CONNDEVS test: essential oils diffuser

The Alexians, frustrated at their failure with the Womdee Mosquito Killer thought that if they failed to eradicate these flying pests, they might find a little respite by warding them off with essential oil. What could be better than an essential oil diffuser to do this? In addition, it is a long time since we had not tested. You probably remember the first one test of the essential oil diffuser proposed by Renpho the RF-SM002? Well, we said to ourselves that a tested model was very little, and that on occasion a second would be welcome, and we looked for a new model for you since the first is no longer available. So let's see if the CONNDEVS diffuser takes up the challenge of being a worthy successor to an aromatherapy diffuser.

We found a model very similar to the one from renpho design level and by its same conical shape. It is proposed on Amazon at the price of 39.50 €. A significantly higher price than its predecessor. A small visible difference all the same for this model which displays a small drawing printed on the hat (3 flowers reproduced 3 times around the perimeter of the cone). We will see if from an application and usage point of view it is just as similar. But let's start from the beginning.

CONNDEVS: a diffuser with minimalist packaging


Our diffuser is delivered to us in simple gray plastic packaging: no cardboard for transport.

The smallness of the package as indicated on the product sheet (package dimensions 21,5 x 12,5 x 12 cm) should have allowed it to be deposited without any difficulty in any good standardized letterbox. But a deposit above is probably much faster for our delivery man ...

Once the bag is opened, we discover the box containing the article which is completely anonymized on all six sides, only a barcode label mentioning the content. Inside, our diffuser is protected by a small cardboard box which encloses the electrical outlet and the diffuser is placed in a plastic bag. Doing more basic seems difficult. But the most important is our device, right?

The design of our packaging is certainly non-existent, but the cardboard is thick enough to protect it from all the vagaries of transport that it may have undergone to reach us. essential oil diffuser composed of a base and a cone in mat rigid plastic, the dimension of which is 10.6 cm for its base and 14.7 cm for its height for a displayed weight of 260 grams, a dispenser to measure the 150ml of water that the appliance can hold. We also find of course, the electrical outlet (two pins) and the operating mode (in English only). Our device works in Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz and under theTuya application (or SmartLife) as the logo on the operating mode indicates. This should not pose any difficulty in terms of installation.

Let's go back to the presentation of our broadcaster. This one has two buttons on its front LIGHT et MIST. The first to play with colors that our device offers. These are six in number (red, green, dark blue, purple, sky blue, yellow) + white. Pressing this button automatically obtains thecolor range by rotation while a second press allows us to switch to "manual" mode and to choose with new short and successive presses the desired color among the range offered. At last, a third press turns off the light. The second button on the right MIST  will allow us to activate the diffuser function. And this is the one that interests us ultimately in the first place. So let's see what functions this second button offers.

A first request from right button displays the LED above MIST in red and puts the diffuser in continuous mode, while a second press turns it green, putting the diffuser in intermittent mode for 30 seconds. The announced speed for our CONNDEVS is 20 to 25 ml / h or about one 7h autonomy. Not bad! Largely enough to be able to fully enjoy several days of aromatherapy sessions. Pressing again stops the device. This model does not integrate a timer (directly on the device, but we will see that later, with theapplication Smart Life) as did its "ancestor" which allowed to start it for 1 or 3 hours.

Note that once the functions are turned OFF the 2 buttons LIGHT et MIST remain lit in a green which is not too bright and should not disturb a room. At worst, a simple pivoting of your diffuser will remedy your possible discomfort.

Tuya / Smartlife a sure value


If you don't start the adventure now with Alexa, you probably already have connected products  without a proprietary hub, and it's a safe bet you've already installed theapplication SmartLife or Tuya. Otherwise download the application from Smart Life on Google Play Store orIOS App Store, and follow the tutorial to install a bulb with Smart Life, it's the same procedure. Once the application is installed, also activate the skill Smart Life 

Dance Smart Life, after clicking on the + top right, we will choose Small appliances and we find the diffuser category (and that's good, isn't it?). Normally, an invitation to proceed with pairing your device to your wifi network is made via the flashing of the two LEDs on the diffuser.

In the app, our diffuser appears with 3 function buttons below: spray, light and function.

  • The first, "Spray", will allow you to choose in addition to the continuous or intermittent function, the quantity of steam released: small or big.
  • As to light button, you can either have a "turnstile" of colors, or choose one specifically.
  • The “Function” button allows you to program one or other of the functions for the duration you want.

Once the installation is done in Smart Life, all you have to do is go to the application Alexa and to have our new device recognized. For this, after opening the application of our favorite voice assistant, click bottom right on " Device ", and at the top right on the "+", then " add a device " and finally on "Other" et your diffuser is finally installed!

In conclusion, a small diffuser who wants to be the successor of the Renpho? It has great similarities, but does not fulfill all the functions that its ancestor had, in particular that of having a night light because, in the app Alexa, it is only recognized as a single device, and therefore it does not offer the possibility of independently activating the light of the diffuser because this one could not be named individually. Pity. Smart Life will partly compensate for this problem thanks to a possible programming. The intermittent diffusion function can be nice and allows you to enjoy the propagation of essential oils. The possibility of programming the broadcast in Smart Life is pleasant: we will be able to turn on the diffuser before going to bed by adding a few drops of Lemongrass Essential Oils against our mosquitoes.

CONNDEVS Essential oil diffuser










Price quality



  • Very easy installation for device and app
  • Choice of the type of fog diffused
  • Possibility of programming in Alexa the ON / OFF of the aromatherapy diffuser

The lessers

  • Fully recognized device - no light and diffuser dissociation
  • Price a bit high
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.