Neatsvor X600 review: power on a robot vacuum cleaner!

Robot vacuums are really practical. You still have to find the right one, the one that will be best suited to your situation. Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner for purely suction use or for washing too? Powerful or silent? Not easy, eh? In our perpetual search for the rare pearl, we came across the Neatsvor X600, the brand's latest vacuum cleaner. Sold approximately €330, it promises you an enormous power of 4000 Pa, a job in Silencebut also can give you voice use. We feel you are interested, so follow us!

Neatsvor X600 - Robot vacuum and mop compatible Alexa and Google Home

Price as of: May 16, 2022 8 h 06 min

Neatsvor X600: unboxing

Neatsvor, a young company, aims to design and manufacture leading robot vacuum cleaners in the world market and relies on quality assurance. By integrating the entire value chain, Neatsvor provides its customers with high-quality, low-cost products. Leveraging technology, the company has obtained more than 100 patents (practical patents, designs, software patents, etc.) in the field of robot vacuum cleaners.

Le Neatsvor X600 comes in a very basic, brown cardboard box bearing only the name and a drawing of the robot. Some specifications are nevertheless noted on one side (operating time, battery ...). He does 55 x 39 x 15,5 cm for not far from 4 kg.

By opening, we see that our aspibot (roBOT VACUUM, it's from us, we keep) is well protected under a thick sheet of protective foam.

All the elements are also independently packaged in recyclable plastic bags. As the storage compartments are made from recycled cellulose, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Once all the accessories are unpacked and the robot is out, we are reassured that the clothes do not make the monk. the Neatsvor X600 is rather nice, with rather qualitative materials and a design common to good quality vacuum cleaners, namely the Lidar on the top (even if that is not everything, far from it).

He is in plastic on the whole of its structure, except the top which is made of black tempered glass (Usually this involves heating it to 600 ° C and cooling it very quickly to make it 5-6 times stronger than normal glass. There is also chemical tempering). Frankly, it is successful. The Lidar, or Laser rangefinder, is surmounted by a small part in black metal, iridescent and the most beautiful effect. The purpose of this LDS device is to allow precise mapping of the room where the robot will evolve. A mapping means interesting possibilities of use (restricted areas, localized cleaning, etc.).

Even though the materials are of high quality, the Neatsvor X600 is not free from flaws. Indeed, we have observed, in terms of the plastic protections of the infrared sensors, problems of junctions between the different elements, some of which are prominent.

The physical piloting of the aspibot is done via two buttons, placed just in front of the Lidar.

The button " taking »Will be used for:

  • Return robot to base when cleaning
  • Stop charging

The button " Power " will allow :

  • Turn on the X600, with a long press,
  • To turn it off, in the same way.
  • Start a cleaning cycle with a short press.
  • Pause cleaning and resume it when in operation
  • Exit sleep mode after 10 min of inactivity;
  • Make it enter pairing mode with 5 seconds of pressing, with the help of the app.

Each button will also have a specific status depending on the stability of its light. For example, when it is fully charged, the Power button is on, steady. It flashes while charging ... The "plug" button flashes when the robot returns to its station or when it needs to be recharged.

The robot as such does 33 cm in diameter, 9,8 cm in height and approximately 3,1 kg. It is average for Lidar vacuum cleaners in terms of weight and dimensions.

The Neatsvor X600 is equipped with three environmental detection systems:

  • A physical system on the front half, via " bumpers »To absorb the shocks and make it go backwards. The latter are also equipped with a rubber protection strip.
  • An infrared detection system: you can also see on the front a strip of infrared collision avoidance sensor (the one with poor finishes), under a plastic casing that is brighter than the rest of the robot.
  • System LDS or Lidar. The latter will allow the robot to accurately map its environment and be able to choose the fastest cleaning path. This is therefore an advantage over devices without this type of technology. Especially since it is the version 4.0 of the brand, therefore more successful.

Let's put the X600 on its back like a turtle and take a closer look. It is equipped with two tires mounted on a cushioning system allowing it to manage height differences of up to 2 cm. Sufficient to make the connections between parquet and tiling for example, or the doorsteps.

It also has locations for two side brushes, each one having its color code (the white brush on the white slot and the orange brush on the orange slot. Easy, right?). The choice of two side brushes seems interesting because the main brush is quite small compared to some competitors (14,5 cm against 16).

Apart from that, this main brush is located almost in the middle of the robot and is therefore relatively standard. There is no no protective grid to avoid sucking up large parts (but given the size of the one fitted to the other devices, this absence is not really a weak point). On the other hand, there is a small squeegee to properly collect dust on the floor. The brush is made flexible plastic strips to scrape the floor and loosen the dirt, and soft bristles to bring them back to the suction area. No specific treatment or special technology to prevent the hairs from wrapping around. It is very standard.

Like all, or almost all, robot vacuum cleaners, the Neatsvor X600 is equipped anti-fall sensors and suspension sensors that you can see on the front and sides of the robot (3 areas). Thus, it will not run down the stairs and will warn you if it is no longer touching the ground (for example by rolling up in the curtains). On the front, you will have the two contact pads for charging on the dock, located on either side of a omnidirectional caster.

Le dust bin is located on the back of the robot. There is therefore no hood that opens on this model. It's a 600 ml container, therefore quite sufficient to pass the robot several times without needing to empty it. It is very easy to remove with a pull button.

This bin has three filtration levels. There is a very fine canvas plastic that will do the first protection.

You then have a black foam prefilter and HEPA filter retaining 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3 µm. You will not need to remove this filter to empty the bin. The latter easily opens in half at the push of a button. Very convenient. Likewise, the filter and the pre-filter can be removed very easily. Everything is completely washable with clean water.

On the side of the Neatsvor X600, you can notice the presence of a switch and a DC socket. Indeed, the brand has chosen to allow two types of robo loadingst:

  • In automatic via the station that we will see later,
  • In manual, directly via this socket. Useful if you want to quickly use the robot without going through zoning.

Neatsvor provided a lot of accessories:

  • A charger with a 1,5 m. It is a charger 19 V and 0,6 A with a DC plug. It will fit into the back of the charging station. It is a very basic station with two charging pads on the base. She does 16 cm wide by 8 high. Once the robot is in place, it will make an outgrowth of 4 centimetres. Be careful, there is no area to wind the excess cable at the back. So it can be a bit neglected.
  • Two sets of two side brushes : two white and two oranges. They are made of flexible synthetic fibers which will have for sole purpose to bring the dust towards the main brush and not to scrape the ground to dislodge the dirt.
  • A pre-filter and a HEPA filter in advance (in addition to the one already in the dust container). A touching attention because even if it is not very expensive, it is always nice to have some in advance.
  • A 350 ml water tank. Indeed, the X600 also does washing in addition to vacuuming. It is also equipped with a mini dust container of 100 or 200 ml. But there is no outlet or filter for the air… This means that the robot will not vacuum during the washing, but will only clean.
  •  In addition to the wipe supplied with the water tank, you will have a second one. Another delicate attention.
  • And finally, the brand also provides you with a tool to cut the bristles wrapped around the main brush.

The first impression is therefore quite good, apart from the problems of finishes. To see if it continues on the right track, let's take a look at the specs.

Neatsvor X600: technical sheet

  • Brand Name : NEATSVOR
  • Model : X600
  • Certification : CB / CE / ROHS
  • Origin : China
  • Voltage (V) : 14,4
  • Suction power : 4000Pa
  • Dust bin : 600 ml
  • Water reservoir : 350 ml
  • Variable power : yes, silent, normal and max.
  • Variable water flow : Yes. Small / Normal / Large
  • Dimensions in mm : 330 * 330 * 98
  • Weight 3,1 kg
  • Features : Vacuuming, cleaning and washing
  • Cleaning : Customization of the cleaning area
  • Surface : About 120-150 m²
  • No-cleaning zone : Yes, on the app
  • Resume cleaning from the point where the last cleaning was stopped : Yes
  • Virtual card : Yes, one.
  • Filter type : HEPA
  • TurboBrush : Yes, via the N-Surface function which will adapt the power to the type of soil.
  • Navigate : LDS laser navigation
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Brushless motor : Yes
  • Cleaning planning : YES
  • Autonomy : 90-120 min depending on the area
  • Charging time : About 4 hours
  • Drums: 2500MAH Lithium Battery
  • Voice operation: Yes with Alexa and Google Assistant via the app.
  • Application : WeBack. But why ?!
  • Decibel : 55 dB in silent mode via N-Silence technology.
  • Charging station : contact dock type
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
  • Accessories : 2 x HEPA filters, 2 x pre-filters, 4 side brushes, 2 washing cloths, 1 cleaning tool ...

The power mode will be adjusted via the application by choosing between 3 powers. Ditto for water flows.

Add to that different types of sensors :

  • Dust box sensor: to alert you when it is full,
  • Drive wheel speed sensor,
  • Bumper sensor,
  • Anti-fall sensor,
  • Suspension sensor,
  • Charging sensor.

The specs are quite interesting, especially the 4000 Pa power and the different modes offered by the brand such as N-Silence. However, the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not not sucking at the same time as washing disappoints us a little, just like the use of the WeBack application ... a wound. But it is despite everything thanks to the latter that the robot will be controllable by voice.

Neatsvor X600: installation and presentation of the WeBack application


Weback application logo

Neatsvor has chosen to use the WeBack application, available on Android et iOS, to drive the X600. But why this choice of a secondary application, as simple and stable as a Challenger shuttle? Nevermind.

First of all, it is necessary create an account using your email. You will receive a code by email which you must enter just before your password. It may be that Weback is already starting to make his own in telling you that the verification code sent is invalid. Wait a minute and start over. Good luck. Then give the requested access and that's it. Activate of course the GPS of your smartphone and switch to the Wi-Fi network that will be connected to the robot.

To install the robot, start with press the "+". You will be asked to scan the QR Code of the vacuum cleaner. Contrary to what the guide says, you must absolutely scan the one under the robot and not the one in the installation guide (in English). We had to do it 5 times before successfully installing. It worked by putting the robot out of the base, turning the manual switch to ON and, therefore, scanning the QR Code below. But let's resume in order.

Once the scan is done, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and let it be. Press the Power button for 5 seconds so that the robot goes into pairing mode with its button flashing. The application will ask you to come and connect to the Neatsvor X600 network. Do it and don't touch anything afterwards. Normally, the robot appears on the home page as if by magic. So not easy.

The WeBack application is simplistic about the setting. This can be an advantage for some, but the most annoying is thatit is quite slow and sometimes has bugs.

By selecting your robot, you will arrive at the main page allowing you to launch the robot (Start up) in cleaning mode but also to come and do vary the suction power. You can also change the water flow. Please note that this option is only available when you have installed the water tank. And you will notice that in this case, no possibility to vary the suction power. Indeed, the robot will simply clean and not vacuum. The virtual button " return to charge »Returns the robot to the base.

You also have a view on the cleaned surface, cleaning time and remaining battery. You have a very precise of the cleaned area thanks to Lidar. If you like this "photo", save it as a card for the future. For that, you have to go in the settings, quite hungry.

You can :

  • Go to the robot settings to activate or not the X600 speech (only English) and the volume as well as resume cleaning after loading.
  • Map setting: delete or save the current map.
  • Manual: manual piloting of the beast.
  • Notes parameters (?): Change the robot name.
  • Scheduling of cleaning
  • Units: m² or ft²
  •  ...

And that's all. Have we toured the possibilities given by the application? Not really. As there is a cartography, you will be able to come determine prohibited and restricted areas and virtual barriers. You can also send the robot to a specific location.

Use with Alexa :

Activate the WeBack skill available on the store Alexa French. Your robot is not recognized as a robot as such but as another device. No possibility of controlling it virtually via the application. Just voice commands. They are very simple: " Alexa, light up X "To start cleaning and" Alexa, turn off X To get him back to base.

He is very responsive, which is a real strength.

Use with Google Assistant:

To use it on Google Home, activate theadd-on suitable (which comes from the Latin "idoneus" meaning appropriate). From there you can do a little more than with Alexa because the app allows you to do some touch controls. But with the voice, it's more or less the same thing.

So we are quite disappointed with this very brief and above all very unstable application.

Neatsvor X600: everyday use

Let's move on to practice. We tested the Neatsvor X600 several days in order to get a precise idea of ​​its capacities, its advantages and its shortcomings.

First of all, silent mode is a real plus. We found between 52 and 62 dB in this mode. And frankly, it's great! So indeed, with the N-Silence function, we are on minimum power, but for daily use, this is quite sufficient. In addition, you can effectively hold 2 hours of cleaning without too much problem.

Another point, the X600 is rapids. He cleaned a 42 m² room in 50 minutes. He does not go to the same place twice. Its cleaning in S is very fine and its Lidar 4.0 very efficient.

If you want to use the maxi mode at 4000 Pa, the battery will hold 45 minutes. The robot returns to base with 20% charge, which is still too important and wastes minutes of cleaning. Warning, this ultra powerful mode will have a setback. The side and main brushes rotate so fast that dirt can fly all over the place ... In addition, the noise level will increase drastically to reach, at the maximum, 77 dB. In normal mode, expect 67 dB. Measurements made at one meter.

He sucks very well and it's real pleasure. It is also very precise in its passages and its mapping. But beware, in some cases, it happens that it neglects an area like a recess or a corner ...

However, it has some flaws like the fact that'he can't walk on thick carpets. It gets stuck there. The washing is a bit disappointing. First of all, without mechanical action, like all robots, it does not work a miracle. But be aware that he is not going to suck. He just operates his brushes without vacuuming. The larger particles, or not, go into the mini dust bin in the water tank, but a part remains on the ground and will be dragged. What is not clean. To be used therefore following aspiration. What's more, it does not distinguish between types of soil and can wash your carpet with glee.

We invite you to watch our video to see it in action, and don't forget to subscribe !

Neatsvor X600 - Robot vacuum and mop compatible Alexa and Google Home

Price as of: May 16, 2022 8 h 06 min

In conclusion, Neatsvor offers us a vacuum cleaner quite interesting in many ways. He's very powerful, very fast. he has a powerful silent mode, the precise mapping et good autonomy. Its results in aspirations are satisfactory, even if the maxi mode can have a perverse aspect. On the other hand, washing is quite disappointing because it does not allow vacuuming while washing. The WeBack application is really not at the level of competing applications and it's a shame that the brand is part of this secondary app. Despite everything, it allows the management of restricted or prohibited areas and use the robot by voice. Also pay attention to the robot's finishes which are quite limited. That said, the quality / price ratio is quite satisfactory and it is a vacuum cleaner that will delight people looking for a silent and versatile device for everyday use.

Neatsvor X600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Mop Vacuum Cleaner with Wiping Function










Price quality



  • Can be used with Alexa
  • 4000 Pa
  • 600 ml dust container
  • Sucks very well
  • Silencer

The lessers

  • Average application
  • Simple cleaning with washing
  • Delicate installation
  • finishes
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!