Ring Alarm V2 test: a versatile and adaptive security kit

Ring Alarm V2

New | Ring Alarm Kit 5 pieces (2nd generation) by Amazon | Home security system with optional assisted surveillance | Without long-term commitment | Works with Alexa

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Having a surveillance system at home can be expensive, especially with remote monitoring and the installation of alarms and sensors. So why not invest in a system that gives you the ability to manage your security yourself and take action in the event of anomalies? This is what Ring offers with the 2nd generation of its Kit Ring Alarm!

Sold at price of 249 € on Amazon. Fr with the base, a numeric keypad, a motion detector, an opening sensor and a range amplifier, all operating in Z-Wave, this pack will allow you to adapt the security of your interior according to your own desires. And if you want to be even more dissuasive, Ring also offers you a outdoor siren of more than 100 dB so that the rascals leave without asking for their rest.

Ring Alarm 2nd generation: unboxing and features

The American brand Ring, bought for the trifle of 1 billion USD by Amazon in 2018, is specializing in doorbells and video surveillance in private homes. It goes without saying that integration with the ecosystem Alexa is in order.

We will present the five building blocks of this pack to you, knowing that apart from the base, each can be purchased individually and be added to your first generation installations.

The packaging (s) of the various elements takes up the brand's codes, with its blue background, the product visual and, on the back side, all the important characteristics. The mention the reference " works with Alexa Is also present on this side. You also have the logo Z-Wave Plus.

The Z-Wave Plus is a communication protocol between connected devices, such as the ZigBee. It will work in mesh local network (each device becomes a transmitter), does not saturate your Wi-Fi (only the base is connected), is easy to install and consumes little. Unlike the ZigBee, all devices marked Z-Wave are inter compatible.

Let's start with the brain of your system, which is the Ring Alarm Base:

The base will be used to manage all the devices by behaving like a Z-Wave bridge. It will also serve as a siren thanks to the loudspeaker of 104 dB (at 30 cm) that you see behind the central trellis. There is also an LED ring hidden there under the circular protuberance. It will change color depending on the status of the base:

  • Red : armed, alarm on (outdoor mode in particular)
  • Blue : base powered on and connected to the network

It is a pavement of 17 cm square and 3,7 cm thick. It is delivered with a mains connection cable (with interchangeable plugs suitable for the countries of sale) and an Ethernet cable. Indeed, you can come and connect it to your network in 2 different ways:

  • Par Wi-Fi
  • Par Ethernet. It is this configuration that we have chosen for more stability.

It will work on mains (100-240V, 50/60 Hz) but also includes a backup Li-ion battery. The latter will take over for 24 h in the event of a power failure or if someone disconnects the power to the base. I can hear you from there: but if we cut the power, there is no longer a clever network! Yes, that's why Ring offers you the subscription RingProtect Plus at € 10 per month or € 100 per year. This option will add cellular connectivity to your base via a eSIM 3G which will take over if the network is out of order. Thanks to this, in all cases, Z-Wave will be maintained and your devices will be operational. This base is made to stay indoors between 0 and 40 ° C. Note that the basis is the same between the first and second generation kits.

The numeric keypad:

The pavement measures 10,5 x 11,2 x 1,9 cm. It is much smaller and more stylish than that of the first generation. It comes with a power cable, its mains adapter (and its various plugs) and a wall mounting bracket, as well as a reset needle if necessary.

It will work on mains (100-240V, 50/60 Hz), but also has a rechargeable battery. You will therefore have the choice of leaving it permanently connected by fixing it to the wall, for example, or of leaving it in nomadic mode on a piece of furniture at the entrance but by recharging it regularly. This paving stone also acts as a mermaid 75 dB at 30 cm and can only be used indoors (0 - 40 ° C). You have the possibility to add others to 59 € excluding promo in order to put some in your room for example to start the night surveillance.

The pad will be used to enter your 4-digit security code to then activate the different modes of use of the alarm:

  • disabled (the shield with the cross): deactivates the sensors and allows you to move around your home without constraint and without risk of hearing loss.
  • Home (the shield with the static character): only activates the sensors that you have selected in the application. You need at least one sensor to activate to activate the mode. This will be used at night, for example, to put the doors and windows under alarm in the event of a night visit.
  • Outside (the shield with the person running): Activates all the sensors attached to the control unit.

To select a mode, enter your code and press the button associated with the one you want to launch. Ditto to turn off an alarm in progress, enter your password and select "deactivate".

You also have 3 panic buttons:

  • Le premier ((!)) will launch standard alarm on all devices. It is to be used if you notice a break-in at your home when you are present (and the alarm is silenced). This should put intruders to flight and call for help.
  • The second (fire) will launch a firefighter-type siren to warn of a fire in progress at your place.
  • The last (+) will not launch an alarm itself, but send notifications (or call if you have taken the RP + subscription) asking medical help. Very useful if an elderly person or person in need of assistance lives in the home and requires urgent help.

To activate these buttons, press it for 3 seconds (the row of figures opposite will light up and go out digit by digit).

The difference with the first generation numeric keypad is visual and also related to the fact that the panic buttons are easier to use. Of course, you can use different generations of keyboard. To function, it is connected to the base in Z-Wave and it must be kept within a radius of 76 m, in a clear view).

The opening sensor:

Le Ring Alarm V2 opening sensor is really small with its 4 x 5,3 x 1,4 cm. It is also made to work only indoors (0 - 40 ° C) and is powered by 2 lithium button cells CR2032, 3V, included.

It is made up of two elements including magnets in order to close an electrical circuit and to detect an opening when the latter goes into open circuit. He will tolerate an opening of 2,54 cm (or 1 inch) before detecting an opening. It is therefore necessary to test its positioning before fixing it permanently to ensure that there is no risk that your door will remain ajar without triggering.

You can fix it by screws or thanks to the double-sided that you will find on the back. It will connect to the base in Z-Wave, always within a clear radius of 76 m.

If you compare it to that of the first generation, it is much more compact and versatile. Prettier too. The button will be used to reset it if necessary.

If you only have one sensor available (you can buy one individually at the price of €25), come and install it on the most sensitive door or window of your home: either the less solid or the less visible, because this is where thieves will pass. Here again, you can mix the first and second generation sensors.

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The motion detector:

The detector is a PIR sensor or pyroelectric which will detect a presence based on the Infra-Red (heat). There are some much more compact because it is 6,6 x 6,6 x 3,6 cm. Attention, it is only made to work indoors (0 - 40 ° C), do not put it to detect outdoor movements, or otherwise well protected and at your own risk.

The Ring Alarm V2 motion detector will be powered by 2 AA batteries included. You can fix it either by screws or by double-sided on a flat wall or in an angle. To this end, the angles of the rear cover are bevelled at 45 ° so that it can be fixed without problem. It will connect to the base in Z-Wave, always within a clear radius of 76 m.

If we compare it to its elder, it is much more design (it was not too hard). But if not, it does the same.

If you only want to put one sensor (sold at a price of 35 € if you want others), place it in a hallway or an obligatory passage of your home. In general, burglars make bedrooms / bathrooms for jewelry and money and then living rooms, kitchens… for electronics. If you put it in their path, you will surely detect them.

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The range amplifier:

If your walls are thick or if you have surface area, the Z-Wave network may not reach all of your devices. Ring has therefore included an additional relay in his kit. The latter will extend the network by an additional 76 m. If that's not enough, you can buy more for € 29.

The module is 4,7 x 8,1 x 3,5 cm. It connects directly to the sector (100-240V, 50/60 Hz) but also includes a rechargeable battery Li-ion backup. You will put the plug directly on the relay. It connects to the base in Z-Wave (76 m).

The backup battery will take over in the event of a power failure or if it is torn off for a period of 24 hours. Ring has therefore thought of everything.

In terms of design, Ring Alarm V2 range extender is quite nice and better finished than its elder. The difference between the two is just aesthetic.

Ring therefore did a lot of design and miniaturization for its second generation of devices. The finishes are perfect and the materials used are of high quality (ABS and PC plastic). It is really well thought out to have equipped the modules, originally operating on the mains, with back-up batteries in order to take into account the risks of power failure or vandalism.

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Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren

Now let's look at the Ring Alarm outdoor siren. Be careful, it is not part of the basic pack but it is a very interesting complementary accessory sold € 79. Indeed, even if the base is equipped with an alarm of 104 dB and the keypad with 75 dB, we will not exceed 104 dB of sound power at 30 cm (the decibels do not add up). If the doors and shutters are closed, not say that the neighbors realize the crime. This siren will therefore come and take a stand outside (it is made for weather resistant) and in a visible way (if you want it) to have a dissuasive role. She will develop more than 100 dB and blink, which is bound to attract attention. Even if the neighbor takes a long time to react, the thieves can take cover.

It is quite imposing with its 23,5 x 23,5 x 5,7 cm and its 1,5 Kg. Before placing it outside, pay attention to two things. The first is thatshe is ugly. The second is that the use of this type of siren is not allowed everywhere. Some cities or departments prohibit them, others accept them subject to an activation time of 3 min and 103 dB max.

To install it, you have three power supply options:

  • 3 D batteries, provided.
  • The rechargeable battery Ring, sold 25 €
  • Food low tension DC 9-28V, 12W.
    Please note, if you want the siren to also “sleep” at night, this will only be possible with the last two power modes.

The front is made of polycarbonate type plastic with roughly the brand's logo and its color code. But why did you do something so big and ugly ? The siren loudspeaker is located on the back next to the pull-out detection system.

The back cover unscrews and slides up. It is thanks to this that you will have access to the battery compartment, which also unscrews, to the DC terminals and to the location of the Ring battery.

As usual, Ring thinks of the details with the back cover. If you turn it over you will see inside a spirit level handy to help you install the siren. The brand also provided a bag of screws with 4 screws and dowels.

Protect the module from direct sunlight because it is made to resist between - 20 and 40 ° C. It must work with the Ring Alarm base and is compatible with first and second generation accessories. Pay attention to the location to be sure you get the Z-Wave network. That's why it has a test button. If once pressed the siren turns green, the network is received. Do this before installing it completely to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The quality of the finishes of the various products is really very good. Ring is really committed to high-end products at an affordable price and it shows. These are not the first products of the brand that we are testing, far from it (Ring Doorbell 2 et 3, camera system …) And we haven't been disappointed yet. In addition, since the takeover by Amazon, customer service is very responsive.

Ring Alarm 2nd generation: installation

RING logo

You must first install the Ring application available on Android et iOS, and follow the instructions to create an account. The big advantage is that the installation of the Ring Alarm V2 is extremely well explained and that everyone can do it by taking care to read the information and watch the mini video tutorials.

First start by installing the base because it is she who will serve as the central node to your entire system. This installation will be done by Bluetooth at first. So activate your Bluetooth and your GPS. We decided to connect it by Ethernet and not by Wi-Fi for more stability. Connect it to the mains and while the LED ring lights up, go to your Ring application:

1. In devices, press "+" at the bottom right ;
2. Select " Safety ";
3. Enter your address or select there,
4. When the light ring is on press the pairing button on the top of the base then click on "Find my base".
5. Let it go and once it is found, come and choose your connection type Internet.
6. Connect your cable to your Ring Alarm V2 or enter your Wi-Fi credentials
7. There you go. You may have an update to do.

You will then be offered to subscribe to RingProtect Plus. Let's talk a bit about this option. For the sum of 10 € per month or 100 € per year, you will have access in particular to the cellular function of your base. The advantage, as we saw earlier, is that your system can operate even in the event of a network cut, whether intentional or not. But it will also offer you to receive, via assisted monitoring, assistance calls (to you and your emergency contacts) in the event the alarm is activated. Please note, these are not remote assistance calls with a person on the phone, but only an automatic call in addition to the push notifications from the application.. It's up to you to see if such an investment is necessary ...

Without this subscription, your alarm will work locally. That is to say that you will receive push notifications at each detection and alert, as well as the people with whom you decide to share, on the other hand, no alternative in the event of a network problem.

Now let's move on to installing the different devices. The way to do it will be the same each time, so we will see it in general.

1. In devices, press "+" at the bottom right ;
2. Select " Safety ";
3. Choose the type of device (in this example, the numeric keypad)
4. Scan the QR-code written on the device when requested
5. You will return to the home page of your security system and you will have to wait for the pairing to take place. Read carefully what is noted under the name of the device you are installing.
6. Click on the device and complete the installation, noting the room where you will put it and its name.
7. There you go.

More each device will have its subtleties. Thus, when you install the numeric keypad, you will need to enter a 4-digit code which will be the security code you will use to activate and deactivate your alarm. For the sensors, remove the plastic tabs from the batteries when requested.

When your devices are properly configured, do a few tests before setting them up. For example, walk past your motion sensor and see if you get a passing notification. Ditto with the opening detector, check its status by opening and closing it. Once done, you can install them wherever you want. Do more tests when they are in place… And that's it!

Now let's look at the outer siren. The installation is not more complicated but there is tests to be performed during installation to make sure you get the network correctly Z-Wave from the outside. The preliminary steps are the same as those we have seen. However, you will need to make a communication test by putting the siren close to its final location This is the one we saw earlier: press the test button and within 30 seconds your siren should turn green. If this is not the case, you are because you are not receiving the network. Put either a relay, or change its place. You can do this test near the base to make sure the problem is just a location.

Then come install your siren by first fixing the back cover to the wall with 4 screws. Then snap the main body on the base thus fixed and voila, your siren is in place. Then go to last test to make sure the alarm is working well. Press "Test Siren" and it will start to howl for about 3 seconds. If it works, it's good!


You can therefore see that the installation of the various devices is really very simple thanks to the Z-Wave protocol. There really is no particular difficulty.

2nd generation Ring Alarm: everyday use

You can use your security system in three different ways:

  • By l'application,
  • With numeric keypad
  • By voice via Alexa.

Despite everything, the application will remain a must to use it. Indeed, it is thanks to it that you will enter the parameters of each device. The home page is always the same. Note that only the sensors and the siren will really be configurable. However, you still have access to different sections with the base.

  • Update firmware and overview of each of the devices
  • History events: here you will have alarm activations, mode changes, ...
  • Associated devices : the devices connected to the base and the actions to be applied
  • Shared users: you can come give permissions to third-party users
  • Audio settings: alarm volume management
  • Lights parameters: adjust LED brightness
  • Test the mermaid : do a test to see if everything is working fine
  • Device settings : name, part, reset, network management, cellular network, ...
  • Help and faq
  • Language option: you can come choose French and apply it to all equipment.

Regarding the numeric keypad, you will find less option but you will be able to come to activate or not the sound signals (by default, it beeps when a sensor is activated or it also acts as a siren) and put it in energy saving mode.

For the opening sensor, you have some specificities. First of all, you can come and activate or not the opening and closing notifications. This means that if you open or close the door or the window, you will have a notification on your phone and an audible message on the base and the keypad. By going to " Mode settings "You will decide what to do when you put the system in" home "or" away "mode. If you choose " Activated and monitored », This means that in case of opening, the audible alarms will activate as soon as it goes into the open position.

The sound signal parameter allows you to choose the type of sound that your base and your numeric keypad will emit in the event of opening and / or closing. Of course, this only if you are not in activated and monitored mode.

The motion detection module will operate in the same way with the same settings except one that is specific to it. These are the " detection parameters ". Very convenient if you have pets, you will decide on the detector sensitivity to avoid triggering your alarms as soon as your dog or cat walks past ...

There is also a possibility to test your sensor to make sure it is sensitive enough, or not too sensitive, with " motion test ».

For the outdoor siren you will have access to a specific parameter which is "Audio parameters". Here you will set the siren volume (Quiet, very low, low, loud and loudest (over 100 dB) and the duration (1 to 10 minutes). You also have the option to test the LED and change the power mode. On the other hand, what is annoying is that each time the siren parameters are opened, it is requested to complete the configuration although it was finalized during the installation (and even once more).

Now let's look at the different ways to use the system.

The Ring Always Home app

On the home page of your Ring app, you have the 3 possible operating modes at the top. To choose the mode, just click on the one that interests you.

Switching to "home" mode is done automatically. The base and the keypad will tell you that the mode is activated.

For the 'outside' mode, you have a 60 second countdown before activation. This gives you time to get out of your home and close your home.

To deactivate the mode, when you get home for example, nothing could be simpler: click on deactivate. To turn off the alarm if it is triggered, press deactivate. You can also mute it.

By pressing the ((!)) at the top right, you can test your alarm.

You see, it's very simple. On the other hand, as announced earlier, to activate the "At home" mode, it is necessary to have at least one sensor monitored and activated in the home mode, otherwise, it will be impossible to choose it.

With the numeric keypad:

Thanks to the paver, you will have 100% local use. He is very easy to use. come enter your code and press the chosen mode. For the "outside" mode, there is always the 60 second waiting time before switching on to not stress you too much and make you run everywhere.

To deactivate the sirens, enter your code and press deactivate. It works the same with the panic buttons. It is therefore extremely simple.

With Amazon Alexa

The sensors will all go up in the application Alexa, as well as the Ring Alarm base as such. For the latter, you have no possible settings, but you can, on the other hand, include it in routines just like the sensors to, for example, turn on the lights, turn on the music and activate a surveillance camera ...

You also have a visual on the status of the sensor. You can also ask for it orally

To activate or deactivate the alarm, said: « Alexa, activate Ring » ou « Disable Ring ». For added security, to disarm the alarm, Alexa will ask for your 4-digit access code. So, you will have to dictate the code. You also have the possibility of creating another code, different from that of the numeric keypad. It's practical, but more gimmicky if you have the numeric keypad… You can still do routines by saying for example « Alexa, I go out " and initiate actions like turn off lights, turn on Ring Alarm in Outdoor mode, Alexa tells you to have a good day and gives you a poutou. There, it becomes interesting!

In use, as you can see on our video test, the reactivity of the Ring Alarm V2 system is excellent thanks to the Z-Waze. As soon as the door opens, for example, sirens invade your rooms and the outside with their strident and stressful voices. Only the motion detector has a little latency if you have chosen the medium and low detection modes to prevent the movement of pets. The sound volume is adapted to standard rooms and the outdoor siren will perfectly play its role in warning the neighbors. There is indeed a need for it because even 100 dB, with the doors closed, it will not necessarily be heard from the outside. On the other hand, each alarm will give Push notifications to your smartphone and that of the trusted people that you will have determined. Ditto, each change of status will be reported to your Ring account. The problem is, these notifications are a bit lost in the crowd. The advantage of the Ring Protect Plus subscription is therefore to call you, recorded automatic calls (for the moment), to inform you more easily.

When triggered, the base Ring Alarm V2 lights up red, the keypad flashes and the outdoor siren will howl and start flashing also red during the day and white at night. In addition to the audible alarm, you will therefore have an effective visual alarm.

You will find the kit and its accessories here:

To conclude this test, we cannot say how we are satisfied with this Ring Alarm monitoring system. The quality of the products is impeccable, the choice of Z-Waze allows exemplary responsiveness and not to saturate your Wi-Fi network, which could reduce the reliability of the system. The installation is very simple and the inter-compatibility between the different generations appreciable. We are not (yet) on remote monitoring, but you can adapt your security system to your needs and take, if you wish, the Ring Protect Plus subscription to give a cellular access via eSIM to your system. Coupled with Ring cameras and Ring Video Doorbell with camera, you are prepared for all eventualities. The price of this subscription may seem high enough for purely automatic processing of alerts, but it includes unlimited cloud for all your devices brand who will also benefit from all the available features. To see how Ring Alarm will be integrated into Alexa Gard shortly. Waiting for, if you are looking for an accessible, versatile and scalable security system, do not hesitate !

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!