GGMM D3 Battery Test for Echo Dot 3

At a time when the days are getting longer, when the weather is getting milder, when the gardens are blooming and where you have to give of your person by shoveling, weeding, weeding, we must admit that this escape becomes a not insignificant luxury to the time of #StayCat home. But that does not mean that in the garden, we do not want to listen to music, or question our dear Alexa, or even set an alarm so you don't forget to come home at aperitif time and prepare dinner. It is in this context that we decided to test a battery to take Alexa take the air with us. After testing the GGMM E2 speakers et GGMM E3, our choice fell on the battery for Echo Dot 3 that the brand offers.

GGMM D3: a battery for Amazon Echo Dot 3


We receive our battery in a small blue cardboard box reminiscent of the one dedicated to appliances Amazon Echo. As this is a battery for a Echo Dot 3 speaker, the wink is all the more sympathetic. The box cover also displays a Dot 3 held by the clamp of the GGMM D3 battery. The logo and brand are discreetly displayed in the upper corner. The sides of the cardboard display for one, a drawing of the battery, for another a photo of the situation and the technical characteristics on another.

La GGMM D3 battery, made entirely of thick and good quality plastic, is sold on Amazon at the price of 29.00 €. We chose it white to go with a Echo Dot 3 in sand color, but she is also available in black. Well wedged in the box, it is protected in a thin plastic bag. Included in the box is a small manual, a desiccant bag and a small thank you card with a few words in English and customer support email addresses for 5 countries: UK, IT, ES, DE and FR. An always nice gesture when you open your package.

The battery tray; with a dimension of 10 cm in diameter for 2.5 cm high, is slightly concave to receive our Echo Alexa. The total height is of 6.7 cm. The front of the battery is made up of four LEDs that will indicate the status load or operation and a On / Off button.

On the front of the clamp used to hold the device we have two studs; One being the 12V1.25A DC power output socket which will be connected directly to the Dot 3, the other in plastic. At the back we find theAC 12V 1.25A input power supply. To note, the battery does not come with a power cable. You will therefore need to use the Dot 3 adapter to recharge the battery. Below, four ovoid rubber pads make it possible to ensure its stability.

Note that the battery is delivered without power cable

The tour being fast let's see its technical characteristics ...


Battery Type
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
Operating temperature
0 ° C-40 ° C
Input interface
DC 12V 1.25A
Output interface
DC 12V 1.25A
Reading time
7 hours at 70% volume
Loading time
3.5 hours

Our opinion on the GGMM D3 battery: practical use

To take Echo Dot 3 on a walk, nothing could be simpler! After pressing the start button for two seconds under the LEDs, we have a pleasant surprise: the battery is delivered three-quarters charged. It's well thought out and practical, we won't have to wait. So we just had to come and place the device on the tray, the outlet of the battery plugging into that of the device.

Disconnected from the direct power supply, all that remains is to invoke Alexa to check if it works well. We nevertheless operated, in the wake, to the additional charge so that it is complete and to be able to test its duration of use.

Full battery, with Echo Dot 3 set to 50% volume, we were able to listen to music for 10:30 am without interruption. A really comfortable and appreciable autonomy that will allow you to take your device Alexa wherever you want.

The battery charge status table is as follows:

0 - 15%:
the last LED flashes
15 - 25%:
1 steady LED + 1 flashing
25 - 50%:
2 steady LEDs + 1 flashing
50 - 75%:
3 steady LEDs + 1 flashing
75 - 100%:
4 fixed LEDs

Finally, after the battery has completely discharged, we have indeed noticed that it takes almost 3:30 to be recharged. It's quite long, but not so surprising given the autonomy offered.

A word of advice: remove the Dot 3 during reloading in order to visualize the end of the operation with the four blue LEDs on. Indeed, if the device remains on the base, then the fourth LED remains flashing and may suggest that the charge is not finished ...

In conclusion, nomadic battery GGMM D3 is very useful and pleasant to keep in front of you, in the garden for the lucky ones who have it, in a garage for those who do odds and ends, or simply to have it near you Alexa without having to turn the sound too loud or need to yell for it to execute a command. Getting started is easy and this external battery is easily forgotten. The key "+" remains accessible even though it is caught in the clamp. The price may seem high considering the price of a EchoDot 3 but should be put into perspective because this battery makes it possible to make it nomadic.

GGMM D3 Battery for Echo Dot 3

NS. 30 €









Price quality



  • easy Installation
  • Well integrated design
  • Allows to make Echo Dot nomadic
  • Excellent autonomy

The lessers

  • nothing
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