Bimar HP120 test: a reversible connected fan!

Will summer be hot, summer will be hot? If, at the present time, we are not yet allowed to answer this crucial question, there are several connected solutions to try to overcome the problem of high temperatures, from the most expensive with insulation from the outside to the less expensive. with a fan to cool the air in our living room. We reassure you right away, today we have opted for this second solution! We found a fan connected, the Bimar HP120, also acting as a radiator and compatible with voice assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa !

This is the radiator and cooler Bimar HP120 that we got on Amazon at the price of 79 €, and that you can find on the brand's website, but which is unfortunately no longer available at the present time. You can nevertheless find his big brother the Bimar HP125 for 89 €. A 2-in-1 device that will not only be useful to us in the summer to provide us with freshness, but also in the off-season to warm us up during cool evenings or early mornings, thus eliminating the need to light a central heating sometimes superfluous.

Bimar is an Italian company founded in 1974 which designs and manufactures its products for small household appliances and which, since 2017, maintains a partnership with Tuya for the development of IoT products and applications.

Bimar HP120: a connected and reversible fan


To say the least, the carton of this thermo-fan felt comfortable in its shipping packaging. Once out, it looks very small knowing that it is still a box! But let's see what he mentions.

On a dark background we have represented the photo of our device over the entire surface with the brand and its logo (a butterfly) plated above. A large dot displays the Wi-Fi logo and, below, the Google Home compatibility and Amazon Alexa. Below are the features of the device and the availability of the application on both Android and iOS stores. The cardboard itself is not of excellent quality, but neither is it poor. But let's not stop there. Among the Alexiens, we like the beautiful, it's true, but that's not what stops us, far from it. The sides show the technical characteristics in 5 languages.

But let's get down to the basics, the Bimar connected fan ! We take it out of its box in which it is protected by a polystyrene shell molded at each end and bagged in plastic. Column type it measures 57 cm high x 19.1 cm wide base included for a weight of 2.3 kg. It is made of thick white and matt plastic for the column part. The control panel at the top is round with a black background protected by a plexiglass. It is still encircled in plastic with a gray border in harmony with the function buttons. Its power cord measures 1,5 meters. A length maybe just a little for this type of device which requires to be placed as close as possible to us to benefit from a refreshing air in the summer or heating in the winter.

Le connected and reversible fan comes with its manual in 5 languages, including French, describing the functions well but also clearly detailing the procedure for pairing with the Bimar skill not available on the FR store! Fortunately, this application running under environment Smart Life, it is perfectly possible to install it via this skill or that of Konyks. Moreover, it is mentioned in the "voice assistants" part.

A handle molded into the shell on the back of the device ensures comfortable drinking. At the bottom of the back, the main ON / OFF switch button.

The base is provided with six small lugs molded into the mass for its stability and a sensor in the event of tilting positioned on the bottom stops the device when it is no longer in contact with the ground

But back to the control panel. On this one, as you can see, the screen has a LED display the most beautiful effect with a hard blue and indicates to us the ambient temperature which our Netatmo weather station confirms us to the nearest tenth of a degree. Our device is not as sophisticated, we will not hold it against it. At the top, the Blue LED is displayed when the device receives the Wi-Fi signal.

We find in the lower parts the gray buttons which function from left to right:

  • ON / OFF: pressing the button activates the device and immediately switches to the fan function
  • POWER : to choose by successive presses the heating power between the two resistors proposed: 1200w or 2000w
  • TIMER: it allows to program, as its name suggests, an operating time, this one being able to be chosen in a range of 1 to 12 hours; But beware, the choice will necessarily be in increments of one hour. It is not possible to make a choice of half an hour or a quarter of an hour and even less a personalized choice. Too bad, that would have been a plus. When the timer is activated a clock is displayed on the screen.
  • SWING: or in other words, the oscillation function makes it possible to cover an angle of 90 °. On, the corresponding symbol is also displayed on the control panel.

Let’s come to the “+” and “-” keys:

They allow you to choose from a range from 15 ° to 35° the temperature we want to reach. The device according to the temperature requested and that displayed representing our environment must determine which function is to be implemented: fan, heating at 1200 W, or more powerful at 2000 W? Once the programming is reached, the system should shut down. It must be restarted if the values ​​vary by + or - 3 ° compared to the program in order to return to the comfort temperature as quickly as possible. But let's say it right away, this was not achieved.

Note that when the device is stopped, a delay of about thirty seconds is necessary for the engine to actually shut down. This time allows it to cool down.

Equipped with a ceramic heating core, our device works on the principle of the fan heater. It is recommended for use in rooms up to 20-25m², ie 60 to 75 m³.

Let's see its technical characteristics synthesized ...


Model[/ one_half]
Thermal power
2000w max
for rooms up to 20-25m2
Type of heating element
Heating power
Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
57cm x 19.1cm x 19.1 cm
AC input voltage
220 - 240V at 50 Hz

Bimar HP120: installation of the connected radiator

Our installation manual recommends installing the application Bimar Live Smart, but this one is not available on our FR store. This is not extremely serious since a little further on, the voice control chapter of our dear application is mentioned. Smart Life. We will therefore proceed with the pairing via the latter.

Having already many devices registered on this application, we will only have to add this new device. We refer you to the tutorial: how to tame Smart Life to create your account and join us for the rest of this test.

But before starting you must put the device in pairing mode. To do this, once the power is on and the main switch button placed at the back positioned on " we ", justpush the button "Power" 5 seconds to enter the device into pairing mode. It will flash slowly. We will continue in the application Smart Life.

From the home page, we click on the "+" top right, then on the next page we select "Small devices" on the left and in the central part: "Air cooler".

On the next page the procedure will begin: The application asks us for the password corresponding to our Wi-FI network. On the next page, since the last version of the application Smart Life, we are asked to confirm that the LED used for pairing on the device is flashing slowly. All you have to do is check the box for the procedure to continue. A switch to the device's temporary Wi-Fi network must be done and we are invited to go to the settings of our tel to select this network, then to return to the application for the rest of the registration.

Back on the application, the scan page is automatically displayed and proceeds to the search and registration of our new device! Yep, one more device! It only remains to test it now. It appears under the terminology of Thermo-ventilator and as you can see it goes up by itself in the application Alexa. A very good thing. It remains to be seen what will be possible to do with it.

But before we go to the application Alexa, let's see in Smart Life how is our connected fan Bimar HP120.

To access the functionality of the device, on the home page, we click on our new device. The present page is grayed out when the device is not in service and no settings are accessible except the switch button and the pencil to change the name automatically assigned to our device. In service, it appears in the form of a wheel whose temperature recorded in our interior appears very small in the center while that requested which is displayed in large.

At the bottom, we have the functions as on the control panel for the choice of heating: at 1200 W or 2000 W, next to that of the oscillation and finally the timer which will allow programming. It will also be possible to create scenarios which will go up in the application Alexa.


And with Alexa ?

We saw when registering the device in the app Smart Life that the Bimar HP120 went directly into the application. We therefore find it without difficulty. But here it is, as you can see, this cannot be integrated into a routine. Alexa will only be able to act by voice on the activation or deactivation of the device, and that's it!

If we want to go further, we will have to go through a scenario created in Smart Life and which will then go up in the application Alexa

Bimar HP120 Reviews

Let's start with the positive: the Bimar HP120 has a anti-fall system which automatically stops the device when it is no longer in contact with the ground. That's a good point.

Basic voice interaction with the device is limited : turn on or off! It cannot be integrated into a routine and one cannot act either on the oscillation for example.

On the heating side, it does the job : you immediately feel that it heats up when you position it on one of the two powers and up to about 2 meters away.

On the other hand, if we activate the + to increase the one degree for example, the device will not be able to stop once the temperature is reached… You risk cooking! We made a measurement with our additional module of the Netatmo station placed in front of 50 cm: in 10 min we had exceeded the 1 ° more requested, but our device continued to function. We did not insist for fear of melting….


"We do not have the same notion of the word" silence "..." The Alexians

Cooling side, same thing: if, depending on the ambient temperature, you tell it to lower it would only be one degree, he does not succeed !

After 3 hours, your device will still be active, perhaps trying to achieve the reduction of the degree requested ... As for the distance to feel the freshness, it is better to be glued to it, and then there, beware of the ears!

On the product sheet, the cooling radiator is advertised as "extremely quiet". So how to say? We do not have the same notion of the word "silence" and even less of the adverb "extremely". It is impossible to use this device in a bedroom hoping to sleep there!

We measured the decibels emitted at 1 meter from the thermo-ventilator: we are close to 50 db ! And it is an engine noise which hums… Note that the value recorded is the same whether the device is on hot or cold. It is always the same engine which is in service.


In conclusion, the connected fan Bimar HP120 is a device which makes hot, but not cold, and which does not know how to stop when a request X degrees (in + or in -) is reached. For a device that uses the term cooler, the qualifier does not reflect what it is capable of doing. Regarding compatibility with Alexa, it is only partial but takes a back seat in view of the technical aspects that the device is not able to provide. In short, failed. Is it following too many returns that the Bimar fan is now unavailable on the site ofAmazon ?


Bimar HP120 - Reversible connected fan

NS. 79 €









Price quality



  • Portable

The lessers

  • Unable to stop after reaching the requested temperature
  • Partial compatibility with Alexa
  • No feeling of freshness
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.