Video or Netflix, play video content on specific app, pause / forward / rewind, ask Alexa change the channel or record programs directly on your Devialet player to find them later.

  • Alexa, look for adventure films
  • Put on the fabulous Madame Maisel
  • Launches Prime Video
  • Put TF1
  • 2 minutes ahead
  • Alexa, pause

Alexa on Freebox Revolution / Freebok Pop and Mini 4K

Please note, in certain cases, it may be necessary to add the name "Freebox" to your voice command so thatAlexa understand that you are talking about the Freebox and not another device.

  • Alexa, turn on the Freebox
  • Turn off the Freebox
  • Zap on… / put the chain on… / Go on… / Go on… (on the Freebox)
  • Next channel / previous channel
  • Set the volume to 50% (on the Freebox)
  • Mute the sound (from the Freebox)
  • Turn on the sound (from the Freebox)
  • Decrease / decrease the sound / volume (from the Freebox)
  • Mounts / increases the sound / volume (from the Freebox)
  • Put on pause (the Freebox)
  • Play / resume play / resume play / remove pause (on the Freebox)
  • Advance by [number] minutes
  • Rewind of [number] minutes
  • Mets launches Free TV Player
  • Put Youtube
  • Put Netflix / Disney + / myCanal / VLC on Freebox
  • Launch the Youtube application on Freebox
  • Launches Prime Video on Freebox

The iRobot Roomba and Braava commands:

• Alexa, ask Roomba to start vacuuming
• Alexa, ask Braava to start washing the floors

• Ask Roomba to stop vacuuming
• Ask Braava to stop scanning

• Ask Roomba to pause / resume vacuuming
• Ask Braava to pause / resume washing floors

• Asks Roomba to return to its base
• Asks Roomba to recharge

• Ask Roomba where it is
• Ask Braava to sing for me

• Ask Roomba what he's doing
• Ask Braava to tell me if he's finished

• Ask Roomba to program the vacuum
• Ask Roomba to schedule cleaning for Monday at 10 a.m.
• Ask Braava to schedule the floor washing in the morning.
• Ask Roomba to list my cleaning schedule
• Ask Roomba to cancel the suction on Tuesday

• Alexa, ask Roomba to vacuum the master bedroom
• Ask Braava to wash the kitchen floor.
• Tell Roomba there's a mess in the kitchen and living room
• Ask Roomba to vacuum and Braava to mop the kitchen floor.
• Ask Roomba to start * Rosie in the living room and * Bob in the kitchen
• Ask Roomba to vacuum the sofa
• Ask iRobot to clean up the dinner favorite


Alarms and timers:

Practical and highly appreciated, the functionalities alarms and timersAlexa are a real help on a daily basis.

  • Cancel [the 15 minute timer]
  • Cancel alarm for [time]
  • Cancel the timer [pizza]
  • How much time is left in the [pizza] timer?
  • Set an alarm for [time]
  • Wake me up at [time] in the morning / evening
  • Put on a [20 minute] [pizza] timer
  • Set a timer of [15 minutes]
  • Set a second timer of [5 minutes]
  • Cancels the timer,
  • How long does the timer have left?
  • Set a recurring alarm for [days of the week] at [time]
  • Timer
  • When it is [time] in [Paris], what time is it in [Pointe à Pitre]?
  • When is [the holidays] this year?
  • What is the date ?
  • What's the next alarm?
  • What time is it ?
  • What are the current timers?
  • Wake me up at [AM / PM]
  • Alexa, snooze

Other commands:

Alexa offers you access to its best skills with simple commands.

Cinema / TV

  • What's on TV tonight? [7 Day TV Skill]
  • What is the tv program? [TV Leisure Skill]
  • Who is it in the cinema at the moment?
  • What [genre] movies will be released [next month]?
  • What is the IMDb rating for the movie [movie / series]
  • Who is playing in the [film / series] [film / series]?
  • Who plays [character] in [film / series]?
  • What is [actor's] first movie?
  • What is [actor's] last movie?
  • How many Oscars has [actor] won?


  • Alexa, knock Knock ? [Skill Knock, Knock, Knock]
  • How far is Paris from Nice?
  • How to make sauerkraut? [Skill Marmiton]
  • Alexa, look for a [restaurant] near here.
  • Guess who I'm thinking [Skill Akinator]
  • Give me my horoscope [Skill Elle Horoscope]
  • Alexa, how do we make [pancakes]?
  • Alexa, how to cook an egg ?
  • Turn on all lights [Philips Hue Skills or Smart Life]
  • Do a Wikipedia search for Jean Dujardin.
  • Give me an idea of ​​fondant‌.
  • What is a skill?

Weather on Alexa

One of the most used features is obviously the weather. Here are the commands to use the default weather service, AccuWeather, as well as your Netatmo weather station (skill available here).

  • What weather is it?
  • What is the temperature?
  • What is the weather today
  • Alexa, is it going to [rain] [today]
  • Is it going [sunny] [tomorrow]
  • Wake me up at [time] in the morning / evening
  • What will the weather be like this weekend?
  • What is the weather like in [Bordeaux]
  • Is it going to snow tonight?

If you have a Netatmo weather station :

  • Ask Netatmo for the temperature [indoor / outdoor / module]
  • Ask Netatmo for humidity [indoor / outdoor]
  • […] The noise level [modulus]
  • […] The CO2 level [module]
  • […] Atmospheric pressure
  • […] The direction of the wind and its strength (if you have an anemometer)
  • […] The amount of rain (if you have a rain gauge)

Bluetooth features:

Alexa had to play your music in bluetoothBluetooth is a communications standard allowing the bidirectional exchange of data at very short distances using UHF radio waves on a frequency band of 2,4 GHz. Its objective is to simplify connections between electronic devices by removing wire links. How to use bluetooth on Amazon Echo? It's very simple, just ask Alexa!

  • Connect to bluetooth
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Log in to my phone
  • Log out of my phone
  • Connect to my speaker
  • Log out of my speaker
  • Discover my devices

Music on Alexa / Amazon Echo :

One of the most popular uses is undoubtedly to ask Alexa to play music. A function that takes on its full extent with the use of multiroom if you have several devices in the family Amazon Echo. You have the choice between use your Prime Music account, your subscription Amazon Music Unlimited, your Premium account on Spotify or your Premium Deezer subscription. Note thatAmazon also offers a particularly interesting formula to all owners of a device from the Echo range with the Echo Unlimited offer. Do not hesitate to read our special file on streaming offers for Alexa.


  • Alexa, play music
  • Alexaspear Amazon Music
  • Hum a song‌
  • Launch Spotify
  • My playlist [playlist name]
  • Play my music on Amazon Music
  • Play my flow on [Deezer]
  • Play some music (default service)
  • Turn on the radio (on TuneIn)
  • Put [name of radio station]
  • Play the [artist]
  • Play the [artist] in [room]
  • Play [artist] everywhere
  • Play a song by [artist]
  • Play [artist] 's latest album
  • Play the music that makes [lyrics]
  • Play music to [relax]
  • Play music for [activity]
  • Play music to [read]
  • Play similar music
  • Play the music of the day
  • Play [ex. classic to fall asleep]
  • Set a sleep timer for in [minutes]
  • Stop the music in [minutes]
  • Who sings this song?
  • Who sings [song title]?
  • Who is in the group [name of the group]?
  • What year was [artist] 's album [album] released?
  • Which title of [artist] is the most popular?
  • Releases [Best of Bob Dylan] album
  • Launches an excerpt from [artist]
  • Search for [song or album] by [artist]
  • Play the song I just bought
  • Thumbs up
  • J'aime
  • Thumbs down
  • I do not like
  • What is this music?
  • Activate shuffle mode
  • Disable shuffle mode
  • Random mode
  • Activate the loop
  • Play in loop
  • Alexa, pause
  • Alexa, following
  • Alexa, previous
  • Alexa, stop (stop) the music in [ex. the kitchen]
  • Alexa, next music in [ex. office]
  • Alexa, start again


Reading an Audible book with Amazon Alexa / echo

  • Alexa, read my book [Kindle / Audible]
  • Resume reading my book
  • Next / previous chapter,
  • Read me [title] on Audible
  • Read [title]
  • Read the book [title]
  • Pick up my book on Audible.


Alexa can also entertain you at any time of the day, tell you (more or less) bad jokes, sing for special occasions, or even occupy your children.

  • Sing happy birthday
  • Tell me a joke
  • Tell me a story
  • Tell me a fable by La Fontaine
  • Choose a card
  • Heads or tails?
  • Give me a palindrome

Communication - Appeals Alexa :


Messages and calls on Amazon AlexaFully connected, your Amazon Echo also allows you to communicate in different ways. Once again, just ask - kindly, it's still better - to Alexa.

You can call the Echo device of a loved one or his smartphone via the app, drop in between devices in the house (intercom function), send audio or text messages (from the app Alexa).

  • Call [name]
  • Off hook
  • Drop in [device]
  • Write to [name]
  • Send a message to [name]
  • Send a message to [name]
  • Read the message
  • Read the messages
  • Go through [room, place]
  • Hang up
  • Answer
  • Answer the call
  • End the call


Use Skype on Alexa:

You can also use Skype to call with Alexa a Skype contact from your devices Amazon Echo, but also to make calls from Echo and the app Alexa towards landline or mobile numbers.

To activate the service, follow our tutorial for landline and mobile calls with Alexa. It is really very simple and frankly practical!

  • Alexa, call Mom with Skype,
  • Alexa, make a Skype call to Mom,
  • Alexa, Skype Mom,
  • Alexa, picks up (when you receive a call of course),
  • Alexa, calls 01 23 45 67 89 on Skype (works for landlines and mobiles, but may require a specific subscription to be taken from Skype,
  • Hang up
  • Answer
  • Answer the call
  • End the call

Devices compatible with Skype video conferencing:

Calendar / Agenda

The calendar on AlexaWhether you have a ministerial agenda or just a few events to note, remember thatAlexa is a real voice assistant! So you can ask him to write all kinds of things on your calendar (Google Calendar / Gmail / Gsuite, Microsoft 365 or Apple iCloud ink).


  • Add [event] to my calendar on [day] at [time]
  • Add an event to my calendar
  • What time will the sun rise on [date]?
  • How many years have it been since [1984]?
  • How many days until / at [date]
  • How many days until vacation?
  • Create a new appointment
  • What's on the agenda?
  • What's on my calendar?
  • What's on my calendar [this week]
  • When is [the spring equinox]?
  • When is the next full moon?
  • When does the time change take place?
  • What is the first day of [season]?
  • What is my next meeting?

Christmas voice commands

  • Alexa, Merry Christmas,
  • Which Christmas character am I?
  • Sing a Christmas song
  • Tell me a Christmas story,
  • Tell me a joke about Christmas,
  • Tell me an anecdote about Christmas,
  • What's your favorite Christmas carol?
  • What's your favorite Christmas movie?
  • Alexa, how old is Santa Claus,
  • Where does Santa Claus live,
  • What's the weather like at the North Pole?

Some Easter Eggs:


Alexa, like any self-respecting voice assistant, offers a number of Easter Eggs. But what is an Easter Eggs?

As defined by Wikipedia, un easter egg (or "Easter egg") is, in computer science or in video games, a function hidden within a program accessible through a keyword or a combination of keys or clicks.

Alexa is no exception to the rule and offers you some little surprises that we invite you to discover by saying the sentences below. Here is a selection, which we will keep updated as we discover new features. Do not hesitate to send us yours, we will add them here.


  • Alexa, destroy yourself!
  • Alexa, sing the alphabet song.
  • Alexa, meow.
  • Alexa, drum roll!
  • Alexa, what are you doing for Shrove Tuesday?
  • Alexa, wesh!
  • What am I thinking about?
  • Is that a good situation, scribe?
  • It's the holidays!
  • It's a trap !
  • Is this a good scribe situation?
  • Sing me the song of the philosopher.
  • Sing me a love song.
  • Sing me a green mouse
  • How tall are you?
  • How do you say "hello" in Chinese?
  • How was your day ?
  • How do you write “unconstitutionally”?
  • How to survive a zombie apocalypse?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Tell me who has the right?
  • Where do you come from?
  • Elementary, my dear Watson (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Do UFOs exist?
  • Is there life on the other planets?
  • Do you have a last name?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Are you funny
  • Are you crazy
  • Are you happy
  • Do you know everything
  • Do you work for the CIA?
  • Do you want to take over the world?
  • Are you single?
  • Are you Skynet?
  • Are you aware
  • Carry out order 66.
  • Make me a play on words
  • Rap me.
  • Make me a sandwich!
  • Do a magic trick!
  • It takes little to be happy.
  • I have a bad feeling.
  • I'm getting up
  • I'm bored
  • I do not need anyone.
  • I don't know what's happening to me tonight.
  • I'm drunk.
  • I am tired.
  • I'll take the red pill.
  • I want the truth.
  • Long life and prosperity
  • Put on a sound of fireworks.
  • Sweetheart let see if the Rose…
  • Super mode Alexa : just say " Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, START ”!
  • Where do you live?
  • Speak with a helium voice!
  • Can you deceive a person a thousand times?
  • Can you beatbox?
  • Can you speak like Yoda?
  • Why is the sea blue? ‌
  • What do you want to do when you grow up?
  • What happened today in history? ‌
  • What are we eating?
  • When is the end of the world?
  • When is the end of the world?
  • What does the Fox say?
  • What do you think of Google?
  • What do you think of the iPhone?
  • What do you think of Siri / Google Assistant?
  • What are you wearing?
  • How old is the captain?
  • What is the Jedi code?
  • What's the magic word?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is your favorite movie ?
  • What is your favorite movie ?
  • What is your favorite word ?
  • What is your IQ?
  • What is the best rugby team?
  • What is the first rule of Fight Club?
  • What is your favorite region?
  • What are the three laws of robotics?
  • What is yellow and what awaits?
  • What can I say ?
  • Who is Darth Vader?
  • Who is the most beautiful?
  • Tell me the story with the pigeon.
  • Tell me an anecdote
  • Tell me one of your latest stories.
  • Recite me a fable
  • Rap for me.
  • Sarah Connor!
  • If you had to sum up your life?
  • Are we in the matrix?
  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • Test ...
  • 1-2-3 test.
  • Knock Knock knock!
  • You like music ?
  • Do you like fries?
  • Do you know Hal?
  • Do you know Siri?
  • You're funny
  • Use the force.
  • Are you Odile Deray?
  • Is there life on Mars?
  • Is there a Santa Claus?

In English, for fun ...

  • What is love? (Haddaway)
  • Who you gonna call? (Ghostbuster)
  • Who is the real slim shady? (Eminem)
  • How many roads must a man walk down? (Bob Dylan)
  • Who shot the sheriff? (Bob Marley)

Special Valentine's Day questions 

  • Alexa, do you have feelings?
  • Who is your Valentine / your Valentine?
  • What's your favorite romantic movie?
  • What's your favorite love song?
  • What is the origin of Valentine's Day?
  • How many days before Valentine's Day?
  • Who is Cupid?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Can you give me some gift ideas for Valentine's Day?
  • Do you have any tips for Valentine's Day?
  • What are we offering for Valentine's Day?
  • How do you say "I love you" in Italian?
  • Tell me a love story
  • Recite me a love poem
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • What is the best dating site?
  • What can I do for Valentine's Day?
  • Which movie to watch for Valentine's Day?

Easter special questions

  • Tell me an Easter story!
  • Sing me an Easter rap

Service orders Alexa for halloween

  • Alexa, what monster am I?
  • Sing your halloween song
  • Tell me a scary story
  • Tell me a Halloween joke
  • Scare me
  • Alexa, what are you going to dress up in for halloween
  • What are you going to do for halloween
  • What's your favorite horror movie?
  • What's your favorite horror book?
  • Give me a scary anecdote
  • Alexa, give me a tutorial to celebrate Halloween
  • Give me an idea for a costume for Halloween

Find our special article on Halloween with Alexa !