Aqara G2H test: the hub camera that combines ZigBee and Wi-Fi

A HomeKit compatible WiFi camera with integrated ZigBee hub

Aqara G2H


Price as of: August 15, 2022 9 h 52 min

The need to acquire a ZigBee or Z-Wave gateway is often a brake for those who discover the world of the connected home. And yet, the latter is essential to consider home automation worthy of the name. This is why some manufacturers now include it in their devices. We obviously think of the e-commerce giant and some of its speakers Amazon Echo, But also Lumi United Technology and Aqara G2H camera.

International version of the already very successful Aqara G2, it largely incorporates the fundamentals but also brings us compatibility HomeKit Secure Video thanks to its European servers that respect the GDPR.

Aqara G2H: the cutest of cameras?


Presented in a small box, the discreet Aqara G2H do not hide to be a compact indoor camera. The packaging, which incorporates the visual identity of the brand, tells us a little more about the technical characteristics of the device ...

At the opening, we find the very successful design of the G2 with its very original look. Some will see it as a Minion, but in writing it reminds us more of the famous Kenny McCormick dressed in white.

Particularly compact, the Aqara G2H camera measures only 5.05 cm x 5.65 cm x 8.24 cm for a weight of only 114 grams. It presents a large black disc with, in its center, the lens of the 2 Mpix camera who will provide us with images in HD 1080p encoded in H.264 or H.265.

Bordered by 8 infrared LEDs completely invisible, this digital eye offers a 140 degree viewing angle and proves capable of detect movements even at night with his night vision up to 8 meters. We will see that in this game, it is very effective.

At the back, the Aqara G2H camera only has a micro-USB port and speaker for one system two-way audio, a discreet microphone taking as for him place in front, just below the objective.

By unfolding its Magnetic 360 ° swivel base which allows to position it as we see fit (a screw plate is provided), we discover the micro-SD slot capable of accommodating a memory card with a capacity of up to up to 32GB to store the images locally. A big plus, especially since this memory card allowsrecord continuously.


  • Maker : Lumi United Technology Co.
  • Model : Aqara G2H
  • Reference : CH-H01
  • Dimensions : 82.4 x 56.5 x 50.5 mm
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi and ZigBee (2.4 GHz)
  • Resolution : HD 1080p
  • Angle of vision : 140 °
  • Night vision : up to 8 meters
  • Compression : H.264 or H.265
  • Warehousing : Micro SD memory card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Audio : bidirectional (speaker + microphone)
  • features: motion detection and video message recording
  • Food : 5V / 1A - 5W max
  • Weight : 114 grams


Price as of: August 15, 2022 9 h 52 min

Aqara G2H: a camera with an integrated ZigBee hub!

Installation on Aqara Home

  1. On the app home screen Aqara Home, click on the traditional "+" top right,
  2. Select " Camera Hub G2H »In the first tab "Gateway",
  3. Use the small tool to reset the device,
  4. Wait for oral instructions.
  5. Un QR Code is displayed on your application, you must have it read through the camera lens.
  6. The camera then tells you that the installation will take place, proof that the operation was successful,
  7. You then arrive on a screen allowing you to rename camera and assign to a room your accommodation, which will then allow you to find your equipment more easily,
  8. Finally, the camera show their live stream
Here is ! Your Aqara G2H camera is ready! Like always, the installation was done without difficulty thanks to the Aqara Home application…

Using the camera

By opening the camera feed and switching to landscape mode, we can fully enjoy the image. Of a Full HD 1080p resolution, this one is of very good quality, although our images do not enhance it because of their strong degradation (this is to ensure better access time to our pages, ed).

The use is simple and intuitive. At the top right, we find the video quality (Full HD, HD or Auto) and the possibility of activating or deactivating the sound.

Four icons are used to:

  • Capture an image : this will be saved directly in your smartphone in a "Screenshot / Recording" folder,
  • Record a video clip : same as before, except that you record a video clip here,
  • Contact : you can speak with the person in front of the camera thanks to the two-way audio system,
  • Pause : allows you to stop without cutting the camera (in order to save data for example).

The camera is responsive, the quality of the setting!

The presentation is more or less the same in portrait mode, except that you can easily access your gallery ...

Now let's see what this Aqara G2H Hub camera in its settings. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just click on the famous three small dots at the top right.

A first page provides some essential information on the camera, but the most interesting is still to go to the “More Settings” section where four sub-menus allow you to configure the camera more finely:

  1. C :
    • Status Light : activate or deactivate the LED indicating the operation of the camera.
    • Video settings : timestamp (add the date and time to the image), fisheye effect correction, image rotation (if you fix the camera upside down, for example), infrared vision (on / off / auto).
    • Hub Language : allows you to choose the language used by the camera… If the application is not translated into French, the voice giving the instructions is!
    • Volume : the sound level of notifications during actions on the camera.
    • SD Card Storage : as its name suggests, it is to manage the micro-SD card.
  2. Alert Settings :

    • Event labels,
    • Motion detection: notifications, sensitivity and detection zone (see capture), etc.
    • Detection of abnormal sounds: notifications, sensitivity, etc.
  3. Network Settings : gives you all the information about your connection (IP and MAC addresses, quality of the Wi-Fi and ZigBee signal, etc.)
  4. Security Setting : allows you to set a password to access the camera.

A ZigBee camera / hub

While everything we have seen above is quite classic, the camera Aqara G2H nevertheless has one major characteristic that sets it apart from others: its integrated ZigBee 3.0 hub.

Functioning in the same way as the Aqara Hub M2 ou M1S Hub, it allows to associate up to 32 devices directly, a parameter to take into account if you only have "End devices", namely non-repeating accessories such as sensors or switches powered by batteries.

If you are pairing repeater devices such as a Aqara socket Smart EU plug, the G2H camera can then coordinate up to 64 ZigBee devices. Suffice to say that it leaves everything free to equip yourself ...

What interest? There are actually several. The first is, of course, to have a ZigBee 3.0 gateway if you don't have one. The second maybe fromexpand your network ZigBee to cover a larger area of ​​your home. The third, finally, is to set up inexpensively a completely autonomous alarm system.

It is through this prism that we considered our test and we therefore associated the Aqara opening sensor and a motion detector to the G2H camera, but also the very latest Aqara TVOC air quality sensor (for a fire detection, for example!). It is obviously possible to go further and include Aqara bulbs, And much more…

Thus, if our opening sensor opens when we are away, we will be able to trigger the siren integrated with a power ranging up to 85 dB (depending on the tones ...) as well as theautomatic recording of a video even before the individual who crossed the door is in the field of our camera.

Note, and this is a great thing, Aqara Home allows us to select multiple triggers and choose whether the conditions should be met or not. In addition, it is possible to stop the automation once it has been activated in order to avoid multiple executions ...

The icing on the cake? You can view a " timeline »Correlating videos and events on your devices ...

With Google Home

Sadly, Aqara G2H camera is not compatible with Google Assistant. Finally, not completely to be exact, because if you will not be able to consult your video feed on your Nest Hub connected screens, you will however find your accessories associated with its ZigBee hub, provided that they are individually compatible with your assistant.

In fact, they are not very numerous, the Google Home application still having a lot of progress to make in home automation. If you're looking for cameras for your Nest Hubs, look to the Nest Cam news...

Nest Cam: new cameras from Google!

With Amazon Alexa

Even disappointment, it is unfortunately not possible to display the feed on our Echo Show, but here you will also find all your devices associated with the integrated hub. Opening and movement sensors are used to create routines, temperature sensors to consult readings, etc ...

Rest assured, however, we will be able to go much further. To do this, just create scenes in Aqara Home. These go back immediately to the assistant's application and it is then possible to trigger them using simple voice commands Alexa or, better yet, integrate them into routines. So, it is easy to control a lot of parameters of Aqara G2H camera with Alexa !

How to do routines on Amazon Alexa?

In the end, it is therefore the most complete camera for Alexa, except that it is impossible to view the image live! Why? Quite simply because of the encryption of the flow that the assistantAmazon can't read… Damned!

For example, you can create routines of:

  • Leaving home : a simple voice command and Alexa activates your camera, motion detection and abnormal sound detection.
  • Arrival at home : you can deactivate the detections or put the camera on standby.
  • Panic : a routine that triggers the siren of the camera and the recording of a video using a voice command.
What is particularly interesting is that you will be able to use compatible connected objects Alexa, but not Aqara Home, and create automations to coordinate them. For example, you can trigger an alert on the Aqara G2H camera when a Tuya / Smart Life is activated.

With Apple HomeKit

For once, he's the best-off friend Siri! The Aqara G2H camera is HomeKit compatible. Best of all, she has successfully passed Apple's HomeKit Secure Video certification program and can use her very effectively. facial recognition. A dose of artificial intelligence allows you, for example, not to trigger an alarm if a family member arrives home or to be notified of the arrival of your child who comes home from school.

Note: you can absolutely use a Chinese version, even if you do not live in China, but you will have to use the Chinese servers for this. You will therefore have more latency and less guarantees concerning your confidentiality ... In short, we obviously advise you to turn to the model intended for your region.


In summary, the Aqara G2H camera is one of our favorites. With his super compact size and its really pleasant design, this discreet CCTV camera offers practically everything one expects from such a device… And much more in reality!

Indeed, the G2H offers a very good quality HD image, for an two-way audio, the detection of abnormal movements and sounds very efficient, the possibility of leaving a video message, but also a ZigBee hub which allows to create a autonomous security system with a small integrated siren ! This camera is therefore ideal for the user who wishes to discover the joys of home automation such as the one who seeks to extend his ZigBee Aqara network.

We only regret the impossibility, to date in any case, to display the video on Echo Show or Nest Hub due to the advanced encryption of its stream. A defect that turns out to be a quality for users of the Apple ecosystem for whom, on the other hand, it is the full box with a HomeKit Secure Video compatible camera even allowing the use of facial recognition.

In short, the Aqara G2H camera is one of the most complete models on the market. If you add to that his very reasonable price around € 60, she really has everything to please and we can only recommend it to you! Only one outdoor model is missing in the range ...


Price as of: August 15, 2022 9 h 52 min
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