Avidsen test Smart Wi-Fi Bulb: an efficient connected light bulb

If you are interested in home automation, you have necessarily asked yourself the question: which connected bulb to choose to start? There are indeed all kinds and operating under various protocols. Very often, Wi-Fi is favored by the neophyte because its implementation is very simple and does not require additional investment in a bridge. But here too, the choice is wide. Chinese brands are numerous and do not necessarily inspire confidence, which is why we are generally delighted to come across European brands, or even better, French! And it is precisely a very local brand that we are going to present to you today: Avidsen.

Avidsen is an innovative French SME based in Tours which holds licenses such as Philips and Thomson, works with major brands such as Castorama or Leroy Merlin, but also develops and sells its own range of connected objects.

We are therefore going to take an interest in several of them in the coming weeks, starting as you will have understood, with a Wi-Fi RGBW connected bulb ...

Avidsen HomeLight: a bulb connected to your Wi-Fi


The first impression is always the right one, it seems, and Avidsen seems to have understood this correctly by presenting its smart bulb in very pleasant packaging. Large in size, it does not bode well for the size of the latter but offers excellent perceived quality. We obviously find the logo of the brand, a nice visual of the product, its main characteristics and in particular what makes it a connected bulb : its application Avidsen Home and, best of all, the logos Google Assistant et Amazon Alexa ! In addition to being connected, the bulb Avidsen Homelight therefore benefits from voice control.

Inside, we logically find the bulb well wedged in cardboard protections and accompanied by the traditional instructions for use in several languages. Note, moreover, that you can find on the web a complete documentation and an installation tutorial. A very good point for which we congratulate Avidsen because it is the first time that we see this!

Note, moreover, that you can find complete documentation and an installation tutorial on the Maisonic.com site. A very good point for which we congratulate Avidsen because it is the first time that we see this! The Alexians

But back to our product ... Particularly light, theAvidsen HomeLight smart bulb (ref .: 127007) only display 52 grams on the scale and measure 60 mm diameter for 120 mm high. LED bulb type E27 base, it delivers an RGBW luminous flux of 900 lm for 9W when it lights up in her warm white at 2700K. It is therefore the equivalent of a 60W incandescent. Good news, she is classified A + and only consumes 9 kWh / 1000h, which bodes well for significant energy savings.

Before proceeding to its installation, here is its technical sheet ...

Technical specifications

HomeLight ref. 127007
E27 base
34mm x 60mm x 120mm
52 grams
Luminous flow
900 lumens
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n
AC 85-265V
Operating temperature
0 ° C-45 ° C

Avidsen Home: a pleasant application connected to Alexa

As this is a connected object, we obviously need to download the application with the evocative name Avidsen Home. Available for iOS et Android, its interface is pleasant and pleasant to use. Note that this is a personalization of the Swiss Army knife of connected objects: Tuya / Smart Life. You can therefore choose to use one or the other. It's up to you, but we found Avidsen Home more enjoyable than Smart Life.

To begin, you must create an Avidsen account by indicating your e-mail address or your telephone number and choosing a password. Then enter the confirmation number and you're done!

The installation is done without difficulty. The Alexians

Installation is easy. You just need to screw in your bulb,turn it on and off 3 times, and it switches to pairing mode. Once your smartphone connected to your network 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, fill in your SSID and mot de passe associate. The blister is recognized in less than a minute later. It's simple and effective, as always with Tuya products. If you have any difficulty, we will refer you to our tutorial for installing a bulb under Smart Life, it is exactly the same procedure.

Now let's take a closer look at the settings available in the Avidsen Home app. Beyond the application switch that allows you to turn the bulb on or off, three menus allow you to switch to mode "White" (hot at 2700K, in case you forgot), in mode "Color" with an color spectrum circular and two sliders allowing you to adapt brightness and saturation. as fashion " Scene«  where are offered 8 presets appropriate to Smart Life (Night, Read, Working, Leisure, Soft, Colorful, Dazzling, Gorgeous).

The scenes are editable, and that's good! You can change a whole bunch of parameters like name, mode or speed, color sequences, etc ...

Finally, at the very bottom, there are two tabs:"Left time" which corresponds to a countdown and "Schedule" which allows you to add a time programming. A downside: the application is not completely translated into French, but it remains intelligible and it is possible to rename the scenarios as you see fit.

You can also go further by using the automations and other scenarios, such as program an ignition at sunset time or even force the extinction of your bulb when it comes up. If you want to go further, you will find all the details in our Tuya tutorial / Smart Life.

An efficient connected light bulb

As you have seen, this bulb is very easy to install and just as easy to use. The 900 lumens are present in warm white lighting at 2700K. If you prefer cold light, on the other hand, this bulb is not for you since it is impossible to regulate the temperature of the whites. It's a bit of a shame, but in the end we usually stick to this type of light, which is much more like traditional filament bulbs than LEDs whose light cools more than one.

As for the colors, as too often on Tuya products: could do better. It really is a mood lighting, not to say purely decorative because it lacks punch. But, basically, isn't it purely incidental? For many, yes, most of us use white light bulbs 99% of the time.

Compatible Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Obviously, like most Tuya devices, theAvidsen HomeLight smart bulb is compatible with our voice assistants and in particular the best of them: Amazon Alexa. If you prefer the Google Assistant, you can also use it but, as good Alexians, we will not be interested in this case.

First of all, you will therefore need activate skill Alexa. This done, all your Avidsen connected objects should be detected immediately. It couldn't be simpler! You will therefore find the bulb in your application Alexa, along with color and brightness settings. Alexa offers 16 colors, including warm white, and allows adjust the brightness in steps of 1%. Finally, you can easily integrate your connected bulb into a routine.

In conclusion, what to think of this Avidsen HomeLight 9W smart bulb ? Well, this isa good Wi-Fi LED bulb, simple but effective. A little too simple perhaps, because to our great regret it only offersa single warm white at 2700K. It's a bit of a shame, because if the use of colors is fun at first, playing with the temperature of the whites quickly becomes a habit and a fairly appreciable comfort. In addition, if the white is strong and with an appreciable power of 900 lumens, it is not the same for the colors which clearly lack power, which is however relatively frequent on Tuya bulbs. Nevertheless, their use is nice for mood lighting and will suit many users. Sold 14.90 € on Amazon. Fr ou on Maisonic.com, this bulb is however rather affordable for a French brand and therefore has a good value for money which will satisfy all those looking for a lighting without frills but connected and controllable by voice.

Connected bulb Avidsen Home Light 127007










Price quality



  • Sober design and quality finishes
  • Wi-Fi bulb that does not require a bridge
  • Good value for money
  • Compatible with voice assistants

The lessers

  • A single warm white at 2700K
  • Lack of power on the colors that will rather suit mood lighting
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