Govee Aura H6052 review: colorful connected table lamp

Our opinion on the Govee H6052 mood lamp

Govee Aura H6052

Govee Aura smart table lamp - Code: GO20XM

After successfully testing the Hugoai smart bedside lamp, let's turn to a similar solution from Govee that seems to perfectly meet our demand for connected accent lighting. The Chinese brand indeed offers the Govee Aura H6052, a connected table lamp compatible with voice assistants. In short, everything you need to seduce us ...

Govee is a Chinese brand established in 2017 owned by Shenzhzen Intellirocks Teck Co. Ltd. which carries out research and development of its products with a constant concern for customer satisfaction while demonstrating daring and passion!

Govee Aura lamp


Govee presents his Aura table lamp in a dark cardboard box of 11 cm x 11 cm x 26.5 cm highlighting the capabilities of the lamp with a visual offering different shades. At the bottom of the box, the logos of the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are well highlighted as well as the Govee Home application that we discovered with the Govee H6159 tape test.

On the side, the main functions are displayed in pictograms as well as the lighting capacities of the lamp, namely a temperature of the whites ranging from hot to cold or from 2200K to 6500K and no less than 16 million colors.

Out of its packaging, the Govee Aura presents himself to us with his 10.16 cm in diameter x 20 cm high for 630 grams. The main illuminating part is in polycarbonate while the bottom and the cap, control panel, are in ABS. These are in the same shade of gray as the brand's signature placed on the front of the lamp.

At the back, on the base, the USB-C socket for the electrical connection.

The control panel integrates five function buttons :

  • In the center : On / Off
  • A haut, the musical note: music mode, the lamp lights up according to the rhythm selected from one of the four integrated modes.
  • To the left : brightness -
  • To the right : brightness +
  • At the bottom, the switch button:
    • Short press for color change.
    • Long press to change the color mode: switch from colors to white or vice versa. The white temperatures offered are three in number: hot, intermediate and cold.

Below, the CE marking with the references of the lamp is surrounded by a non-slip silicone strip.

Electrical outlet and control box are also individually bagged and are entitled to their small box in the cardboard box. The socket, without earth, has a cord with a length of 1.5 meters and ends with a jack plug which is to be connected with the control box provided with the ambient sound sensor. The two cords of the control box are respectively, on the side going to the lamp 50 cm and the one to be connected to the socket is about fifteen centimeters.

Also attached are a user manual in French and a label mentioning in particular the means of contact.

Technical specifications

  • Brand : Govee
  • Model : H6052
  • Name : Govee Aura table lamp
  • Size : 10.16 cm x 20 cm
  • Weight : 630 grams
  • Materials : ABS+PC
  • Compatible with voice assistants : Yes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Communication method : Wi-Fi + BLE
  • Type of lighting : RGBICWW
  • Color temperature : 2200K - 6500K
  • lumens : 350lm
  • Operating temperature : -10 ° - 40 °
  • Input adapter : AC 100-240V
  • Lamp input 12V / 1A

The materials are of good quality and the finishes are neat.

Installation and use of the Govee Aura H6052 lamp

The Govee Home app

Govee having developed its own application for its products, the lamp is to be registered on it. If you are using the application for the first time, we invite you to refer to our test of the Govee tape H6159 for handling it.

Do not forget to plug in the Govee Aura lamp before proceeding and activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone. Continue below by staying close to the lamp.

Once on the home page of the application, click on the "+" at the top right, then on the next page, in the menu " indoor lighting »Scroll through the references up to H6052 (the image and logo of our dear favorite voice assistant can't be mistaken). Click on it. Immediately, without having anything else to do thanks to Bluetooth, the reference of the H6052 lamp is detected and appears.

Click on the small arrow to the right of H6052 and there it is name of the device that is displayed. Click on OK. The search for your Wi-Fi network is carried out, all you have to do is enter the mot de passe correspondent and tick " save password »It can help if you forget. Click Ok again.

And now the Govee Aura is paired instantly. Without even there being a count of time which takes place so much the procedure is fast. A firmware update may be offered. Launch it. The current version is 1.00.28. It is carried out in 4 or 5 seconds, turning off then on again the lamp. Voila, it is installed and you will also find it on the home page of the application.

We are not going to use all the features offered by the application as there are so many we have already detailed them during our test of ribbon H6159 which, it must be admitted, impressed us. We will just you mention the novelties. Small reminder, all the functions only appear when the lamp is on, otherwise only "Effects lab" and "Timer" are displayed.

Precisely the timer let's talk about it !

Active on this Govee Aura lamp, you will be able to manage programming to turn the lamp on / off on the days you want. The term "Time" in the programming clock is to be translated by time of the action and not the duration of this one. It will take two actions with the ON / OFF times to turn on / off but it is possible to create two different On / OFF schedules. It may seem a bit fair, maybe.

With programming " alarm clock »You will wake up gently with a dawn simulator for the programmed duration - minimum 10 minutes, maximum 60 - and according to the defined intensity. Be careful, program the final wake-up time and the desired wake-up time beforehand. You have a small summary showing the programming that is displayed below. The execution goes very well and the progression is clearly visible especially over a short period of time like 10 min.

To activate the " Sleep »The lamp must be ... on! You will thus be able to program the extinction of the lamp while defining the starting intensity. The possible countdown is from 240 min to 10 min.

The realization of a program ON or the mode " alarm clock »Opens the full menu of the application, that of a OFF or the mode " Sleep »The closes.

A music mode

The use of "Music" mode requires permission to record audio. If synchronization with the smartphone or since the lamp remains in place as it was with the H6159 ribbon, the music mode brings new tempos in "synchronization of the microphone of the device". The sensor on the control box will thus translate the perceived sounds into light. The proposed rhythms are:

  • Spectre : kinds of flames dance to the rhythm of the music.
  • Spring : bubbles dance as in a Galileo thermometer, or mirror balls in a dance hall.
  • Energetic : the colors seem to make throws like dumbbells. They fill the tube by thirds.
  • Rythm : there is a double choice between dynamic and calm. The colors will flash more or less quickly.

You can of course determine the speed by adjusting the sensitivity as well as activate the automatic colors so that you do not have to program anything, otherwise choose from the proposed palette or define your favorite colors.

Color management

It is in this mode that you can select either a color, offered or to be chosen from the palette, or, adjust the white temperature. And there, we must confess than compared to the tape tested previously where we had really only seen three tones, here the panel is much more frank and broad. You have a real color chart of white !

Another specific feature of this small Aura lamp: the »Color camera recognition ». Give Govee the ability to take photos and video and there it is you, finally your smartphone, which will be the inspiration to fuel the play of colors. In fact, place the target on a color, the sight next to it indicating the color that will be taken into account and click on "Apply". Your lamp will light up in the corresponding tone. How cool is that? This is the first device that we come across that offers this.


The scenes

Govee still offers four themes: Natural, Life, Emotion, Relaxation and a large number of sub themes. It's up to you to do your tests and find the one you like.


The menu is always present and allows you to create your own scenes. It is up to you to program all the parameters.

With Amazon Alexa

Unsurprisingly, the connected lamp Govee Aura is compatible with Alexa, but for it to be taken into account, the skill must Govee Home is activated and the account Amazon linked with that of the application. Once done, you will find the lighting in your devices. And there it is a pure happiness to discover the possibilities of interaction.

In addition to switching on / off, the intensity adjustment or the choice of the color among the 5 whites and 15 colors thatAlexa offers, it is also possible to select one of the four music modes and one of the 37 available scenes through the app. Little surprise of the day, the presentation of the “Music mode” and “Scene mode” functions are reversed.

Routine creation is possible. But be careful, we have tested several scenes and only “sunrise” is activated, whichever one is chosen, if a music mode is checked.

Vocally, in addition to the traditional commands, it is also possible to ask Alexa :

  • Alexa, put the sunset on [name of the lamp].
  • Alexa, put Rainbow on [name of lamp].
  • Alexa, light [name of lamp] into a snowflake.
  • Alexa, enable Specter, for example, on [lamp name] is recognized but does not do what is expected. The last active mode changing to "sunrise". It seems that activating a music mode is not possible in voice. 

With Google Home

Aura is also compatible with Google Home. Install the Govee add-on found by clicking on the "+" at the top left, then on “Configure a device” and finally on “Works with Google”. There, search for Govee Home and link the two accounts. The lamp appears in the devices. Management is more restricted than with Alexa. It is only possible through the application, to turn on / off, change the light intensity and choose one of the many colors that the Google Home application allows.

Routine creation is possible, but limited to turning the lamp on or off.

Vocally, the commands remain basic since no scene is taken into account.

Daily use

In use, the lighting of the lamp Govee Aura is soft, non-blinding, even when playing different modes thanks to the opalescent tube and makes it easy to move around a room. Her light output of 350 lumens is sufficient for valuable additional lighting.

At the beginning the change of color was not carried out (can be consecutive to the update which had just been carried out). We switched to another mode then returned to color mode and there, the various requests were indeed carried out instantly.

This application is full of functionalities as diverse as they are varied, such as color recognition via the camera of a smartphone which brings a plus, even if this is not necessarily what we are looking for the most. Frankly, Govee does a big job on their app to provide so many choices, and we can only commend them for that.

Only defect observed, a small bug on the music mode in the routines Alexa. Indeed, although 37 scenes are proposed, only one seems to be executable in this mode. Little advice, forget the music mode with the assistant ofAmazon. We are not talking about Google Home which remains at the base of the integration.

This lamp can also be useful at the bedside of the little ones, helping them to fall asleep or to drive away the demons they fear so much. Thanks to a routine, she will also be able toturn off automatically.

Our favorite goes to the stage: Snowflake which is superbly done.

To give you an overview of the different possible displays, here is a photo gallery for the rendering of the mode " Music »

In version Spectre :

In version Spring :

In version Energetic :

In version Dynamic rhythm ou Calm (only the flash speed changes):

In conclusion, the connected lamp Govee Aura is as decorative as it is useful.

In decoration, it can bring a nice atmosphere with its multiple integrated scenes not to mention the possibility offered to you to give free rein to your creativity to make your own. Add to that his integrated "music" mode and you easily create a musical and pampering atmosphere.

If you are looking for an extra lamp, very easy to install, with an application very rich in use and compatible with voice assistants, then this is the one for you. We, in any case, she won us over.

Sold to € 64.99 on the official website of the brand, the price of the Govee Aura may seem a bit high, but it is justified by the very many features offered by its exemplary application. , but for all Alexians, Govee is offering 20% ​​off, so don't miss out on this bargain.

Enjoy a 20% discount for Alexiens readers on the Govee Aura lamp using the Code: GO20XM. this one is therefore proposed to you at 51.99 €
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.