GGMM E3 Wireless test Smart Speaker: a multitool speaker with Alexa integrated

During a previous test, we chose to present you with boarding speakers Alexa but not coming from the brains ofAmazon. This type of speaker has its advantages for people looking for more versatile devices, with better sound or different from those of the smiling brand, but also its disadvantages because some of the possibilities offered by Alexa cannot be used.

We therefore continued our tests with the brand GGMM. The GGMM E2 having really impressed us Due to its sound and compactness, we decided to test another speaker from the brand present in California, Germany, HK and Shenzhen. Originally officiating in design, GGMM has specialized over time in connected products, quality and with visual work out of the ordinary.

We chose the GGMM E3, the big sister of the E2. Big in every sense of the word because it is much bigger than the E2, heavier and more imposing. Will size matter in the end?

GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker: a multi tool design speaker

The E3 is packaged in a fairly well made, colorful and attractive box. There is a visual of the product and the logo Amazon Alexa "Just tap and ask" (tap and ask) on the top, CE and FCC specifications and certifications. Rather well development.

The speaker is well wedged in foam protections. And it came well when we see the precautions taken by the deliverers, still visible on the box of the test ... We also find a power cable (with interchangeable UK plug) and a double jack. There is also a warranty document, for an guide to basic questions to ask Alexa and multilingual notice, including French. Here again, it is quite clear even if the connection part of the speaker could be more detailed.

Design level, GGMM has done an excellent job again. The enclosure is very beautiful with its 3 colors to choose from (blue, white and black). The front panel hides two speakers under its perforated plastic lined with black. The two sides also allow the exit of the sound via vents. Plastic isexcellent quality and do not mark. In the upper right corner, the smaller holes actually serve as a display for a clock and volume. On the underside, two non-slip tabs provide stability for the speaker.

This speaker has several sets of buttons. 5 on the top and 4 buttons behind:

You also see under these 4 rear buttons, 3 different plugs: the power supply, the jack and a USB charging socket.

Wait, wait… jack and USB? Clock ? Oh yes, the E3 is a multitool speaker ! It acts as:

  • clock: its display is updated automatically via the Wi-Fi connection. If you do not connect it, to use it in Bluetooth or in jack, the buttons on the back will allow you to adjust it. She can also wake up using the app. Mandatory use of Wi-Fi in this case in order to set the alarm clock via the application. It is possible to set the time but also the days. In terms of sound, you will have a "buzz buzz" ... As it is not a device Alexa, not possible to put a wake-up routine on it.
  • of speaker connected Wi-Fi working with Alexa, Among others.
  • Bluetooth speaker. You can therefore use it with your phone but also an Echo Dot 2 for example, which is not known for its exceptional sound.
  • speaker via jack cable if you don't want to bother setting up Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. On the other hand, in this configuration, we do not recommend that you connect the jack to the transmitting device at the same time and put it on the USB socket. In our tests, the speaker then hummed and sounded relatively poor. While not plugging the jack, no complaints.
  • charger smartphone, tablet,…, Via its file USB 5V, 0,5 to 2,1 A. Convenient if you use it on a bedside table but also charge the device to which you have connected the speaker via Bluetooth.
  • ...

We can say that it is the Swiss Army knife of the enclosure. A bit big anyway, but a Swiss Army knife. Indeed, level of finish, we are on a beautiful product: very good plastic, no remains of deburring nor part not joined. On the other hand, it is quite imposing: it is 21 cm long and 12 cm wide, high and deep for 1,360 kg (it is therefore a beautiful baby).

Level sound power it is given for 10W like the E2, but with passive radiator, which makes it possible to avoid snoring in the mids when the sound is a little pushed. The sound is also stereo and boosted by various functions such as the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to further improve the quality and sound reproduction.

GGMM E3: installation via the GGMM skill

The installation of the GGMM E3 will be done in a similar way to the E2. First of all it is necessary to download the GGMM-E Series application on your store. Then the easiest way is to do an automatic search. There is always the possibility of connecting to the device by direct Wi-Fi but we were not successful with this mode. Here is the standard installation by Wi-Fi.

Connect to the WIFI network to use. At the very beginning, the application will search if you already have a speaker of the registered brand. Then follow the instructions. If your SSID is not visible (as in our example), it does not matter, enter your password anyway. Of course, you have to be connected to your Wi-Fi to do so, in 2,4 or 5 Ghz. For point 2, you need to press the small Wi-Fi button behind the speaker, this launches the search and the connection to Wi-Fi. If you did it before starting the search via the application, redo the otherwise it will not work.

You have to wait a good minute before the E3 is connected to your Wi-Fi. The speaker will announce the connection progress as you go, in English. Once logged in, you will be prompted to log into your account Alexa (so Amazon). If you ever cannot connect via Wi-Fi, you can make a direct connection by going to search for the E3 on Wi-Fi networks (GGMM_EX_XXXX) and entering the network key ggmm123456 which is a universal key.

Once your account is identified, you can choose a small name for your E3 (the name will not be included in the application Alexa, you will have to change it if you wish). A choice of language is then proposed and voila (you can also do it via the settings)! An update will probably start. Let it go, it takes a few minutes.

As with all products in the range, if you want to useAlexa, in addition to connecting the speaker to Wi-Fi, you have to press the microphone button each time. The manufacturer puts forward the fact that it is to preventAlexa don't “watch everything”. However, the most likely answer is that the wake word seems difficult to integrate for third-party manufacturers. But as in the case of the E2, the use of the button is sometimes not very responsive, in particular during the first uses after switching back on. In addition, it becomes tedious with Skills requiring you to make choices (RTL, Sensitive Affairs, marmiton…) Because the open question mode does not activate the microphone, you still have to press the button to answer. And if the timing is not great, we leave for a round of questioning in order to answer.

Once connected to the same Wi-Fi as the speaker, and only in this case, you will have access to the settings: alarm clock, clock, sleep timer, setting Alexa (language ...), name, password, update… Why a password? Because the speaker, like the E2 connected to Wi-Fi, can be used as a Wi-Fi relay. Convenient if you put it outside during a party and want to provide a guest network.

GGMM® E3 Wireless Smart Speaker: back to basics!

We said above that this E3 was a multitool because it allows you to wake up, charge a laptop… but also to play several audio sources. Unlike the E2 which only does Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the E3 also manages audio via 3,5mm jack.

For use by jack, we are not going to dwell on it: you connect the supplied jack between your E3 speaker and your transmitter device, you press the M button to select AUX and let's go.

For Wifi, the speaker will satisfy AirPlay users but it also allows you to play DLNA music (file sharing for Android system). You can also use your favorite streaming services (TuneIn, Spotify, Qobuz…) by entering your associated accounts. On the other hand, even if there is a nice reading mode, no specific modification of the sound is possible. It's a shame because in general, no audio change or modification is possible (no adjustment of bass, medium or other).

We will see together how to connect an Echo Dot 2 device to this speaker. Why ? Why not ! Let's say that this eliminates the need for the key Alexa and boost the Dot 2, although we agree, it does double duty. In the application settings Alexa, go to devices, Echo and Alexa, select your device to pair, then “wireless” and “Bluetooth devices”. Put the E3 in Bluetooth mode with the M button until you have the white light flashing and start the search via the application Alexa “Pairing a new device”. And the most? Connect your Dot or your device to the USB plug of the E3 in order to switch on. One wire, two devices.

Regarding the sound, because it is in spite of everything why we may have to buy this type of product, it is good, very good. We have two 10W speakers, as on the E2 which is smaller. However, the passive radiator system will bring a big plus, and this is normal. As well as the fact that the speakers are larger, with more space to develop the sound. Thus, we have a really clear, deep rendering with a lot of bass. Richer sound. The stereo is real and even at full power we didn't see any saturation or sizzle. The sound level measured at one meter from the device rose to just over 98 dB! We were around 96 dB with the E2, i.e. a sound about 2/3 more intense with the E3. We can perhaps blame too much bass.

The small LR icon on the presentation of your speaker, in the application, will allow you to choose between stereo mode, single left ou single right in order to make speaker sets in the same place. This is what they call the multiroom, not to be confused with the multiroom of Amazon Echo. Indeed, even if the E3 is recognized as a connected device by the application Alexa, this is not an Echo device and it cannot be integrated into an Echo speaker group… Too bad and that is confusing. On the other hand, it is quite possible to put together the E2 and the E3 for multiroom. For this, they must be on the same network. Drag one of the EXs onto the first for example, then choose who does what (L, R or LR) and start the sound !!! And to return to normal mode? Slide down. And There you go ! There for once, it's much easier than with echo devices.

Regarding use with Alexa, we are like with the E2. As we have seen it is necessary to press the button to use it but other than that the requests, commands and execution of routines are exactly the same as through an Echo or the app. However, as it is not an Echo device, it is not possible to include it in the routines, to make it recognize your phone's Wi-Fi in data sharing if you want to move it ... Similarly, only one network can be registered. If you want to use it on a second network, you must restart the installation and the same to put it back on the initial network. Note also a latency between the request and its taking into account even if it seems less present than on the E2.

Another point to highlight, and not the least, contrary to what is announced on the presentation Amazon of the product, this speaker is by no means portable. The notion of wireless simply refers to the fact that it works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the notion of portable is an error during the registration of the product, according to the manufacturer that we contacted. Well, with a 1,3 kg enclosure, the portable mode would have been a bit limited it must be said ...

In conclusion, should we be tempted by the GGMM E3 connected speaker? So this is a vast subject. We are on a connected speaker working with Alexa, but also allowing music streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as Jack and even allows you to listen to sound in multiroom. It acts as an alarm clock, USB charger… And the sound is very satisfying! So of course, we hear from here the aficionados of the big brands, the music lovers in front of the Eternal crying scandal, that the sound is zero at this price, that it is not possible to have a deep and not saturating sound. not… So let's stop the debate right away and compare what is comparable: we are talking about a general public speaker, for the average user listening Amazon Music, Spotify or Deezer in mp3 equivalent at 320 kpbs at best and not in FLAC or in Studio Master. From there, such a speaker is quite satisfactory to have fun with good sound! On the other hand, if you already have Echo speakers Alexa, Up to you. The button replacing the wake word is both a strong point for people afraid of being spied on but also a limitation to the use ofAlexa which in principle is used by voice. It's a real personal choice. The rather annoying point is the lack of clarity on the product sheet of the site Amazon on which the speaker is rated as portable. However, this is not the case at all. It is wireless in the sense of its operation via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but not in the fact of being used without being connected to the mains.

GGMM® E3 Wireless Smart Speaker

99.99 € (maximum price)









Price quality



  • Excellenbt sound
  • Very nice design
  • Alexa integrated
  • Integrated USB charger
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Jack connection

The lessers

  • Using the button " Alexa »Sometimes a little tedious and significant latency
  • No consideration of networks via data exchange or favorite network memory
  • No multiroom with Echos devices
  • Not portable contrary to what is noted on the presentation Amazon
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!