Innr Outdoor Globe Light test: three ZigBee globes for summer evenings

Our opinion on the innr Outdoor Globe Light OGL 130C

Innr Outdoor Globe Light

Innr Smart Outdoor Globe Light, Compatible with Philips Hue*, Google & Alexa (connected hub required) FULL SET with Control Box, 19cm Connected LED RGBW Sphere, IP65, 3-Pack, OGL 130 C

Price as of: May 19, 2022 7 h 36 min

Innr is back this spring with a new decorative outdoor light, the Innr Outdoor Globe Light. These imposing LED spheres are dedicated to enhancing our exteriors with soft, elegant, and above all modular lighting. the basic kit is composed of 3 elements, this is the one we are testing today, to which it is possible to add 2, as an option, to extend the light set to 5. These lights work in ZigBee and are sold for €199.99 for three. Count 59.99€ the additional globe. Let's see right away what it's all about.

Innr Outdoor Globe Light


It's a very big and long packaging of 58 cm x 25 cm x 20.8 cm in the color of the brand, red, that we receive. A visual illustrating the three Innr Outdoor Globe Light is accompanied by a green dot testifying to its intended use for the exterior with a protection rating is IP65. They will therefore be able to suffer the horrors of the weather. For the globes in any case, since the mains unit is IP44.

The opening is done from above, as for a box. And it's like in a box that these three globes are placed, which we don't discover immediately, since a cellulose plate covers the whole thing for protection during transport (a second is placed at the bottom). But once lifted, it's the Waouh effect! And it's not overrated as these three spheres seem huge with their 19 cm in diameter for only 380 grams. To give you an idea, it's just a little less than the size of a soccer ball and its 22 cm in regulatory diameter.

Let's extract the whole and detail. So we have 3 x Innr Outdoor Globe Light, spheres of 19 cm in diameter therefore, in very slightly grainy opalescent plastic. Here, there is no bulb body that "eats" the lighting surface. The object is decorative in itself. The cable that connects them to the main power cord is 50 centimeters.

"these Innr Outdoor Globe Lights have everything to seduce"

The lighting power of Innr Outdoor Globe Light is not very important, since it is only 370 lumens per globe. This is still sufficient to provide extra lighting in the evening when the sun has finished passing west of our regions.

The advantage of these lights is the different ways of installing them: either suspended or stung on the ground.

  • Suspended : on the back of the sphere on the screwed fixing support, Innr has provided a strap 50 cm in silicone gray and flexible that can be tied to shorten the length. The headband on the cap also unclips to eventually replace the strap.


  • Dive on the ground : 3 stakes 17 cm useful x 3.5 cm, replace the buckle by unscrewing the dedicated support. They are stored in one of the three accessory boxes.

To power them electrically, you will obviously find the mains adapter and the ZigBee controller which is screwed at the end into the pin plugs. The part going from the mains socket to the box measures 2 meters, that connecting the first segment measures 1 meter. So you already have 3 meters of cable available. To this will be added 3 x 2 meters of power cable for each OGL. The "fittings" are stored in the third box. Two of the three cables end in a T to allow the suspension to be fixed.


  • Brand : Innr
  • Reference : OGL 130C
  • Model : Innr Outdoor Globe Light
  • Form : World
  • Globe size : 19cm in diameter
  • Stake dimension : 17cm x 3.5cm
  • Globe weight : 380 grams
  • Number of globes in the basic kit: 3
  • Possible extension : up to 2 additional
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Food : Wired
  • Globe Protection Index : IP65
  • Protection class of the electrical block : IP44
  • Power Input : 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4A Max
  • Outpu power supplyt: 24V, 1, 24W
  • Engime : 5 Watts
  • Incandescent equivalent : 33 Watts
  • Protocol : ZigBee
  • White temperature : 1800 K - 6500 K
  • Colors : 16 million
  • Luminous flow : 370lm x 3
  • Durée de vie : > 30.000 hours
  • Illumination angle : 260 °
  • IRC: > 95
  • Operating temperature : -20 ° - 40 °

With a CRI > 95, near perfection for color rendering (the maximum being 100 with daylight), a luminous flux of 370 lm (which is sufficient for each of the globes for mood lighting), these Innr Outdoor Globe Light have everything to seduce and should offer us pleasant moments of relaxation in our gardens, on our terraces and why not in an interior patio? The quality of the globes does not suffer from any defect. The stakes, also made of plastic, are of good quality and of much better quality than what we had seen on those of the Spots. Their lifespan of 30 000 hours, which promises us to be able to enjoy it for many years. We can't wait to see the illumination.

Installation and use of Innr Outdoor Globe Light OGL 130C

Lighting Innr Outdoor Globe Light operating in ZigBee, it is possible to pair them to a device Amazon Echo which embeds this same protocol, such as Echo Show 10 or its predecessor Echo Show 2, or Amazon Echo 4. Obviously, you can also invest in the Innr Bridge with its excellent home application, but also use them on the Philips Hue hub or on the gateway of a Jeedom, Home Assistant, Homey Pro or Homey Bridge home automation box.

Make the various connections, switch on, the globes, they will flash twice. Then if it is necessary to perform a reset, plug / unplug the plug 6 times, it will then return to pairing mode.

Via a device Amazon Echo

Stand near your Echo device, and simply ask Alexa to detect your device….or from the application, cclick on the "+" at the top right in the "Device" menu and choose "Add a device". After a few seconds, it detects and displays the new light (for us it is the fifth light). You will notice that only one bulb is recognized. Management is therefore common for the three globes. It is possible to rename it and assign it a group.

By clicking on the bulb, via the virtual button, it is possible to turn on/off, change the light intensity with the slider or color by clicking on the pellet. Innr has been able to respect the 5 shades of white that are available in the application, unlike some other lights where we only have three or four shades and we really appreciate it. In color, the 15 are always available. Routine creation is obviously possible.

With Innr Bridge

The use via the ZigBee bridge of our dear Alexa nevertheless limits the use to 5 whites and 15 colors available. It is not possible to take advantage of the preset scenes that the use of a dedicated application allows.

Innr Bridge test: a good ZigBee bridge

To remedy this, it is necessary to install the lights on a dedicated ZigBee application such as Philips Hue, since Innr is a Friends of Hue brand as we have often seen previously. But the brand has recently had its in-house bridge and has also developed its application. available Android et iOS which takes into account its devices whether they are on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network or under the ZigBee protocol, having previously installed the Innr Bridge.

Since the gateway has been configured, the account already exists. Click on the "+" At the top right of the home page and on the tab "Add a product". Do not choose installation by QR Code, there is none on this product. Take the option, "I can't scan" and select " Innr ZigBee light ». After a reminder, that it should blink twice to indicate that it is in pairing mode, the search starts. After a few seconds, the ampoule (the globes, here too, are managed as a single and unique ampoule) is uncovered and Alexa notifies you of its assumption of responsibility Innr Outdoor Globe Light. You can then rename them by clicking on the pencil, and modify the attribution piece. It is possible to change the name later via the settings, just like creating a room by clicking on “Rooms” from the home page. You can then, if it is not already done, for example create a room named Garden.

Management Innr Outdoor Globe Light is classic. From the room where they are integrated, a left/right slide adjusts the light intensity with the display of the corresponding color. When entering the luminaire, there are two tabs for the white and color management.

For the whites, by passing your finger over the slider, you obtain the exact temperature corresponding to what will be displayed, enough to refine what everyone wants to obtain.

For colors, the white circle allows him to select the desired color. 7 are offered as a shortcut above but cannot be modified.

To learn more about the Innr app, we refer you to our Innr White and Color bulb test. Management is the same whether for Wi-Fi or ZigBee devices. However, here only 5 scenes remain in the "Presets" section: Work, Read, Family, Relax and Nightlight. Small novelty, a “Holiday Mode” function is provided in the “Automation” menu. When it comes to outdoor lighting, it's a great idea that allows Innr Outdoor Globe Light to light up randomly to simulate a presence. We still appreciate this application which is enriched for our greater comfort of use.

Skill Innr for Alexa

Passing through the brand's ZigBee bridge, it is necessary to use the Skill Innr for Alexa and link accounts so that Innr Outdoor Globe Light back in Alexa. This is done with the name given in the Innr app if you have changed it. Management is the same as via the built-in bridge of a Amazon Echo. Voice commands are the ones you know.

My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

With Google Assistant

The integration is also done here without difficulty with the Innr extension once the accounts are linked. We find the new interface of Google Home which offers the same presentation as that of the Innr application. Indeed, here too the pellet representing the three globes (single management also) allows via a left / right slide to adjust the light intensity while a short press turns on / off. To change the color, always more numerous than with Alexa, you must enter the settings by pressing firmly on the icon. Routine creation is possible. Voice commands are the same as Alexa.

Google Assistant commands

With Homey Bridge

Innr is present on Homey Pro et Homey Bridge. Going through a home automation box dispenses with having to use a ZigBee bridge because, in fact, you will have to perform a reset (on/off 6 times) to register the light. To integrate the Innr Outdoor Globe Light, nothing's easier.

Go to Devices, click on the “+”, select the brand and “Dimmable Bulb”. The search does not last long, but it is not under the term Innr globe that our bulb (always unique recognition) appears, it is as an unknown ZigBee device that it is of course possible to rename. This is not surprising because the product has just been released.

By clicking on the icon, on the right of the screen appears, while being on the web, the functionalities of the bulb: On/Off management, intensity, color and white.

It is also possible to perform Homey Flows, home automation scenarios that are as easy to create as routines, to be notified, for example, that the light is off.

Our opinion on Innr Outdoor Globe Light

If the use of these Innr Outdoor Globe Light is rather decorative and thought to highlight an element of the garden, it is also a good lighting base for a cozy atmosphere during summer evenings with a light source large enough to see what you have on the plate or glass…

Innr offers two ways to install its globes: either in suspension, or planted in the ground or in pots, which is frankly very good because you can vary the pleasures. Their ZigBee protocol which also allows great flexibility of use and does not necessarily go through the home hub by using a device Amazon Echo compatible or to a home automation box such as the Jeedom atlas.

About colors? Well here is a little rendering in suspended version and planted in the ground.

Although taken in the early evening and then at nightfall, the colors are clean and their CRI >95 is really not stolen !

In conclusion, Innr has hit hard again with this outdoor luminaire which, in addition to the very nice design, offers a qualitative product with very good color rendering and a good lifespan with more 30 hours insured. Fortunately, some may say, given the price of 199.99€ for the kit of 3 globes which may seem important, but the Innr Outdoor Globe Light are a good investment, ZigBee lights that will last and make a great gift for Mother's or Father's Day. For those who fall "in love", the addition of up to two additional globes will delight them. Finally, users of home automation boxes will be able to integrate them into their configuration without difficulty.
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.