DiO Rev-Light test: a high-end connected switch

Our opinion on the Dio Rev Light switch

Dio Rev Light - Wi-Fi switch without neutral

REV-LIGHT - Connected Switch Without Neutral, WiFi + 433Mhz DiO 1.0. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Price as of: May 16, 2022 19 h 56 min

Because sometimes it is not possible to put light bulbs connected, installing a switch can be your lifeline. And of course, without neutral to be adapted to our safety standards. The Dio brand, which we tested switch for roller shutter Dio Rev Shutter, come back with the Dio Rev Light in order to provide you with its connected lighting solution.

Developed in France by the subsidiary of the Belgian group Chacon - Dio, the latter combines both a versatile design, an excellent quality of materials and finishes, the voice use and connectivity Wi-Fi without neutral. We will see together if the brand is still on top.

DiO Rev-Light: the WiFi switch without neutral


For those who do not know, Chacon is a Belgian brand created in 1977 and specializing in electrical products, with high-end aim. In 2008, the DiO brand was born with a positioning in home automation and launched its box in 2015. The group was acquired by Cabasse Group in 2018. And from the start, quality and novelty have taken precedence. The products can be found on online sales sites, but also in specialized supermarkets (DIY, etc.).

Delivered in an orange cardboard packaging with a plastic insert, the WiFi switch without neutral DiO Rev Light is directly visible. The main characteristics are highlighted: Wi-Fi, use by voice (the logo Alexa and Google Assistant are present), the centralization with DiO 1.0 (box and remote control), the power … It is upscale and quite successful.

On the side, it is highlighted the presence of a capacitor. This accessory is necessary for switches without neutral working over Wi-Fi so that your lights do not stay on (on standby) even when they are in the OFF position. There is also another information on the fact that it will be usable on all installations because it is compatible with 2 or 3 wire circuits (with or without neutral)… We will come back to this.

You will find in the box the DiO Rev-Light switch and a manual, quite well done. No screws, however. Made of ABS, the Rev-Light is quite different from other products. It is both close to pushbutton switches but also to pressure. Where the competitors start with touch-sensitive, touch-sensitive modules, Dio starts with a go-anywhere design of a very traditional switch. The rounded and curved cover in the corners gives a harmonious whole. The Dio Connect writing on the side is really well seen.

He does 85 mm side for 37 mm depth. We are therefore on standard dimensions. The transplanting block is 5 cm side for 2,9 cm deep. The back is square in shape but rounded at the corners. But its dimensions mean that it can hardly fit into certain flush-mounting boxes which are generally cluttered with wires.

Warning, the product tested is a prototype version on which there are no prints on the back of the transplanting block. The L (phase of your circuit) is at the bottom right and L1 (phase return of the lamp) on the left, holding the pads at the bottom.

The front can be removed, as well as the "button cover".

Below you will find 3 buttons which will make it possible to control the switch but also to pair it and to know its status:

  • Top : light up
  • Bottoms : switch off
  • Centre : press 3 seconds to put it in pairing mode. But also, via the LED next to the button:
    • Steady red: not connected
    • Flashing blue: connected to Wi-Fi or ready to connect
    • Solid blue: connected to the cloud. It will then go back to white
    • Solid white: in operation

For installation, you can use screws on the sides or on the top of the metal frame or the claws on the sides (like a socket), but you will have to dismantle the front. You remember, it is said that the DiO Rev-Light can be used on circuits with or without neutral ... We highly doubt it. Indeed, with only one L stud and another L1, the neutral is not "transplantable" ... and therefore unusable. It will therefore only work with circuits without neutral..

And since there is no neutral, it is necessary to help the system to function properly with the addition of a capacitor. It is used to stabilize the power supply. The latter must make a bridge between the phase return and the neutral of your circuit connected to the luminaire. It is 3,1cm wide, 2,2cm high and 1,3cm thick. It can therefore come and hide at the base of your suspensions.

You will also have a QR Code on the back of the switch that you will scan to download the application required for installation (DiO One).


  • Brand Name : DiO
  • Model: Rev Light
  • Origin : Developed in France, European cloud, made in China.
  • Dimensions in mm : 85 x 85 x 37. Transplanting block: 50 x 50 x 29
  • Engime : 200W max. Be careful to combine the powers of the different bulbs if you have a chandelier.
  • Connectivity :
    • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
    • Radiofrequency 433,92 MHz by DiO, for use with the brand's remote control for example
    • Compatible with the DiO 1.0 range for use with the DiO home automation box.
    • IFTTT compatible
  • Application : DiO one
  • Voice use : yes, via the Skill One 4 all for Alexa and One 4 all add-on for Google Assistant.
  • Remote upgrade : Yes, OTA
  • Circuit type : Without neutral. Compatibility with neutral seems unfounded.
  • Programming : Yes, via the app. Presence simulator, scheduling, timer ...


The technical characteristics are therefore relatively standard compared to competitors. But where the DiO Rev-Light stands out is through its multiple connectivity, namely Wi-Fi for use via the application, in radio frequency with the brand's remote control, attached to a DiO, IFTT home automation box but also usable by voice! Also note the beautiful quality of its finishes and its materials.

DiO Rev-Light: installation and use

DiO has developed its own application and its own Skills to operate its devices. And they did well. Once activated, create an account with your email, a password and the validation of an email confirmation.

For installation, cut off the power…. Or have your other half do it if you have good life insurance. Remove the switch in place and take a good look at the hookup to reproduce it. It is necessary to put the transplanting pads at the bottom, otherwise the orders will be reversed. Until you turn on the power, install the capacitor. Turn on the power again and give it a try. If this works, put the DiO Rev-Light switch in place.

In the app, tap the "+" and " Automation " and choose "Dio Connect interlighting". Follow the instructions, including pressing the central button for 3 seconds to put in pairing mode. Look carefully to see if the light is flashing red quickly. If so, enter your Wi-Fi credentials and let it be. But in our case it didn't work, like when installing the shutter module. We therefore used the alternative method.

The alternative method is to put the switch in a specific mode by pressing the middle button for 3 seconds and 2 times in a row. The red LED will flash slowly. Enter your network credentials and when requested, go find the switch's Wi-Fi network in your Wi-Fi settings. Go back to the application and let it be. It takes 1 to 2 minutes for the whole process. Once recognized, give it a name (this is the name that will then be used in the voice) and associate it with a room. Once done, wait again for the changes to take effect and you're done.

For the management of this switch, it is quite basic, apart from the simulation (yes, the inters also…).

  • Control: you have a virtual button to turn the light on and off.
  • Planning: several interesting things in this section.
    • Timer : turn your light on or off after a set time. Convenient to not leave a light on if you or your children tend to forget.
    • Presence simulator : select time slots (or totally random over a period) where your lights will live their own life when you are away.
    • Program : come and determine fixed operating hours for your switch. In unlimited number. However, no possibility of management at specific times (like sunrise or sunset) or specific conditions (brightness). In this case, you have to go through routines Alexa, light sensors or IFTTT.

And of course you have the possibility of managing groups of products, devices by room,… This application is still as good as ever!

Using the DiO Rev-Light

With Amazon Alexa

Activate Skill One 4 All available on the store Alexa French. Once done, let the app search for compatible equipment. Your switch DiO Rev Light will appear in your application. If you have already activated the skill, the switch goes up directly.

The use is basic, which makes sense because apart from switching on and off, what to do with a switch? You will still have the possibility of integrating your module into routines to turn on or off with the sun, when actions take place jointly ...
By voice? No problem, it's very responsive: " Alexa, turn on the office light ”.

With Google Home

To use it, activate the All 4 One. Google Home recognizes your account and the switch is directly available. Again, very easy to use with the virtual button. Voice usage is the same as with Alexa : "Hey Google, turn off the desk light."

On a daily basis, we are on a very pleasant product to use. In physical use, the DiO Rev-Light WiFi switch is perfect, it looks like a very basic push switch, the contactors being well hidden. When the light is on, the central LED is white. Useful if your switch is remote (at the entrance to the room, but outside for example). It's pretty well seen.

Via the application, he is very responsive, although it depends on your connection. The main interest is to set up automatic switch-on or switch-off schedules but also to set up the presence simulator. But of course, it is the voice use that is the most of these switches. And there again, no problem of reactivity, as well with Amazon Alexa only with Google Assistant.

We invite you to see it in operation on our video (like, subscribe, it's nice):

In conclusion, the new switch Dio Rev-Light is a great product, very good quality. Working in Wi-Fi and without neutral thanks to its capacitor or even in RF 433 MHz, it can be integrated into the Dio 1.0 ecosystem. It accepts up to 200W of power and works with the Dio One application, but also perfectly with the voice with One 4 all for Alexa and Google Assistant. The routines, schedules and presence simulations are yours! It is responsive and fits into any interior. We are more than doubtful about the use with neutral which seems impossible contrary to what the packaging shows and the installation protocol should be revised a bit, but it is still an excellent product from the Dio Chacon brand!
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!