CASA.ia test: an unlimited ZigBee remote temperature thermometer / probe

Our opinion on the CASA.ia-CTHS-317-ET temperature sensor

CASA.ia ZigBee temperature sensor

CASA.IA - Remote temperature probe on Zigbee cable

The connected thermometers are very practical tools but often limited by their shape and structure. Being able to take temperature readings wherever you want thanks to remote measurements opens up a lot of possibilities. This is what offers CASA.ia and its temperature probe CTHS-317-ET.

Sold approximately 25 €, it will allow temperature measurements on multiple supports (liquid, solid and environment) and various situations thanks to its 2 meter cable. Operating in ZigBee, It is Jeedom compatible, Home Assistant and directly Alexa (for devices equipped with a ZigBee hub of course). Follow us for this boiling hot test.

CASA.ia: a remote temperature sensor


CASA.ia is a French company specializing in equipment dedicated to home automation using ZigBee technology. It offers many products ranging from boxes, sensors, concentrators, relays, etc.

Le CASA.ia CTHS-317-ET comes in simple white cardboard packaging 9,8 x 9,6 x 3,3 cm. There is a visual of the product (not in agreement with the current product by the way) and its characteristics (ZigBee, compatibilities, measurement range…).

Inside you have the module and a mini-card with QR Code for download user manual. The probe is quite compact with its 62 × 62 × 15.5 mm for 60 grams (with batteries). It works with 2 AAA batteries not included.

Made of white ABS-type plastic, the Casa.ia module is good quality. The back can be removed to insert the batteries. You also have access to reset button From CTHS. The latter will be used to know the status of the module and for pairing.

It complies with the European standards in force 2014/53 / EC (making radio equipment available on the market) and a whole host of harmonized European standards whose soporific codifications will not bring you much in this test.

The face is rather nice with this cephalopod (literally a head and feet) which represents the mesh network of the ZigBee. There is an LED above which will take two different colors (can be activated by pressing the reset button):

  • Blinking red : module not paired.
  • Blinking green : module connected to the ZigBee network.

His big plus is his remote probe via a 2 m cable. It is the metal tip that will act as a contactor. Thanks to its treatment, it can be submerged without any risk. You can then use it to measure the temperature of a liquid like swimming pool water or rosé, an atmosphere (locked in a refrigerator, a freezer or the ambient air) or of a solid by contact (stick it on a copper pipe to know the temperature of the water circulating there. It is therefore very versatile.


  • Brand Name : CASA.ia
  • Origin : developed by CASA.ia, made in China
  • Dimensions in mm : 62 × 62 × 15.5
  • Food : AAA battery, not supplied.
  • Connectivity :
    • ZigBee 3.0 : 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4
    • Range : 100 m outdoors and 30 m indoors.
  • Application : any
  • Measuring range :
    • Temperature : -30 to 100 ° C +/- 0,5 ° C
  • Voice use : yes, via Alexa and the use of a compatible Echo device (show 2, show 10, Echo Studio et echo 4)
  • Remote upgrade :OTA
  • Programming : Yes. It is perfectly suited to home automation and API's. Compatible ZiGate et JEEDOM with the "Zigbee" plugin (can work with any compatible Zigbee USB key such as Zigate, USB-ZIGBEE_EFR32 and Conbee2).


Without application, the CASA.ia temperature probe will be directly controllable via an API or with Alexa if you install it with. The announced precision is quite interesting with its 0,5 ° C. Attention, it is made for operate inside, from -10 to 55 ° C and an RH less than or equal to 85%.

CASA.ia temperature probe: installation and use via Alexa

No application to install it, so we will go through a device Alexa equipped with a ZigBee gateway.

Two possibilities are available to us:

  • Directly ask your device " Alexa, search for my devices " or " Alexa, search my devices ».
  • Via the app Alexa, go to devices, add (the most at the top right), choose thermostat, other and let search.
My Orders Alexa / Amazon Echo

In all cases, the application or the device will scan the available elements, including those in ZigBee pairing mode to bring them up.

How do I put the module in pairing mode? Press the button for 10 seconds reset. After 3 seconds, it will flash red for a short time and the same for 10 seconds. To be sure, you can briefly press again "Reset" to make it flash for one or two seconds, in red. During pairing, the LED will light up green for a few moments, proof that it has been detected and connected.

Once detected, rename your connected thermometer to use it by voice.

So it's relatively simple. You will have access to the temperature, updated in real time, either by going to application Alexa either by asking an Echo device " Alexa, what is the temperature of X ».

You are then free to know where to put it. You can use it to follow your pool water without having to invest in a water analyzer (much more complete, it is true, but costing at least 150 €). To do this, put the module in an airtight box to protect it from the elements and bubble the probe. With its 2 m of cable, no particular problem. If you have an above ground pool, just prevent the probe from touching the interior wall, which is much hotter than the water itself. You will therefore have a lower cost alternative.

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The advantage is also that you can decide how deep to take your measurements, and not just 15cm from the surface. We compared the values ​​to that of a Flipr analyzer et the difference between the two is 0,2 ° c.

It is also possible to put it CASA.ia probe in a refrigerator to see if you are between 0 and 6 ° C (the ideal being 4 ° C, 6 ° C is a little high for meat products and seafood).

Stick the module on the outside of your device and pass the probe inside by placing it where you want. You will be able to map different areas… and you may have surprises.

And since it can be built into routines, you'll be able to create one to make sure you're notified if the chamber temperature rises above a certain level. Take a look at this example.

However, via Alexa, there is a limitation: you will not be able to follow the temperatures in negative cold. We tested in a freezer, but the temperatures freeze and are totally inconsistent (eg 12 ° C for a freezer). Moreover, in routines Alexa, only positive temperatures are offered ...

This does not come from the module but from the fact that the integration of various probes has not yet been completed within the application. Alexa. It is quite painful.

Of course, you can also use it as a room sensor. We noticed a difference of 0,3 ° C with our comparative thermometer. The values ​​are therefore representative.

We invite you to get a more precise idea of ​​the CASA.ia probe via our video (like, subscribe, it's nice):

In conclusion, this ZigBee CASA.ia CTHS-317-ET temperature probe is versatile and precise for a low price. With its 2 meter cable, the probe can be placed in liquids, in the environment or on materials to allow you to measure the temperature between -30 and 100 ° C. This may be an excellent palliative for swimming pool water analyzers (for temperature), but can also alert you if your fridge is not cold enough. Can be used with Jeedom and Echo devices with Hub, in this case you will be able to know the temperature by asking Alexa, even if the integration is not perfect. It's a Excellent value which will have for only limit your imagination.
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Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!