GLEDOPTO MR16 4W test: ZigBee GU5.3 spots in pro version

Do you remember our Gledopto brand starter kit test ? Yes it's good ! Today we are back to present you a novelty of the brand, the GLEDOPTO MR16 GL-S-004P. The MR16 (or GU5.3) ”as such are not new, but the pro version is!

Like all the brand's products, these MR16 are ZigBee bulbs, compatible Amazon Echo 4 (and Echo Show 10 / Show 2 / Studio / Plus), but also with the Philips Hue bridges, Osram… Gedopto, faithful to its policy, markets quality products at an affordable price. This is still the case with these 4W, 12V, 25 ° angle bulbs compatible with the brand's remote control thanks to their pro version. And why this choice to make its products 100% functional with Philips Hue? Because GLEDOPTO aims for the same quality and more affordable, but recognizes in its competitor an extraordinary ecosystem.

GLEDOPTO MR16 GL-S-004P 4W: quality ZigBee GU5.3 spots

We find the packaging of the brand and its black background. For the GLEDOPTO MR16, it is small, but takes the maximum: the brand, characteristics and remarkable data (consumption, voice control)… It is relatively small: 5 cm side on the fact 6 cm high.

Each box contains a ZigBee GU5.3 spotlight, well wedged, and a notice. Even though we are on a pro version, no hub in this pack, these bulbs working with most bridges on the market (Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, IKEA Tradfri, Amazon Echo…). There is also no remote control with it, which you can purchase on its own or in Gledopto Starter Kits.

“The Gledopto logo in the middle is the most beautiful effect. " The Alexians

Let's take a closer look. She is really pretty. We are on an MR16, i.e. a 51 mm multifaceted reflector type GU 5.3 whose 2 pins are separated by 5,3 mm. This type of bulb works with an external transformer (in the false ceiling, because it only accepts 12W). They are made up of 8 LEDs clearly visible. The Gledopto logo in the middle is the most beautiful effect.

The materials are of a excellent quality : solid plastic bulb and aluminum body. It is a product without no apparent defect observed: no flaw, deburring or other. Be careful, it is also quite big: 5,4 cm high for 5 cm in diameter.

Compared to a standard MR16 bulb, it is longer and more elongated in shape.

Why be careful? You can see that compared to a standard MR16 bulb, it is longer and more elongated in shape. This can therefore pose a problem of embedding if you want to put them in place on existing spots. But why is it so imposing compared to the others? It is because there is both an electronic ZigBee and RF but that she is also filled with silicone gel. The purpose of this gel is to allow more efficient cooling of the bulb and thereby extend its life. A disadvantage linked to an advantage. Gledopto technology.


At the level of technical characteristics, here's what it is:

  • Power : 4 W
  • Supply : AC / DC 12 V, Highway to Hell.
  • Type: MR16, GU 5.3
  • White temperature: from 2000 to 6500K, that is to say from the luminous heat of a candle to that of a flash.
  • Colours: 16 million,
  • Luminous flow : 250 to 300 lm depending on the chosen wavelength
  • Lifespan: 30 hours or almost 000 years non-stop. It's not bad, the connected LEDs are given for 3,5 hours for example.
  • Number of cycles: 15 ignitions.
  • Lighting angle: 25 °. A spot has an angle between 20 and 24 °. A little better, but it's still a spot. The average is between 15 and 40 (7 to 60 for the extremums).
  • Color Rendering Index: CRI of more than 80, which corresponds to a very good color rendering. The light does not interfere with the natural light of objects.
  • Energy class: A+
  • Protocols: ZigBee ZLL and 3.0, RF 2400 - 2483,5 MHz
  • Others: Controllable with third-party applications, various hubs and by Amazon Echo, controllable by voice with compatible applications and skills or in direct coupling with Amazon Echo 4, Show 2, Plus and Studio. Controllable with RF remote control. 2 years warranty

As advertised, these bulbs can be driven with the Gledopto Soposh + remote control (RF 2,4G RGB + CCT) multi-channel brand. It will allow control up to 6 groups of bulbs by RF. In our case, after installing 5 GLEDOPTO MR16 bulbs on a Hue bridge, we paired them to a subunit of the remote. Thus, the 5 are controllable at the same time. But if we use them by voice, is it necessary? After several days of use, we can tell you yes! And we even get a taste for it, it's a real plus.

GLEDOPTO MR16: installation and use of ZigBee spots

The lightbulbs GLEDOPTO MR16 are compatible ZigBee ZLL and 3.0. So you can associate it with different bridges from various brands like Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Tradfi from Ikea, Amazon Echo, Tuya / Smart Life… Please note, depending on the bridges used, not all functions will be available. We present them to you here with the Philips Hue hub, but be aware that for use with Alexa and ZigBee bridges as on Amazon Echo 4, you just have to ask him to search for the devices. With a ZigBee Tuya hub / Smart Life, it's a bit like with the Hue Bridge.

We refer you to our Installation tutorial with Philips Hue hub to see in detail how to install Hue compatible bulbs. To sum up, you need to get the bulbs in pairing mode by turning them on and off 4 or 5 times. If you are installing more than one on a single switch, do this procedure only after all the bulbs are in place. They will not necessarily flash, but once these 5 lighting sequences have been completed, you can go to the settings of the Philips Hue application, in the room you have created and select "Add lights". The app then does the work for you.

Once recognized, you can use the different possibilities offered by the application such as the Lab, routines or global or specific control of the bulbs in a room. For each of the bulbs, you can use the preloaded scenarios per device, create it yourself, or simply select the color (to choose from among 16 million) and intensity.

But at this point, you cannot use it by voice yet. For this, you have to go through Alexa ou Google Home.
Via the assistant ofAmazon, once the skill is activated, the bulbs go back up automatically. Otherwise, you will have to bring them up by searching through the application. If you have installed several (5 in our case), it is necessary to create a group. Once done, you can ask Alexa to turn on or off the light or the group, choose the color. However, you only have 15 different colors, much less than with Philips Hue.

Dance Google Home, the operation is exactly the same once you have searched for Philips Hue in the settings and then "Works with Google". Usage is exactly the same as with Alexa, but you have more color possibilities, if you can get them all recognized… The other advantage is that Google Home will directly bring up the groups created in the Philips application. Thus, no need to make a local group, unlike Alexa.

If you also opt for use via the remote control, nothing could be simpler. Once the bulb (s) are paired, turn everything off then on again. Within 3 seconds, press the ON button of the sub-group to be assigned and keep pressed until all the bulbs turn green. And there you go, it's done. Thanks to this, you can change the color, vary the intensity… for the whole group.

“You can both control your bulb by voice AND with the RF remote. " The Alexians

It is therefore understood that you can both control your bulb by voice AND with the RF remote control. Which is the advantage of the Pro range of the Gledopto brand.

As the brand has accustomed us to it, the bulbs are very responsive thanks to ZigBee technologies. Use with voice assistants is just as responsive as it isAlexa or Google Assistant. The brightness of these GLEDOPTO MR16 is really bluffing in comparison to the size. The angle of diffusion of 25 ° and the 250 to 300 lm are well put to contribution, especially in groups. The colors are very well differentiated and the brightness of it is not particularly diminished. We have a preference for blue, which is perfect for watching TV.
On the other hand, and this surely comes more from your installation, there is a real problem of flickering light at high brightness and for very light colors (white in particular). Quite problematic and tiring from an eye point of view if you use it as a main light, check if your transformers will be able to support these bulbs.

Watch the test in detail with this video, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In conclusion, these ZigBee GLEDOPTO MR16 bulbs are excellent products, of great quality and with superb colors. The brightness is remarkable, the magnificent colors worthy of Hue. Be careful, however, to the power required by favoring quality transformers. And beware of the size of those bulbs that can't fit into regular spot holders (we used double sided). The remote control is always an asset of the Pro versions which it is difficult to do without. It even takes the place on the voice command.

GLEDOPTO MR16 / GU5.3 GL-S-004P 4W

from 13 €







Price quality



  • Very easy to install
  • ZigBee protocol
  • Stunning colors
  • The remote control is a real asset

The lessers

  • Large format so potential installation problem
  • Pull a lot on the transformer and risk of flashing
Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!