Aqara test: a double switch connected wirelessly and without neutral!

Aqara - Double wireless switch

Original Xiaomi Aqara Smart Switch Light Remote Control ZiGBee wifi Wireless Key Wall Switch Work with mijia Mi Home APP

Price as of: August 15, 2022 13 h 50 min

It has been a long time since we last offered you a Aqara test. It must be said that the gateway not being still not available in France, it is somewhat complicated to tell you "Wait a minute, it's worth it, it will be released very soon in a European version!" " because we cannot give you a forecast date. Originally scheduled for a release in December 2019, you know as well as we do the events that have taken place in China in recent months and how the pandemic the planet is currently facing is having a hard impact on companies in the sector. « Smart Home ». But, rest assured, the economy is restarting in the Middle Kingdom and Aqara should soon offer us its superb products on its own European servers.

In the meantime, today we are going to present to you a product that should be of interest to more than one. After the successful ZigBee Aqara LED bulb test, here is its almost essential complement: the switch connected wirelessly and without neutral ... And with a double rocker ! Indeed, if we appreciate voice control, we must admit that this is not necessarily the case for everyone at home ...

Aqara double switch: wireless ZigBee without neutral!


We find the well-known packaging of the brand. Simple, modern and elegant, the packaging is always as qualitative and compact. The Aqara logo is of course included, accompanied by a visual of the product and the words " wireless remote switch (double rocker)" page (in French).

“Simple, modern and elegant, the packaging is as high quality and compact as ever. " The Alexians

Indeed, the model we have chosen today is a double switch, Double Rocker in English, which can logically control multiple bulbs, but not only ... As the other faces specify, this connected switch offers the possibility of setting single, double or long presses or even use both buttons simultaneously. One button can turn all your lights on or off, all wireless and with a autonomy still record of two years on a simple button cell.

At the opening, we find a double toggle connected switch accompanied by a instructions for use, a small Aqara flyer, and a self-adhesive surface allowing you to easily fix the device wherever you want. Two screws are also provided if you prefer to fix it in place of your traditional switches. Good news: the switch is on european format ! Being wireless, you can of course bypass the wires before placing it on the flush-mounting box.

Indeed, the Aqara switch, of square shape, measures 8.6 x 8.6 cm and is therefore perfectly suited to our French installations. Its very weak thickness of only 1.51 cm like that White color immaculate make it very discreet. It is the strength of the ZigBee that allows a power supply by a simple CR2032 battery.

Two LEDs show very discreetly how each button works. They will also allow you to know when the switch will be in pairing mode when it is installed. Two small notches are provided in order to easily open the back of the device using a flat screwdriver to change the battery, an operation that you will not have to do very often, however, do not worry.


  • Brand: Aqara
  • Model: Wireless Remote Switch Double Rocker - Wireless double switch
  • reference: WXKG02LM
  • Protocol: Zigbee
  • Supply : CR2032 battery
  • Autonomy: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 15.12 mm
  • Accessories : Sticker x 1, Screw x2, Quick start guide

Aqara Switch: a simple and efficient switch

A very fast installation

While waiting to present to you, soon, the Aqara Home application, it is with Xiaomi Home that we have chosen to install our connected switch. As always, the installation takes place at V speed.

Once in the application, just press the "+"  at the top right, select " Light switch " in the left menu and finally choose "Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker".

Then you can obviously rename device et place it in a room of your “Xiaomi Home”. Everything is done with simplicity and speed, as always with this ecosystem.

“At Aqara, installing rhymes with simplicity and speed! " The Alexians

At Aqara, installing rhymes with simplicity and speed! It took us about 30 seconds to do it all… This is a strength of this wireless switch, in addition to its many configuration possibilities.

Automation with small onions

As with other Aqara connected objects, it is quick and easy to create many automations: single, double or long presses indeed both buttons simultaneously, let your imagination run wild!

In summary, you can program:

  • a single press on the left button,
  • a single press on the right button,
  • a single press on the right and left buttons simultaneously,
  • double press on the left button,
  • prolonged pressure,
  • a long press on the left button,
  • a long press on the right button.

Each of these triggers can then trigger actions on a bulb or a group of bulbs, but not only.

Take for example theAqara Light Bulb with which you can in particular:

  • Switch on switch off
  • Increase / decrease color temperature
  • Increase / decrease the light intensity,
  • Activate a scene,
  • Check a group of bulbs,
  • Control your Roborock robot vacuum cleaners,
  • etc ...

Not bad, isn't it? It changes switches Smart Life...

And as always on Xiaomi Home, you will also find a event log Very full. It will allow you to check the correct execution of orders or even to spy on your loved ones, but that is none of our business!

And in Alexa? Unfortunately, nothing! Indeed, this switch cannot be combined to the ZigBee hubs of our appliances Amazon Echo et do not go back in Alexa via the Xiaomi Home skill. Some will find it a shame but, in fact, its vocation is to directly control Aqara devices without going through our voice assistant. We could have imagined creating routines, it is true, but it may come in the future.

Original Xiaomi Aqara Smart Switch Light Remote Control ZiGBee wifi Wireless Key Wall Switch Work with mijia Mi Home APP

Price as of: August 15, 2022 13 h 50 min

In conclusion, as always, we were seduced by a device from the brand. It must be said that the double switch connected Aqara Wireless Remote Switch, in addition to being wireless and neutral, allows us to control our lighting in a “traditional” way without going through an application or a voice command. Like the dimmers Philips Hue, so it is ideal for replacing our mechanical switches and avoid its unfortunate use. In addition, it allows a local control of our connected bulbs, which can be more than practical in the event of network unavailability. Sold around € 20 on Amazon. FrIs un must have for all those who have an Aqara gateway or for users of home automation boxes.


Aqara - Wireless connected double switch without neutral

NS. 20 €

Use Case








Price quality



  • Always sober and compact design
  • 2-year battery life on CR2032 battery
  • ZigBee protocol for minimal latency
  • Many automation possibilities

The lessers

  • Not compatible Alexa
  • Aqara EU bridge still unavailable in France
  • Price in France a little high
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