Hydrao Aloé test: it's raining water savings!

It is hot in this summer of 2020, always a little warmer. The heat records are no longer records because they fall like houses of cards. The regions with water restrictions being legion, it is time to preserve this resource as much as possible. And if a brand has understood this well, that's fine Hydrao. This Grenoble start-up of 12 people, created in 2015, has in fact decided to develop products allowing individuals to act on the preservation of water resources: connected shower heads.

We are going to present to you the latest version - the 3rd generation - of the brand's knobs, the model Hydrao Aloe, in matte black which is its latest variation. French households consume an average of 150L of water per day and per inhabitant (source: Water Information Center) including 60 to 80L for the shower alone. The brand announces that it can save up to 70% water ! How? 'Or' What ? We will see this together.

This product does not work with voice assistants, but its usefulness is such that we decided to talk to you about it to complete your connected bathrooms. And with great pleasure because it is not every day that it is possible to honor a French company!

HYDRAO Aloé: a well thought-out and designer shower head

You will receive your shower head in a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging : no icing, no color printing… It goes really well with the spirit of the product. On the back you will find the characteristics and advantages of the products: change of colors according to the volume of water consumed, use with theHydrao app...

By opening it, you are also entitled to additional information: anti limestone, universal, flow limiter included... And it goes even further by looking on the display of the shower head: 45% savings with the flow limiter, 20% savings with behavior change for an average of 135 € per year and per person ! Suffice to say that it makes you want and that the investment of 70 € should quickly pay off.

“Suffice to say that it makes you want and that the investment of 70 € quickly seems to pay off. " The Alexians

Inside the packaging you will find the connected shower head, installation guide, flow restrictor and measuring pocket the flow of your shower. All documents are bilingual French / English.

Le Hydrao Aloé shower head is really pretty. Its design is superbly successful, its intense matte black gives a luxurious look to a product which, at first glance, may seem trivial. It is true that from the outside it looks like most other products on the market, except that the very quality of the materials is much better. The handling is very pleasant, the pommel does not slip from the hands even when wet, while remaining soft to the touch. Moreover, the brand has won the CES Innovation Awards and in 2016 2017.

"Its design is superbly successful, its intense matte black color gives a luxurious appearance" The Alexians

Count one 25 cm length and 11,5 cm diameter. The connection for the hose of your water inlet is universal size i.e. 15/21 mm (1/2 ''). A filter seal is already in place. This seal is effectively endowed with a strainer to avoid the introduction of limestone or rust that may come from the pipes. In order to avoid the accumulation of calcium and magnesium carbonate on the pommel, the diffuser pins are made of silicone.

She is of course IP65 but also has the certificates CE, ACS (Certificate of Sanitary Conformity, compulsory for equipment in contact with water intended for human consumption) and Watersense (American program to encourage products using little water, less than 7,2 l / m of flow). Indeed, the shower head will from the start allow a maximum flow rate of 9 L / m. If you add the flow restrictor, it will increase to 6,6 L / m.

Now let's take a look at how the Hydrao Aloe shower head will work…

Hydrao Aloé: fitting the shower head

The installation on-site is done in two minutes: remove your old shower head and come put the new one there. You can also insert the flow restrictor to go to 6,6 L / m and be able to make the maximum savings. In order to take full advantage of your Hydrao Aloe, it is recommended to use it with the Hydrao application. But for that, you need to know the flow rate of your shower to configure the application.

We advise you to do this with your old pommel and then with your new Hydrao Aloé. You will already see a possible drop depending on your initial throughput by comparison. In our case, we are at 7 L / m, no need to put a limiter. How did we do it? You have a graduated pocket provided in the pack. Let the water flow in for 10 seconds and look directly at the announced volume. It's just super convenient.

Then proceed to the creation of your HYDRAO account with last name, first name and email. You will receive a verification code to confirm your email and account. Then enter the number of people using the shower (dirty ones will not be taken into account in the savings calculation, which is normal), the price of your m3 of water and that of your kWh. This will allow calculate your earnings in ringing and stumbling money. Then, enter the flow rate of your shower not equipped with the Aloe. Again, this will calculate the cash gain.

Activate your GPS if you are on Android and your Bluetooth to be able to pair. To do this, you must let the shower run because the Aloé shower head is fitted with a hydro turbine which will generate the current necessary both to allow Bluetooth connectivity but also to operate the LEDs. This connected shower head is indeed completely autonomous! At this stage, you risk a disappointment depending on the smartphone used. In our case, we tried for the first time with a Notes redmi 8 Pro, without success. Bluetooth couldn't find the Hydrao Aloé. We tested again with an Honor 8x, ditto. And this, even when entering the Bluetooth settings. Fortunately, we did it in 5 seconds with a Samsung A40. There therefore seem to be some brand-related incompatibilities that need to be clarified. You can come and choose the name and symbol of your knob before finalizing the installation.

There you go, your Hydrao Aloé shower head is installed ! Now let's take a look at how it is used on a daily basis and what it can do.

Daily use of the ecological and connected shower head

We are going to really insist on what makes the advantage of this shower head: its fun aspect and visualization of water savings.

Why playful? Because as explained quickly, this ecological shower head has 5 LEDs. These LEDs will come light up according to the volume of water used during the shower in progress: in green, blue, purple and red, and flashing red. You can come and define your levels in the application. Which brings us to its second advantage: the visualization of water savings. In our case, we have set steps at 8L for blue, 15L for purple, 22L for red and flashing at 30L. We also made the children believe that the water turned red, that helps. It is possible to define a maximum volume not to be exceeded, in our case, 28 liters at the level of the reference shower. But it is rather a bad reference in this case, one that should not be reached. Of course, you have different types of jets, 3 to be precise.

And frankly, this color volume tracker is a great tool for kids who play the game of not reaching purple for example. The gains are visible from the first showers. Putting your own bearings also allows you to put ecological challenges. And for the smart ones who want to turn off the water and turn it back on to start again from zero, the reset time is 2 minutes, which allows soap to be soaped up with the water closed.

You don't have to synchronize every shower because Hydrao Aloé keeps 200 showers in memory internal while the application stores the last 1000 slippery. All lifts will therefore be made on this pool of 1000 showers.

It is necessary to take in hand the application which sometimes lacks a little clarity on the restitution of earnings. Indeed, you have on the main screen an average consumption per shower and a second on the top of this same screen, giving different information. In fact, the consumption given in the middle of the page is based on the last 10 showers while at the top, it is on the last 100, 200 or 1000. Hence the difference, but which is not easy to see at first glance. The problem is that the savings in euros do not always match.

At the time these screenshots were taken, the average shower volume was 12 liters over the last 10 (after dropping to 11l for a while, hence the 24,5% increase) and 14 liters on average overall. That is to say a drop of nearly 39% compared to the initial theoretical data. Water savings already amount to nearly 70 liters and a few euros. The announcement that the pommel can be paid off in 6 months is therefore entirely valid.

You can see the Hydrao Aloé knob in action on our YouTube video:

In conclusion, it is almost faultless for the Hydrao Aloé shower head. We are not surprised to learn that this product has won numerous awards such as the Booking Master (sustainable tourism), the Famae (Precious Water) and that the startup Hydrao works with Hostelling International USA and others. The gains are fast, visible and viewable. The product at successful design is playful, allowing children tosave water by play during their shower. Completely configurable, you dictate the rules. The downside is the application that could be simpler, but also that it is necessary to run the water for synchronizations (retrieve data from the last showers or take into account changes in parameters) ... But that is still enough limited in terms of inconvenience, the most annoying being especially that it is impossible to install it with certain brands of smartphones ... Otherwise, you will understand, we are 100% convinced by the product from the Grenoble-based start-up Hydrao, which also offers rain skies and shower columns on the same principle.

Hydrao Aloé - ecological and connected shower head










Price quality



  • Aesthetic
  • Build quality
  • Added value of the application
  • Allows real water savings
  • Playful

The lessers

  • • Installation not possible with some smartphones
  • • Necessary to run water for synchronizations
  • • The application would benefit from being clearer.
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