Calex Rustic Lamp test: a vintage connected bulb at Leroy Merlin

The retro smart bulbs have the wind in their sails. Largely thanks to the interior makeover highlighting the luminaires with visible bulbs. And in this case, typical incandescent bulbs are the most suitable. But if you're the rush type, having to order them online is a long time. You have the option "Action" with its range of lights LSC Smart Connect which we did some tests. But know that it is now possible to find it even more easily in DIY stores, like the chain of Leroy Merlin stores which now sells products from the Calex Holland brand at really affordable prices (from 9,99 to 12,99 € maximum).

From the GU10 to the basic LED bulb 16 million colors, through various retro bulbs, the Calex Holland range is quite extensive with in particular no less than 5 types of different filament bulbs. We have just tested one of these neo-retro connected bulbs on the basis that it is representative of the other products of this family: the Calex Rustic Lamp. With 806 lm, this connected bulb is dimmable and offers modifiable warmth of whites… for only € 12,99! It therefore has everything to please on paper.

Calex Rustic Lamp: a vintage connected bulb with variable whites


Calex Holland is a trademark of Electro Circle Retail. It specializes in importing lighting from brands like Philips, Majestic ... But they also have their own brand, Calex so. Let's face it, they only select or improve existing products. Hence the fact that this Tuya smart bulb / Smart Life, as well as much of the rest of the range, strongly resembles the products LSC Smart Connect from Action.

The packaging is relatively nice with a visual in the corner of theconnected bulb, Its technical characteristics (lumens, operation of the voice assistants ...)… We also find the operation with their in-house application, which we will not use. Indeed, the product is "Powered by Tuya", that is, it will work with Smart Life and Tuya Smart.

La Calex Rustic Lamp E27 is well wedged between two lightweight cardboard cards. In addition to the bulb there is a CE declaration of conformity (2014/53 / EC) and an installation guide in 13 languages! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, 13! So you might as well tell you that it is succinct but quite clear, despite everything.

Let's take a closer look at our vintage connected bulb Calex Rustic Lamp. The brand has taken the decision to make what is called Full Glass. That is, you don't have ballast hidden under an aluminum ring. The connection system and the Wi-Fi chip are integrated into the base. This makes it possible to have a weight of 46 grams. It looks like an incandescent or halogen bulb, if not the 4 orange filaments (type COG - Cheap on Glass). It is frankly successful. the industrial lamp look sodium is also well regarded. It also exists in gold, which amplifies this aspect.

In terms of materials, we are on glass, a lot of glass. The size of the bulb is important in order to imitate the bulbs of yesteryear. The base is made of aluminum (be careful, it tends to get hot with use). No finishing problem observed: the bulb is very beautiful, visually imposing and qualitative.


Regarding the characteristics of the Calex Rustic Lamp:

  • Bulb dimensions: 6,4 cm in diameter and 14,2 cm in height
  • Base: Edison 27 or E27
  • Energy class: A ++ (7 kWh / 1000 h),
  • Durability: 15000 hours of operation (in the low average) or 10000 ignition cycles. It was during these cycles that the filament bulbs, the real ones, had a tendency to burn out because they could not withstand sudden thermal stresses. In the case of LEDs, this invalidation is of less interest.
  • Luminous flow : 806 lm,
  • Warmth of whites: 1800 to 3000 k, or warm white to neutral. It is one of the very rare vintage bulbs to offer the variation of the heats of white.
  • Connectivity: 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n,
  • Supply : 220-240 V and 50/60 Hz.

For a large area lamp, one would expect less good characteristics than these. Even though the number of operating hours is lower than with others, theMeross MSL-100 bulb in particular, it is at the same level as its “direct” competitor from Action on this point. But other features outclass the model vintage lsc Smart Filament like the number of lumens (almost 2 x more), while the warmth range of the whites is less extensive than in the latter. It is therefore identical or beyond a TP-Link KL50, an LSC Smart Connect or a Meross MSL-100 (power, variable whites…) and a bit below the bulb from Action for the extent of the warmth range of the whites. It is therefore in the top bulbs of this type currently being tested.

Calex Rustic Lamp: operation of the bulb connected with the application Smart Life

There exists a Calex app Smart that it is possible to use to control the products of the range. However, in order to control it by voice, you need a dedicated skill and the Skill Calex is not available for Alexa in France while the extension is available on Google Home. On the other hand, in order to carry out a common test and especially not to have to use an nth home automation application again, we have chosen toinstall with Smart Life of Tuya.

To install the bulb, there are two scenarios:

  • First connection, it will immediately start to flash rapidly at full power. If you do this in the dark, it's the most beautiful strobe effect.
  • If you need to reinstall it, turn on and off the 3 times to achieve the same result.

The rest is very simple via Smart Life. Tap the small "+" at the top right, choose " lighting " and "Lighting devices (Wi-Fi)" and let yourself be guided. Allow about thirty seconds for the whole. Choose the name of your bulb carefully, because it is the one you will use for voice control.

You would have expected a basic interface with this bulb, or at least the same as the other lights, but that's not the case at all. It's even a great surprise for a bulb with a simple white light. There are 2 main entrances:

  • White : you can come and vary the heat from white with the circle around the logo of the bulb. To change the intensity, this is the segment below. To turn on and off, it is the ON / OFF logo at the bottom, in the middle. You can also see, with the remote control logo at the top right, that this bulb is compatible with this same material, also sold at Leroy Merlin.
  • Scene: this is the big surprise of this bulb. There are preset scenes that will match specific heats and intensities. You can also create new ones according to your expectations but also modify existing ones.

Of course, you can come and create scenarios Smart Life or even schedules using the buttons at the bottom of the page.


Operation with Amazon Alexa

You must have activated the Skill Smart Life to be able to move the bulb under Alexa. If this is the case, it will appear automatically upon installation. Otherwise, activate the skill with your credentials, then search for new equipment.

In the application Alexa, You can turn on or off the lamp by pressing the virtual button and doing vary the light intensity by playing with the cursor below. Could you do vary the warmth of the whites by going to color / define, where you will find 5 preset white colors. These are the names of colors that you can call by voice during your voice commands Alexa. You are also free to come and insert it into wake-up routines or others.

To use it by voice, just ask « Alexa, turn on Y ” ou "Ignites Y at 30%" or even "Turn off Y". Y corresponds to the name of your bulb, Calex in our case. Besides, do you know where the letter Y comes from? The latter is derived from theupsilon Greek (the sound u), which gave a ü German, but also u French. A second evolution gave the Y, pronounced i in Latin but for foreign words, in particular Greek. Hence the i greek. In French, he kept the sound i. There you go, next time you will know.

Works with Google Assistant

The principle is the same as with Alexa. Above all, you need to activate Smart Life in "Works with Google" and let Google discover your devices. Of course, you may, again, be required to enter your access codes. If you have already activated it, the bulb Calex Rustic Lamp will be directly visible.

The purpose is the same as with Alexa : you can use it with your voice and directly from the application via the virtual button and the intensity ruler. It couldn't be simpler. You also have the possibility to choose, thanks to the virtual button, a color among the 6 proposed. These are also the names of these colors that you will need to call.

Calex Rustic Lamp E27: a vintage connected everyday bulb

In use, the brightness of the vintage bulb Calex Rustic Lamp is very frank, even a little aggressive. We can really feel the 806 lumens. Suffice to say that it illuminates very well and is not simply an auxiliary light. She is also very responsive via the voice assistants and the application Smart Life. The variation in luminosity is well marked and the heats of the whites are also very well differentiated.

But, you wonder, out of breath, this bulb is perfect? No, no one is perfect, of course. There are two negative points to highlight:
- An increase in temperature at the base
- A very slight crackling of the bulb when it is switched on. However, this should be weighed down because it is really very weak and other than if you have your ear glued to it, it will not really bother you.

We invite you to get an idea of ​​how it works via our video (don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel).

What to say in conclusion? First of all, that this vintage bulb Calex Rustic Lamp E27 is a great surprise. For barely 13 €, it has a brightness of 806 lumens, a variation in the warmth of whites not common on neo-retro models and preset scenes. It therefore combines the strengths of the different brands tested previously, even if its advertised lifespan is shorter than for the best-known brands. Note, however, a tendency to heat up a bit at the base and a very slight sizzling with use. But, for this price, do not hesitate a second, especially since it is available in self-service in Leroy Merlin DIY stores.

Calex Rustic Lamp - Connected LED bulb Edison E27 806 Lm white variation + intensity










Price quality



  • Superb design
  • Application Smart Life
  • Available as a service book in the GSBs
  • Variable white heat

The lessers

  • Very slight crackling
  • Tendency to heat up
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!