GLEDOPTO Starter kit 12 W test: light bulbs to the finger and to the voice

[ Article updated on 05/08/2020 ] The smart bulbs... It remains a must to equip yourself with " automation ". But as you now know very well, increasing the number of objects operating on Wi-Fi can quickly saturate your network. And one of the solutions is the ZigBee. We must admit that this protocol, which is developing more and more, is the future (yes, yes, we are prophets). But the ZigBee bulb offers remain either disappointing or expensive, sometimes too expensive, or even both. Always looking for the best quality / price ratio, let us introduce you to a brand little known in France: GLEDOPTO.

GLEDOPTO CO., LTD is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of LED lamps.

It has two groups of LED activities:

- One is the traditional LED trading group (TLBG) located in Zhongshan since 2005. Products are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc. the products have the CE certification and RoHS compliance for European market, PSE for Japanese market, C-tick for Australian market, etc.
- The second is the Smart LED Business Group (SLBG) located in Shenzhen since 2010. Specializing in innovation, it aims to evolve their traditional LED products with new RF remote control technology. It is only since 2017 that the brand has adopted the ZigBee protocol. GLEOPTO has been manufacturing its products itself since 2013 (with 3 people at the start). This brand relies on quality products thanks to its experience of more than 15 years in LEDs but does not hide from being an admirer of Philips Hue. This is why their products are 100% compatible with this brand. Customer service is also a very strong asset of GLEDOPTO which did not hesitate to give Alexiens readers their direct contact (very nice though):

- WeChat \ WhatsApp: + 86-13421806653

We have tested for you the Starter Kit or starter kit which includes 2 12W bulbs and an RF remote control. Why this choice ? It's very simple: these E27 connected bulbs are among the most powerful on the market with 12 W for 1100 lm. They are ZigBee compatible with hubs such as Hue, Tradfi, Lightify, Echo Plus, Studio and Show 2, but also many others, although there may be restrictions (see the test). Why the remote control? We will see that it is a vestige of the brand's recognized RF know-how that takes on its full meaning here. This pack is also available in 6W. Between 60 and 70 € the pack in 12 W, is it worth it?

GLEDOPTO Starter kit 12 W Plus: a successful presentation


The packaging is worthy of a high-end product : thick cardboard, matt base but with embossed and glossy inscriptions and illustrations. This box is beautiful, it highlights the product and its characteristics. The compatibility with Alexa is clearly put forward. On the back you will find more detailed specifications.

"The packaging is worthy of a high-end product" The Alexians

Well wedged in a soft bed in foam cut to their generous shapes, we find there two E27 Plus bulbs and RF remote control. It really is luxury packaging. No hub in this pack, these bulbs working with most bridges on the market (Hue, Lightify, Tradfi, etc.), but also the integrated hubs of appliances Amazon Echo and other ZigBee hubs, with limitations in some cases as we will see. For now, it's flawless, the high-end impression is really obvious.

“It really is luxury packaging. " The Alexians

Let's take the blisters in our hands, and again, the word that comes to our minds is: wow! Indeed, they are heavy, very heavy. Count around 230 grams the bulb. The materials are of a excellent quality : bulb in opaque and solid plastic, body in Poly Carbonate and aluminum. It is a product without any apparent defect observed: no flaws, deburring or other. It is also quite big: approximately 12 cm high once in place (14,5 cm with the socket) and 7 cm in diameter. But why is it so imposing compared to the others? Well we'll tell you, because we asked Gledopto the question. And here is the answer: if it is big and heavy, it is because there is both a ZigBee and RF electronics but that she is also filled with silicone gel. The purpose of this gel is to allow more efficient cooling bulb and thereby extend its life. So a disadvantage linked to an advantage.


In terms of technical characteristics, we are spoiled:

ZigBee E27 12W bulb
100 to 240 V AC
ZigBee ZLL/3.0+RF
T ° colors
from 2000 to 6500, that is to say from the luminous heat of a candle to that of a flash.
Luminous flow
1100 lm maximum. It is one of the most powerful on the market. Attention, there is 1000 lm noted on the base of the bulb. Contacted about this, GLEDOPTO ensures that the real power is indeed 1100 lm as noted on the packaging. So that's about 90 lm / W.
Durée de vie
50000 hours. In general, the connected LEDs are given for 20000 hours. The silicone gel must therefore fulfill its role to allow the bulb to operate for more than 5 and a half years non-stop.
By bike
15 000
Controllable with third-party applications, various hubs and by Amazon Echo. Can be controlled by voice with compatible applications and skills and in direct coupling with Amazon Echo Show 2, Plus and Studio or with RF remote control in their 12W version ¨Plus only. Standard 12W bulbs can only be controlled with ZigBee.
RF remote control

The lot also contains a RF remote control 2,4G multi-channel RGBCCT (18.50 € on Amazon. Fr). She is quite imposing with her 13 cm length, to 5,5 cm wide and 2 cm thick, but despite everything very light with its matte black and glossy white plastics (87 g with the 2 AAA batteries). The first aspect is a bit cheap and old, even if that remains a personal opinion. But on the other hand, we quickly understand its interest and why it is quite fat. It will allow you to drive up to 6 groups of bulbs by RF.

Of course, the two E27 bulbs are both controllable in ZigBee and in RF. This is the specificity of this “Plus” version of the 12W. But that's not all, you can also combine lamps from third-party brands like MiBoxer Mi-Light. Here we find the know-how and evolution of GLEDOPTO: high quality LEDs, operating in RF but with a layer of multi-protocol ZigBee.

We will see later the different possibilities offered by the remote control but we can already say that it will have two advantages: manage groups and bulbs without having to speak if, for example, it is late at night, or be able to choose the right color with just your finger to have an immediate rendering. But if we use them by voice, is it necessary? After several days of use, we can tell you yes! And we even get a taste for it! So yes, it is not very modern in terms of design, but it is a real plus.

And why this choice to make its products 100% functional with Philips Hue ? Because GLEDOPTO aims for the same quality in addition to affordable, but recognizes in its competitor an extraordinary ecosystem. However, as they integrate 100% and we have already made tests on Philips Hue and its ecosystem, we will install them with a ZigBee Tuya Hub / Smart Life, the Echo Show 2 connected speaker and Philips Hue hub… To vary the pleasure.

Starter kit GLEDOPTO E27 12 W Plus: installation and use

GLEDOPTO bulbs are ZigBee ZLL and ZigBee 3.0 compatible. Thus, you can associate it with different bridges from various brands such as Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Tradfi from Ikea ..., but also generic bridges Tuya / Smart Life like Zemi'ssmart. So we started with this type of material.

Installation with a hub Smart Life

For it, open your app Smart Life or Tuya, find your bridge and come there add bulb by pressing "Add subevice". Install the bulb on the base and push it into pairing mode by switching it on and off several times, this is not necessary but we recommend it. It will start to change color and light intensity. Then start the search and 5 seconds later you will see the bulb turn green, proof that it has been recognized and added. It appears on the app under a generic name that you can change.

From there, you have access to everything that theapplication Smart Life :

  • White management, heat and intensity,
  • Color management, saturation and intensity,
  • Music mode. This mode allows you to flash the lamp according to the sounds coming from the telephone (only).

It reacts to the finger and the eye with this mode of operation. All you have to do is bring it up in the application Alexa… And this is where it breaks down. Because indeed, nothing goes back… And this is not inherent to the bulbs but well to the Tuya bridge. It sometimes happens that products come up while others do not. You should know that Tuya recently integrated ZigBee bridges and there are therefore still often misses. Which means you can do a lot of cool stuff, but not by voice. This is not the goal of our test, we want to talk to them with these holy lamps! So, let's move on to a known and proven method: the “connected home” hub of theAmazon Echo show 2.

Installation with an Echo Show 2

The installation is done very simply, but on the other hand, the possibilities of piloting will be limited. For example, the scenes are impossible to implement, color palette a little more restricted (but there are 5 different whites and 15 colors ranging from gold to lavender). But no problem to integrate it into a routine.

To make it recognized, simply put the bulb in place, wait a few seconds (or reset by turning it on and off several times until it flashes) and ask « Alexa, search for my devices » and this is done by itself. A generic name is given directly, but you are free to change it again.

From there, the use is easy: " Alexa, light up the living room in blue! Light up the living room in cool white! Light up the stay at 10%!"... It works very well and very quickly with the responsiveness of the Zigbee.

Installation with a Philips Hue Hub

We refer you to our Philips Hue tutorial to see in detail how to install products under the Hue Hub. You need to enter the bulbs into pairing mode by turning them on and off 4 or 5 times if necessary. When they flash, you can go to the settings of the Philips Hue app, go to the room you have created and select "Add lights". The app then does the work for you.

Once recognized, you can use the different possibilities offered by the application such as the Lab, routines or global or specific control of the bulbs in a room. For each of the bulbs, you can use the scenarios preloaded by devices, create them yourself or simply select the color (to choose from among 16 million) and the intensity.

But at this point, you cannot use it by voice. For that, you have to go through Alexa or Google Home.

  1. With Amazon Alexa : once the skill is activated, the bulbs go back up automatically. Otherwise, you will have to bring them up by searching through the application. Once available, you can ask Alexa to turn on or off the light, choose the color. But be careful, you are limited to about fifteen colors.
  2. Through Google Home : the operation is exactly the same once you have searched for Philips Hue in the settings and "Works with Google". Usage is exactly the same as with Alexa, but you have more possibilities of colors, if you manage to make them all recognize ...

In use, it works very well and very quickly with the reliability of the Zigbee. In terms of brightness and colors, we are on a very high quality product. The luminous power of 1100 lm is excellent (achievable in cold white). The light arrives fairly quickly and rises to maximum intensity in a small second. The different variations of heat of the whites are very marked. The colors are shimmering and immersive. No color overlap, no green that looks like yellow, no flicker or light fluttering. The red is languid, the blue is relaxing, the green intoxicating, the yellow invigorating and the cold white at 1100 lm is blinding.

These bulbs will have their place in a living room, a dining room, as main lighting. Look at the photos, it's clean, isn't it? [/box]

We measured more than 991 lux at 50 cm from the bulb, 1907 lux at 20 cm. As much to say to you that it is intense! It is difficult to give an impression on the lights of a bulb. We could do nutty graphics all over the place to show that we are smart, but it does nothing for the person who wants to know if the colors are beautiful, warm, if the lamp is shining. flicking (rapid flashes) or not. Well there, these bulbs are among the best tested. Very close to Philips Hue references.

“The red is languid, the blue is relaxing, the green intoxicating, the yellow invigorating and the cold white at 1100 lm is blinding. " The Alexians

And with the remote control? Nothing's easier. The latter will allow you to vary the color thanks to the rainbow circle at the top. It is purely tactile, which means that there are sometimes a few misses if we go too fast.

The band going from yellow to blue allows manage saturation and heat, while the second band is vary the intensity. You will then see large off (O) and on (I) buttons allowing you toswitch all groups on or off. Keys 1 to 6 are used to turn on and off each of the groups or bulbs.

The 4 buttons at the bottom are:

  • Le night mode (the quarter moon) which allowsturn off bulbs 60 seconds after pressing.
  • Le M button corresponds to programs (warm white, daytime, cold, red, green, flashing, color change, etc.) ...
  • The S + and S- allow toincrease or decrease the speed of color change or flashing in the programs.

To pair the bulbs to the remote control, it's relatively easy. Turn off the bulb, turn it on and press the button " WE " of the group where you want to put it, within 3 seconds. And now, it goes green to tell you that it is successful. In the end, you quickly get a taste for it and it's a real pleasure to turn everything off in the evening before going to bed without wanting to speak and wake up the household.

Of course, you can both control your bulb by voice AND with the RF remote.

Here is our presentation video to see the whole thing in action.

To conclude on this test, we can say that it is a great surprise. The brand GLEDOPTO relies above all on quality of its products and its know-how. And this can be seen from the start with quality materials, a bulb made to last thanks to its silicone gel increasing its lifespan drastically. Its light power is remarkable, its colors are magnificent, its CRI very good. We are close to the quality of Philips Hues for a lower price. The use of remote control is also a plus which is not negligible. What, at first glance, may seem has-been demonstrates utility and practicality. So yes, they are heavy and big, but it is for their good, the remote control is not the most modern and you sometimes have to do it twice, but this pack is excellent value for money! Remarkable.

GLEDOPTO ZIGBEE 3.0 12 W RGBCCT bulb with remote control

NS. 70 €







Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • Works in ZigBee
  • Stunning colors
  • The remote control is a real asset

The lessers

  • Weight and size
  • Design
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!