Danalock V3 test: a versatile ZigBee connected lock

Danalock V3 - ZigBee and Bluetooth connected socket

Danalock V3 Motorschloss Bluetooth u. Zi

Price as of: May 15, 2022 23 h 21 min

Switching to a smart lock is a choice that can be a bit scary at times. What about security, hacking…? And if it buggy, can we still go home? They are found at all prices, in Bluetooth or Z-Wave, and of several types: with imprint like the We.Lock SECB, to code like the AI.one, 100% connected like the excellent Nuki Smart Lock 2.0... But a ZigBee connected lock is rarer, and as such the Danalock V3 could only interest us.

The DV3, for close friends, is a lock that can use the existing cylinder because it is a " key turner "Allowing to keep the" traditional "use of a key from the outside if you wish. At a time Bluetooth and ZigBee, it is compatible with home automation ecosystems such as Jeedom, or Home Assistant, but also with hubs Amazon Echo and therefore Alexa. For 205 €, will the quality be there?

Danalock V3: a ZigBee and Bluetooth connected lock!

Unboxing and features

Danish company created in 2010, Danalock specializes in security solutions for your home and in particular smart locks. It relies on home automation with compatible products ZigBee or Z-Wave for integration with its API's. It belongs to the Swiss group Salto Systems, specializing in the same sector of activity.

La Danalock V3 is the latest addition to the brand and exists in 3 versions: Bluetooth - ZigBee, Bluetooth - Z-Wave and HomeKit compatible bluetooth. This is the first version you tested. This lock - word that comes from the Latin word will be which means to close with a bar, hence the expression “barring the door” to the link to close in some areas - is actually an extension of your door cylinder, which is called a « key turner "Or" key turner " in French. It is therefore no need to change the lock provided you have a Euro profile cylinder, which is rather common here.

We will quickly go over the packaging which was here a simple brown cardboard box with for any mark of madness a small V3 sticker on the top and another with the bar code and the references on the bottom. You still have a very brief assembly instructions booklet as well as some accessories.

There you will find the DV3 as such as well as a mounting plate and a key / rod adapter.

The plate can be fixed on your door, at the exit of the cylinder, where you will then fix the lock. For the small green room, we will see together what it is for. The body is made of anodized aluminum (for the part that turns) and the rest is in ABS, a plastic resistant and light.

La Danalock V3 is quite large with its 60 mm diameter and 65 mm long for a weight of just over 200 grams with batteries. Indeed, it will work with 4 batteries 3V CR123A, not supplied. The advertised autonomy is 6 to 12 months depending on use (9000 cycles on average). In terms of finishes, we are on something quite correct, but the plastic aspect may hamper some because it does not give a very high-end impression.

The upper part of the lock is movable and will serve as an interior key. Indeed, by turning this small aluminum fin, you will lock or unlock your door. Very fluid and without any constraint, it is quite strange not to feel any resistance when handling it. If this bothers you, you can put an opening assistance which will run the motor as soon as you start the movement.

On the inside, you have a view of the entire lock mechanism. The small central hole will allow the insertion of the green plastic tip. This part will allow a key part or a rod to be inserted therein and it is this part which will rotate thanks to the internal motor and thus manipulate the cylinder.

Now let's look at the characteristics of this Danaock V3 in order to see what she has in her stomach.


  • Brand : Danalock
  • Model : V3-BTZB (therefore Bluetooth and ZigBee)
  • Type : “key turner” connected lock
  • Protocols : ZigBee and Bluetooth LE
  • Applications : Android, iOS, web app.
  • Voice assistants : no skill, but use with Alexa via hub Amazon Echo
  • Home automation box : compatible with the official ZigBee plugin from Jeedom, Zigate, USB-ZIGBEE_EFR32, Conbee2, IFTTT.
  • Food : 4 CR123A batteries, not included, autonomy from 6 to 12 months.

Danalock V3: installation and use

Before installing it via the application, it is necessary to set it up Danalock V3. And this can be done in several ways. Depending on the cylinder you have, but also on the use you want to make of it. This connected lock, as you might expect, is installed on the inside of a door.

A first method will consist of install it on your cylinder already in place. For this, it is necessary that it emerges from 3 mm minimum from the surface of your door. For this, you will need to use an adapter which will be attached to the outlet of the barrel by holding it via a set of screws. You can also screw it to your door with the two side holes for a better hold.

On its external face, this adapter is profiled in order to clip the Danalock V3 lock without any other additional accessories. You will find it at the price of € 19 at Domadoo.

If you choose this approach, there are two things to know:

  • It is advisable to have a disengageable cylinder, that is, which will work even if a key is inserted from the inside.
  • You should sacrifice a key by cutting it just under the head, at the top of the stem. Once inserted, the rectangular part of the rod will fit into the slot of the green part. The latter, by turning with the var motor, turn the key by the rod.

You will understand that if you have a non-disengageable cylinder, once the lock is fitted, you will not be no longer possible to insert your key and therefore to physically lock or unlock it.

The most effective solution will be to buy a specific disengageable cylinder sold by Domadoo, the Danalock M&C at 85 €. It is rather particular barrel in the sense that it will open with keys for the exterior part, and the interior is simply provided with a rod which will take its place.

M&C may be wary to accommodate different internal lengths of 32 to 47 mm while the outer part is fixed at 35 mm. It comes with several accessories to make these spacing modifications on your own. It is quite simple and it allows a compatibility with almost all doors.

Le Danalock cylinder is Class 3 certified and features advanced safety technology that prevents drilling, punching or picking (15 min). It also has a screw thread on the cylinder of the internal part which will be used to fix a junction plate to place the system of clips of the lock (the black metal washer supplied with the V3). The product comes with a key certificate and 3 copy-protected ball keys. The unique security certificate allows you to have duplicate keys produced by an authorized reseller.

The assembly is very simple, that you first any option. You must then put the lock in place by inserting it on the support and turning until you hear a click. And There you go ! Play the rotary vane of the Danalock V3 to confirm that the lock locks and unlocks and do the same with the keys outside. Then put in the 4 batteries and make sure that the lock flashes for a few seconds.

You can see that she is still very big… Anyway. Now let's see the installation and settings via the Danalock application.

The home application is necessary to install the socket, calibrate it and put it into ZigBee pairing mode. After creating an account, select " New Device » in the menu having activated your GPS and your Bluetooth. Stand in front of the lock, select it when it appears and let it go. When it's all over, give it a nickname and it's over.

The main view, called " Keychain » allows you to open and close the door by pressing the green or red padlocks. The status is also displayed. There is a bit of latency in Bluetooth, especially when shutting down. But, before that, it must be calibrate.

By navigating through the settings, you will be able to activate options to adapt it to your needs. It is also here that you will have the calibration. Two methods are possible: manual or automatic. We used the automatic. You unlock the lock and press calibrate. Everything is done by itself.

Among the other parameters you will find:

  • Hold the latch : rather dedicated to specific uses or home automation
  • Auto unlock : depending on your location, the lock will open or close whether or not you are in the Bluetooth action area.
  • Automatic locking : come set a delay after opening your door after which the lock will automatically lock.
  • Twist Assist : start to close or open and the lock motor will do the rest. Of course, this will pull on the batteries.
  • End-to-end operation : for a specific type of lock.

You also have the "History" views (with the page symbol) where all the openings and closings of the lock will be listed. Be careful, this will only show actions in Bluetooth. The symbol with the two characters will give access to your lock to other people. This is also possible via the Danalock website.
If you want to use it in ZigBee, you have to go to " Smart home "At the parameters level and press" Join ". The lock's LED will flash for a few seconds to inform you that it is ready to be paired.

If you want to use it with Alexa, once you have completed the previous step, you will need a speaker Amazon Echo compatible (Echo Show 2 ou Echo Show 10, Echo Studio ou echo 4). If so, just say " Alexa, discover my devices »And your favorite voice assistant will discover the Danalock V3 in a few seconds. On the screen or via the application, you can come and change its name to take a simpler one.voice use.

For security reasons, opening the lock as well by the app Alexa only by voice are not available. It is necessary to activate them. For even more security, you will have to create a confirmation code that you will need to give with each unlock request. It's a big plus!

Our opinion on the Danalock V3

Lusing the Danlock V3 is really easy. By the application, it is enough to press on the logo open or close in order to unlock or lock your lock. Note a little latency in Bluetooth, especially for closing, but hardly any in ZigBee. The only downside is the noise, this "key turner" is not the most discreet like its congeners. Indeed, we are around 60 dB at 1 meter from the lock. Fortunately, in 3 seconds, it's settled.

After several days of use, we did not notice any malfunction with the Danalock application which is really easy to use and intuitive. Only the locking and unlocking by presence in the Bluetooth range of action gave us a bit of a problem, even if it is a big word. Indeed, if you let your smartphone within range, the door will remain open. To overcome this, you must configure a " auto lock" page (in French).

The use by voice is really pleasant! The responsiveness of ZigBee protocol is not a myth and the security offered by Alexa is simply excellent. Indeed, even if someone knows that your lock is connected, knows their name and knows where to talk to Alexa for her to hear from the outside (it looks like a joke with a digital code and a bat), he must also know your 4-digit secret code (1 / 10.000 chance of finding it).

If you are also wondering about the issue of hacking your lock in Bluetooth, tell yourself that first of all the thugs wanting to break into you will have to know that you have a connected lock. However, from the outside, it is a completely standard cylinder (class 3 with the Danalock M&C). Then Danalock uses a most advanced encryption method for data transfer. Each bit and each byte is encrypted twice and therefore protected against access from the outside. According to the brand, the encryption method would be as secure as that of online banks. We put "would" because we don't really have a way of making sure.

What is really nice about the Danalock V3, it's not to be dependent on 100% connected if you don't want to. You can use either the application, the ZigBee or simply your key. So this will not change everyone's habits, apart from the appearance of the lock on the inside of the door. As we told you, like everything " key turner“, The system is bulky and it can get in the way if you take the handle with your full hand as you usually do to open or close it. Your fingers could indeed type between the handle and the module. This is the only constraint we have had with this product. However, unlike other locks we tested, this one remains rather compact.

Here is our video test to get your own idea. Do not hesitate to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel so as not to miss a test!

To conclude this test, it is clear that Danalock V3 smart lock in its Bluetooth version and ZigBee is a successful and versatile product. It will allow local use with Bluetooth and the Danalock application but also remotely via the ZigBee and its compatibility with Jeedom and voice assistants with a compatible Hub such as Alexa.

Secure both in Bluetooth and Alexa (via a voice access code for opening), this lock can be configured as desired: opening via a GPS location (IFTTT) or within the radius of Bluetooth, self lock after a certain time, assistance with opening, sharing the lock for the guests ... Be careful, however, because it is a bit big and noisy in use. It can be adapted to your cylinder in place via an adapter but the latter should be disengageable or you can invest in a class 3 cylinder of the brand, totally adapted to its mode of installation.

It is also available in a Bluetooth version and Z-Wave for home automation fades. This is an excellent product, the best we have tested and the price is totally justified.

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Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!