Aqara Water Leak Sensor test: the connected water leak detector

Although fortunately they do not happen every four mornings, water leaks can nevertheless quickly turn into disaster, damaging a large number of electrical equipment, damaging our floors and even neighbors' ceilings, sometimes even causing our water bills to skyrocket. 'water. Insidious, they often occur in our absence or are difficult to spot. After the Aqara motion detector test, let's continue our exploration of the brand's ecosystem with another device that can be just as practical: the Aqara water leak detector.

Aqara Water Leak Sensor: a connected water leak detector

Unboxing and presentation

Le Aqara connected water leak detector is presented, like the rest of the range, in a small elegant white box. On the front, the visual reveals a small round device adorned with a drop of water that leaves little doubt about its design, as confirmed by the inscription placed above.

“The Aqara connected water leak detector is presented, like the rest of the range, in a small, elegant white box. " The Alexians

On the side faces, we find the traditional small pictograms informing us of its main functions: detect water leaks, sound local or remote alarms, or even interact with a magnetic valve to automatically stop the water supply. Wireless, like the other sensors of the brand, it has an autonomy of two years.

At the opening, we discover a worthy representative of Aqara, its compact design and its elegant sparkling white leaving little doubt as to its parentage. Measuring 5 cm diameter for only 1.5 cm thick, the Aqara water leak detector is powered by a CR2032 battery and also works in ZigBee via a gateway. We will therefore have to associate it with our Aqara Europe gateway.

“A compact and elegant design. " The Alexians

Its upper face is smooth and uniform, revealing only a discreet little pictogram in the shape of a drop of water, and showing no roughness or pimples.

"Its upper face is smooth and uniform" The Alexians

It is almost the same below where only a small hatch allowing access to its battery and two screws allowing to saddle the device are present. IP67 certified, it is completely hermetic and can be submerged up to 1 meter, which seems quite logical given its function.

In short, it's a nice little piece of plastic, let's move on to its installation ...


Water Leak Sensor - Water leak detector
Supply :
CR2032 battery
2 years
50 x 50 x 15 mm
Accessories :
Detector x1, quick start guide

Aqara water leak detector: how it works

Aqara water leak detector: simplicity and efficiency always at the rendezvous

A Xiaomi Home compatible water leak sensor

As in our previous tests, we will use the application Xiaomi Home to install this Aqara water leak detector while waiting for the arrival of a home application. To do this, we used the gateway Aqara Europe. Those who follow our tutorials carefully have probably already understood that we will also find it in our Xiaomi / Aqara home automation on Home Assistant...

Once connected to your network 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi, you just need to press the "+"  at the top right, select "Sensor" in the left menu and finally choose "Aqara water leak sensor".

If you use Xiaomi Home in French on European server, it is the last of the list. A 30 second detection phase then begins, but it will take even less time than that for your gateway Aqara EU associates it.

Then you can obviously rename device et place it in a room of your "Xiaomi Home". Simplicity and speed are always there.

As always, the installation of this Aqara flood or water leak sensor went off without a hitch. Far from regular Wi-Fi failures, the ZigBee once again demonstrates its simplicity as much as its responsiveness.

Automations in Xiaomi Home

As with the other Aqara devices, we will be able to very easily create automations : when a water leak is detected or when the leak is over. Admittedly, the second is less useful, so we will introduce you to the first, but the second may allow you to silence the alarm.

In our example, we decided to use the alarm functionality of the Aqara Europe gateway. As soon as a water leak is detected, the sensor will therefore send a signal to our gateway and activate the alarm. We have a variety of ringtones to choose from, but we've chosen one that is stressful enough to ensure a quick response, even at night.

Finally, we find a log of the events of the device: practical to check if a small leak did not occur during your absence!

The functioning

Concretely, if the water level reaches 0,5 mm, the leak sensor will trigger a sound and light alarm on the Aqara bridge which will send you in the second a notification on your smartphone, wherever you are, which makes it possible to react quickly and, for example, to cut off the water supply. Aqara indicates that his device allows to interact with a connected valve, maybe it will arrive soon?

In the meantime, if you are using a Home Assistant home automation box ou Jeedom and you also have a valve connected, you should be able to create automations without difficulty. We will study the question soon ...

And in Alexa?

Well… Nothing! Finally, yes, we find our sensor thanks to Home Assistant, but we cannot use it routinely. Why? Quite simply because our dear and loving voice assistant does not yet allow it. It's too bad ! Too bad, we will show you very soon how to use it to notify you when we have completed theintegration ofAmazon Alexa to Home Assistant, in the meantime you can always count on the alarm from the gateway and the notification of the event on your smartphone.

In conclusion, what can we say if it is not that this Aqara ecosystem never ceases to seduce us? Although it does not yet go back in Alexa, this water leak detector is a device as useful as it is effective. Her flawless responsiveness thanks to the ZigBee and its two-year battery life are very appreciable, as is its design which is still as neat, even if you risk placing it in corners where it will not be visible. Marketed about 20 € on Amazon. Fr, we can only advise you to acquire a lot, less expensive, and to place it in several strategic places such as under sinks and sinks, near your washing machine and dishwasher, or under certain water inlets.

Aqara - Water leak detector and flood sensor

around 20 €









Price quality



  • elegant and unobtrusive design
  • 2 years autonomy
  • ZigBee protocol for minimal latency
  • Allows to trigger the alarm of the Aqara gateway
  • Home Assistant and Jeedom compatible

The lessers

  • Not compatible Alexa natively
  • Aqara EU bridge still difficult to obtain in France
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