Trifo Emma Pet test: an entry-level robot dedicated to pet owners

The robot vacuum cleaners are sometimes a little sore in the houses which belong to animals and with which their owners live ... If you have dogs or cats with long hair, it is a real problem because the rotating brush will become saturated with these threads of more or less keratin on your soil. The brand trifo has therefore put on the market a robot dedicated to this type of use, the Trifo Emma Pet.

Although it is an entry-level robot less than 200 €, however, he will develop 4000 Pa suction, which is enormous, and work with Alexa ! Sufficient ?

Trifo Emma Pet: unboxing


Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, Trifo is a company that manufactures cleaning robots complete with artificial intelligence (AI). Trifo comes from the word Clover, a herbaceous plant whose benefits help improve people's health, the brand wanting their domestic robots to allow families to achieve an optimal balance between their family, professional and personal life. Their goal is to create domestic robots that facilitate existence doing some household chores so that people can focus on more important activities.

Le Trifo Emma Pet is delivered in a colored, glossy and really attractive cardboard box with the visual of the robot and its main characteristics (power, Alexa,…). On the back, you will have other relevant information such as cleaning time, the navigation system, etc. He is really successful. Compose anyway with a packaging of 39 x 45,5 x 16 cm for almost 6,5 kg.

Trifo also neat inside of its packaging with a cardboard plate protecting the top of the robot on which you will find a quick guide to use, in English, but with a vacuum cleaner shape. Which is pretty cool. The accessories are well stowed in the additional boxes. Pretty good first impression.

We impatiently remove the protections to access the Trifo Emma Pet. And there ... this is the disappointment. As the packaging is pretty, the interior is disappointing. So it is with packaging as with people ...Emma Pet is really very basic : no laser rangefinder, very common design, dull colors. In short, nothing very folichon (which comes from the Latin “fole” (crazy) and the diminutive “-ichon”… So, “a little bit crazy.” Gherkin therefore means “little horn”).

He is in plastic on the whole of its structure, except the cover which is imitation brushed steel. Even if it's done well, it's still plastic. The material quality is still relatively good and we did not notice any problem with the finish. There are two buttons allowing a fairly simple control of the product.

The button " Home »Will be used for:

  • Enter the robot into pairing mode by pressing it for a few seconds,
  • Return robot to base when cleaning
  •  Stop charging

The button " Power " will allow :

  • Turn on Emma by pressing it for a few seconds,
  • To turn it off, the same way
  • Pause cleaning and resume with a short press.

Each button will also have a specific status according to its color. For example, when it is fully charged, the "Home" button is lit orange and blinks when it is charging. The “Power” button will be white if the robot is running and red when there is a problem.


Let's take a step back and take a look at the Trifo Emma Pet in general. He does 36 cm in diameter, 8,4 cm in height and 3,6 Kg. It is therefore quite compact because a little less heavy than the more advanced robots but also lower due to the absence of Lidar. The rear ventilation grilles are clearly visible and not harmonious.

The Emma Pet is equipped with two detection systems:

  • A physical system : on the front half, " bumpers »Will absorb the shocks and make the robot start back. The latter are also equipped with a protective tape.
  •  A system by detection : you also see on the front a strip of infrared collision avoidance sensor, under a plastic casing that is brighter than the rest of the robot. There is also one on the back, but used more for the detection of the loading doc.

Let's turn Emma over and look under her skirt. The robot has two tires mounted on a cushioning system allowing it to manage height differences of up to 2,5 cm. We have seen that the Trifo mounts without problem on large carpets, on the condition of not putting the suction nozzle but the main brush.

There is also the location of the side brush on the right (if you look from the front when placed on your back otherwise it is the left looking from the front once on the ground, is that clear?). This side brush does not come to be clipped but to be screwed, unlike other robots. You don't have another, it is the one and only in the pack.

It is made up of two types of hair:

  • Some short for scratching a minimum on the ground, because more rigid,
  • Some long to bring back dust under the robot, because it is more flexible.

The suction mouth, equipped with the brush main is located almost in the middle of the robot and is therefore relatively standard. There is a protective grid to avoid sucking up large parts (even very large ones). The rubber squeegee will allow the dirt to be recovered as the robot passes by.

The main brush consists of flexible plastic strips to hit the ground, especially carpets, and loosen dirt, and soft bristles to bring them back to the suction area. It is divided into 3 sections allowing the passage of the grid. No specific treatment or special technology to prevent the hairs from wrapping around.

The installation and extraction of this brush is very simple. You will not need to leave pieces of finger skin when you want to change it or put it in place.

Le Trifo Emma Pet is equipped with fall arrest sensors and suspension sensors that you can see on the front and sides of the robot (6 zones). Thus, it will not run down the stairs and will warn you if it is no longer touching the ground (for example by rolling up in the curtains). At the back, you also have the two contact pads for charging on the dock.

By putting it back on the wheels and opening the hood, we have access to the dust container. It's a 600 ml container, therefore quite sufficient to pass the robot several times without needing to empty it.

The bin is also equipped with a HEPA filter retaining 99,97% of particles larger than 0,3 µm. You will not need to remove this filter to empty the bin. The latter opens easily with the push of a button. Rather practical. It takes a bit of struggle to remove the filter, but once you've got the hang of it, no problem. You will also have access to a protective foam containing a little activated charcoal. Everything is completely washable.

If you are an observer, you will have seen that the robot also has a USB plug. Its purpose is to allow the charging the battery without having to use the base. The interest? You can always find it… Uh… If so… ah here it is… You can come and charge the EMMA without being near the base (for example before putting it in another room and not waiting for 3 hours for the station to load. ). But in any case, the base is necessary to allow the robot to clean an area and stop when returning.

You see the Wi-Fi LED giving you indications on the connection:

  • Blue: connected
  • Off: you will have understood.

You will also have a charger with a 1,45 m. It is a charger 19V, 1 A with a DC plug. It will fit into the back of the charging station. It is a very basic station with two charging pads on the base. She does 13,5 cm wide by 7 high. Once the robot is in place, it will make an outgrowth of 4,5 cm. There is an area to wind up excess cable at the back.

You will have in all and for all only one accessory with the Emma. A little stingy. But it is despite everything the main accessory for the "Pet" function because we remind you that this robot is dedicated to people with animals (or vice versa). But for the moment, nothing in the Trifo intends it for this type of use. Indeed, the main brush is really basic and will not change anything compared to another robot vacuum cleaner. It is also not made to prevent hairs from getting tangled in it.

This accessory is the hair extractor, or suction nozzle. It is a tool that will behave like a vacuum cleaner brush and allow animal hair (or other) to be sucked without saturating the brush. Is it a good idea ? We ask to see because to get to have something efficient, you need a significant suction force. Indeed, this type of tip will not sweep, there is no mechanical action but a simple suction which can quickly be insufficient for dust. For hairs, it may be okay because they are quite light, but for daily cleaning it may be too tight.

However, no additional brush, no tool to cut the hairs that wind in the brush and of course, no washing function ... You will understand, we are quite mixed and reserved on the strengths of this robot, its design and what it will do. But let's not stay on this disappointing impression and look at the features that may have some nice surprises in store for us.

Trifo Emma Pet: characteristics

Brand : Trifo
Model : Emma Pet
Battery : Lithium-Ion of 2600 mAh, which is rather average.
Aspiration : 4000 Pa max. Yes, you read that right, 4000! it's huge !
Size : diameter 36 cm, height 8,4 cm
Weight 3,6 kg
Autonomy : 120 minutes at minimum power.
Surface can be cleaned in one charge : N / A
Loading time : 3 hours
Application : Trifo Home app
Charging station : contact dock type
Accessories : HEPA filters, main brushes and hair extractor.
Dust bin : 600 ml
Water reservoir : N / A
Connectivity : Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
Voice operation : Yes with Alexa.

The power mode will be adjusted via the application by varying a virtual ruler, a bit like the intensity of a light bulb. It's both intuitive and imprecise.

Add to this different types of sensors :

  • Dust box sensor: to alert you when it is full,
  • Drive wheel speed sensor,
  • Bumper sensor,
  • Anti-fall sensor,
  • Suspension sensor,
  • Charging sensor.

The features seem more promising than the hardware aspect. Indeed, we better understand the choice to use a hair extractor rather than a dedicated brush. The 4000 Pa will allow an exceptional suction. The 2 hours of battery life looks promising and, most importantly, voice-operated operation with Alexa. No mention of Google Assistant, we will test anyway.

Trifo Emma Pet: installation and presentation of the application

Trifo app logo

Trifo has developed its own application in order to pilot his robot. We will see together how to install it. First of all, it is necessary create an account using either your email or phone number. You will receive a code either by SMS or by email and then create your password. Give the requested access and that's it. Activate of course the GPS of your smartphone and switch to the Wi-Fi network that will be connected to the robot.

Press the "+" in the middle of the home page and come choose the Trifo Emma Pet (you would have to tell them for the name, right?). Then press the Home button for 5 seconds Emma until the Wi-Fi LED blinks. Enter your Wi-Fi code.

Then you go having to juggle between your network and the Trifo's Wi-Fi. Connect to the latter then when requested, return to your main network. Once all this is done, all you have to do is come and rename your robot. Please note, the name used will also be the one for the voice function.

The application is very simple, even simplistic. By selecting your robot, you will arrive at the main page allowing you to launch the robot in cleaning mode but also to vary the suction power. There is also a button, being cleaned for the bring back to base. You will also have a visual on the cleaning time (totally false, the minutes being much longer on the application than in reality), on the cleaned surface during the last passage (or in progress) and on the battery charge.

You can see that the rendering of the cleaning area is very succinct. The green dots are the places where the robot has typed. It simply works on impact: it moves forward, hits an obstacle, turns back, rejects, comes back… A bit like some people in a car.

By going to settings you can:

  • Change the language (English or Chinese) as well as the volume,
  • Define a aspiration schedule (cleaning start time, day and suction mode (this is the only place where you have a real choice and not a hazardous intensity) ...),
  • View accessories tracking : the brush head, brush and filter should be changed after 150 hours.
  • Vérifier cleaning history. And there, good luck. Most of the time, you do not have at all the visual of the path followed by the robot ...
  • Update the robot,
    - ...

And that's all. We have toured the possibilities given by the application. No mapping (which is normal given the operating mode without Lidar), so no restricted cleaning area, no virtual wall ... A little hungry.

Use with Alexa :

Trifo has created a Skill Alexa available on the French store This is very good news! Activate the skill under your application Alexa (with your login details from the Trifo application) and that's really great! The commands are very simple: light up X to start cleaning and off X to make it return to base.

You can see that it is considered a basic device and not a vacuum cleaner. So it works like a light bulb. But no possibility of varying the power. He is very responsive, which is a real strength.

Use with Google Assistant:

The add-on does not yet exist. At this time, it is not possible to use Emma Pet by voice with Google Assistant.

So we are enough disappointed with this very succinct application, not providing any particular added value. The times mentioned are wrong, the card looks more like a Picasso than a card and the options are more than basic, when they work ... The good thing is that the robot works with Alexa.

Trifo Emma Pet: daily use

Let's move on to practice. We tested the Trifo Emma Pet and we were able to confirm or deny our impressions.

Trifo announces on-board algorithm allowing Emma to pass 3 times faster than other robots of this type. So it is true that the path is quite linear. Corn AI is far from being developed so little is the robot limited. Impossible for him to recognize a table leg for example. It will also always follow the same path and therefore pass in the same place.

The 120 minutes of cleaning is a distant utopia. In medium power, it barely lasts 40 minutes and not even half an hour at maximum power.

If you add this lack of autonomy to the hazardous algorithm, you will understand that the robot, after several days of use, never managed to completely clean a 50m² room and never put the wheels in certain areas. Indeed, it passes 3 times faster than the others because it does not last long enough. And we are only talking about one room, not the whole house!

Regarding hair suction, if the extractor works very well, it will be a little difficult on thick carpets, which is explained by the fact that a large part of the suction is attenuated in the fibers. In this case, put it all the way. On the other hand, for dust, this is not suitable because the suction remains after all fairly low if we compare to the 22Kpa of a brush vacuum cleaner (which in addition to a brush). It will suck the hairs very easily because of their lightness., even in large quantities.

In general, animals also make footprints on the ground (footprints, etc.), especially if they go out. And in this case, it is necessary minimal mechanical action to remove them. It is therefore necessary to use the main brush for this. At medium power, the results are very satisfactory. And in maximum power, no complaints. The floor is cleaned very well but the problem is that the bristles will wrap around the brush. Thereby, the very interest of the “Pet” function is called into question. There is no point in changing the brush or the extractor depending on the use.

Regarding the noise level, the brand announces 70 dB. And indeed, during our tests, we measured between 64 dB (average power) and 74 dB (at maximum power), 1 m from the robot. So be aware that it is quite noisy.


We invite you to watch our video to see it in action, and don't forget to subscribe!


In conclusion, this vacuum cleaner Trifo Emma Pet is more suitable for people looking for a basic product, easy to use and for surfaces that are quite small or simple in their layout. The hair extractor works very well but quickly reaches its limits for everyday dust. The main brush does the job, but in this case, the bristles will quickly saturate it. The 4000 Pa are really present and it is felt on the aspiration. Voice operation is also very simple and responsive. On the other hand, the algorithm and battery life issues make it almost impossible to clean an entire room. Especially since it does not resume cleaning once it returns to the base to charge (as soon as it drops to 14%). The price / quality ratio is quite limited because for the same price, you can have a vacuum cleaner / washer and, for a few euros more, a vacuum cleaner / washer with mapping, areas where it must not pass, virtual walls ... like the Viomi SE.
Xiaomi VIOMI SE: the 2-in-1 robot with the best value for money?

Trifo Emma Pet - Robot vacuum cleaner 4000 Pa compatible Alexa










Price quality



  • Can be used with Alexa
  • 4000 Pa
  • 600 ml dust container
  • Sucks very well

The lessers

  • Noisy
  • Very average application
  • Autonomy
  • IA. totally to review
  • Too expensive for options
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!