Smiler LED strip test + 5 meters: a very nice LED strip

LED strip and LED roll strips for Alexa and Echo ofAmazonAmong the connected products that were only recently reserved for geeks or connoisseurs are LED strips. Widely used by gamers or people wanting a personalized home cinema, these strips allow indirect lighting or simply to decorate gaming seats or TV backs. We find more and more in connected version working with Alexa. But for what use? This is varied: decoration under the bar, TV area, high ceiling or in a hallway, for parties… you can do what you want with it.

Today we have chosen to present the Smiler + LED strip 5 meters, RGB, 16 million colors (on average eh, we did not have time to do them all), ref: B07F1L8D9F.

Smiler +: Works via the app Smart Life and with a smile

The LED strip is delivered in a fairly small cardboard packaging which includes several things: the strip under an aluminized protection, the power adapter (it works at 12V, 3A), an extension cable, a WI-FI module, an extension module if you want to connect two to each other and a notice. This manual is in English and explains in detail the operation with Smart Life (downloadable with a QR-Code). On the other hand, no explanation on the connection of the various elements or any rules to be respected (where to cut the tape, security…). It is also IFTTT compatible.

It is necessary to mount the strip by connecting the extension cable to the mains adapter and then insert the Wi-Fi module between the strip itself and the adapter. Be careful because the insertion of the pins must be done gently. Then the implementation is the same as for a bulb working with Smart Life. It is necessary to create an account on the application and then download the Skill Alexa. The activation is quite simple: plug in the headband, hold the button of the Wi-Fi relay for a few seconds to make it flash and follow the instructions of the application. Again, 2.4 GHz network only. If, however, you encounter some difficulties, I invite you to consult our tutorial dedicated to the installation of a socket via Tuya Smart or the one dedicated to the installation of a connected bulb via Smart Life.


Smiler + LED strip: a good length of colors

This 5 m strip has 150 LEDs in a module of 3. It is given for a theoretical operation of 50000 h (ie almost 6 years of permanent operation or 64 years if used 2 hours per day). There is no light power in this type of product, the goal being to add an extra touch or a touch of color and not to illuminate a room. It consumes 7,2 W / m ...

At the design level, as you can see, it is not foolish, as well at the level of the adapter, of the Wi-Fi relay as of the band as such. It should as much as possible hide it or put it on tone on tone ... That said, the plastic of the different parts is quite qualitative as is the tape as such. It is flexible (it can follow a door bend without problem) and strong (no problem to close a door on it). Its width is 1 cm and the length of the extension + adapter is about 1 m. It can be cut every 3 leds if you want to adapt it to a particular location. On the other hand, the negative point is the holding of its double-sided 3M. At first very difficult to peel, it holds fairly moderately on painted surfaces, contrary to what is advertised. It is therefore necessary to press on it regularly.

The interest of this band is of course the color change. This is done via Smart Life. We find the interface of a bulb namely:

- Color selection on touchpad as well as intensity and heat.

- Selection of pre-established scenes. There are 8 of them: Night (orange), reading (cool blue), party (red), leisure (warm blue), soft (green), rainbow (slow color change), shine (flashing red) and gorgeous (change color fast). Each is then configurable.

- Setting up a programmer or even a scenario allowing you to turn the band on or off depending on the time, an external element and to vary the type of ignition…

I personally use it for night light in the hallway. Very popular with children who get up in the middle of the night. And when there are guests, it always has a little effect!

We are therefore ultimately on a mid-range product that does its job quite well. Mid-range by the finishes (the tights are not at the level), its content (no manual strictly speaking) and at the level of the application (Smart Life still suffers from a lot of lag and the scenarios quickly show their limits). But however, we are talking about a 5m strip for less than € 30 (towards the € 25 in promotion). And at this level, the value for money is quite correct.

Smiler LED strip + 5 meters










Price quality



  • Correct price / quality ratio
  • Good resistance

The lessers

  • Double-sided holds badly
  • No special instruction
  • Does not last over time
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